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  1. K

    My account was banned

    How to unbanned my account on CB and how to send another account my tokens while banned my account Khalifa0427
  2. D

    rejected person, help me!

    Hello, please I need help, a model came to my studio and we created a profile with the name betsa_sexy, she had a problem in another studio and they reported the account arguing that she looks like a minor and she has her legal documents, she needs to work because she has I have to pay for your...
  3. K

    I have been suspended

    Hey @punker barbie , I was broadcasting yesterday and my boyfriend who had not yet been verified apparently came out in the stream for 2 seconds and my broadcast stopped and got me suspended. I had already submitted his requirements (ID and signed form) but I am still suspended from...
  4. P

    CB Bot Dev - External API calls

    Hi all, I'm building a detailed all-in-one bot for a model, to help track various insights in a room as well as provide useful features. There's a separate platform that we've build that collects room info from the Events API that already compiles a lot of useful insights as is, although we...
  5. K

    Need Help, about lagging connection

    I have tried many configurations but my room is still showing low latency, I have written to support and they don't give a new answer to what I have already tried, I don't know what else to do so that my room doesn't have these problems. When it gets high latency my number of users also goes...
  6. T

    Is it possible to delete your CB account, and sign. up again to get the "New" title?

    I missed out on my chance to take advantage or my "new" status when i first started... and I would REALLY live to take full advantage of it. even it it means im going to lose my 2k followers.. im not just getting enough traffic.. i just really started out the wrong way when first started...
  7. T

    Last resort- support ignores me

    Hey everyone, This is my first post ever here. I would appreciate any help from you guys! I have been consistently ignored by Chaturbate support and really am looking to leave if this issue isn't taken care of because I'm at the end of my rope. I am just so desperate at this point...I don't...
  8. A

    Support not responding

    Hi @punker barbie I hope you’re able to help. I’ve been waiting for cb support to respond to my emails for 4 days now but to no avail. I was unaware that the new tag comes into effect when you verify and not when you begin streaming so I missed out on it and wanted to see if it could be...
  9. L

    Canadian EFT DailyPayout

    Hi @punker barbie ! Chartubate EFT Daily Payout is broken? We had no problems with EFT before but as soon as we started using DailyPayout, nothing happened. We've been waiting for almost 2 weeks. From June 6th to June 13th we send a daily payment and get an automail saying it's going to be...
  10. Leanbeefpattywannabe

    Done with chaturbate…

    My girlfriend and I started streaming back in February, and we made enough for me to quit my daytime job. Seemed like we were getting more and more regulars, and more and more money week after week at the time, then after the big chaturbate update that added the scrolling menus, our earnings...
  11. D

    Scamming girl in pvt reported, but without response

    Hello. Yesterday I had a private show with a girl who promised me full nudity in a private show but then twisted off from the promises and finally banned me. I reported this incident via Chaturbate support email. Last time when I had to deal with CB support, they answered after a few hours, but...
  12. J

    Issue with shadowban

    Hi @punker barbie I hope all is well with you! We are currently facing a potential shadow ban issue that is significantly impacting our operations. We have already sent an email to the support team regarding this matter and would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide to resolve...
  13. D

    Is promoting other sites on CB allowed as a CA resident due to California assembly bill 5 (AB5)?

    I was reviewing CB terms as one should do periodically, and I stumbled upon something I hadn't noticed before. It seems like maybe I can, per the Terms Appendix B item 12, promote other platforms that offer live streaming if I am a California resident? My interpretation is maybe hopeful but if...
  14. Cuteeeyou

    Urgent Assistance Needed - False Accusations and Compromised Account

    Dear @punker barbie Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. My nickname on chaturbate ( loveusunset ) I am reaching out to you with an urgent matter regarding my account on Chaturbate, a platform where I have recently been blocked. It has come to my attention that my Chaturbate...
  15. MaryCorner

    How to report a user on CB?

    Hello! I had a user earlier today asking me to meet in exchange for money in public chat. I said no, he said ok and then I proceeded to report the incidence. But there is no such option in the user's pop-up details, and the "Submit a request" doesn't work for some reason (just reloads the same...
  16. T

    Account banned for no Reason?? New to CB and then tipped a large portion to a stream which I can’t tell if that triggered?

    I have had my account for 2 weeks and hardly used it until last night for a stream where i tipped a large amount, about 25k tokens to be exact and coincidentally they banned my account today. No email with a reason why. Would love some help here @punker barbie . My username name is hung12inches69
  17. Danny_AKB

    Account Banned

    @punker barbie Hi I was told to come here if I had an account that was banned. My account was banned after I bought tokens and my account name is Danny_Akb. Please is there any CB reps that can help me out?
  18. Enylik

    “Asking for help” Tip menu - 4sci (chaturbate)

    Hello everyone i have something to ask/help. so i recently installed the app both on chaturbate called tip menu - 4sci . But idk how to make mine like this. Is there anyone whos good heart whos willing to help?👉🏼🥹👈🏼 beginner here:)
  19. L

    blocking in private show

    hi, I need help, before registering on the site I studied the rules in detail, I am 18 years old, I had a promotional period on the site, when on the 5th day I went to a private show for the first time, within 15 seconds my broadcast was stopped, and the account is blocked, I really did not...
  20. L

    Account banned

    hello, @punker barbie , I’m writing asking for help. On April 24, my chaturbate account was blocked, my nickname loveusunset, this happened on the 5th day of my work, during the promo period, before starting work on the site, I studied in detail all the rules of the site, support did not answer...