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  1. valentin1999

    account banned since 2020 (help me)

    @punker barbie I hope you are very well and you can read my case that I have been having a problem that I think is an error since 2020 I tell you a little to post about my career on chaturbate. in the year 2020 he began in a study as part of the chaturbate platform, which opened an account for...
  2. B

    Hello, need help, my account can’t cash tokens or tip people and not getting a reply by email

    Hello, tried to make a bitcoin pay out and they held my funds saying I had to verify the receiver, I put “Ray” down as that’s my nickname, i contacted them 24 hours ago and still no reply my name on the account is Sophisticatedwoman, I need help what should I do
  3. pau__123

    please help account banned

    hi @punker barbie I hope you are well, I would like you to please help me, my account is banned account molly_13 ticket 20280413 I tell you what happened, I made the mistake of sending my documents a second time when they were already verified. It's just that I thought that since I...
  4. R

    I have emailed my W9’s to Chaturbate support and I still have not received my paycheck or confirmation!

    I didn’t receive my paycheck by the 7th, so naturally I had to investigate. Chaturbate says they need to me to fill out a W9 and email it back, so I did. I have not received any confirmation that they have received it and released my payment… Has this happened to anyone else recently? How...
  5. interludedtears

    banned from omegle beacuse i was broadcasting from my car in front of my home..

    i was unaware that broadcasting from my car in front my home was not allowed on chaturbate. ive been banned and really really need my account back? anyone know what to do or if they can help? i contacted support but no response. I NEED my account 😭
  6. K

    Permanent ban on Chaturbate

    We are a couple, one of us was verified while the other one doesn't- At first, one of us (the woman) was using outdated Passport, then Chaturbate required us to use more updated document. which exactly what we did. Then we got notified that our account is banned permanently. Now it seems that...
  7. babykalina

    EU models payments

    Hello guys :) Just wondering, a lot of adult content websites I've dealt with like pornhub, OF, fansly and stripchat actually use SEPA transferences as a payment method (which doesn't have a fee applied directly) making the perfect payment method for European content creators. On CB, the...
  8. B

    Chaturbate agre verification help

    Hey!! I posted in a reddit thread and got told to post over here. (Australia based) I’m completely new to camming and thought I’d start at trying Chaturbate. The only current ID I have is a Keypass/proof of age card and it’s not an accepted ID apparently. I’ve tried to use my hole punched...
  9. Josiahjof

    Chaturbate Daily Pay Program Qualification

    I emailed support about the Daily Pay Program after reading about it on the website! I was so excited because other sites were not bringing in as much traffic as Chaturbate. I live alone and streaming is a full time job for me so obviously I emailed them after reading that cam models could...
  10. KingMarti

    Looking For Member Opinions On Custom Room Functions

    I worked out I can pull the tip and chat data out of chaturbate (stripchat coming soon and other sites after that). Being able to get the tip and chat data out of the site ment I could have it trigger custom scripts that do various things, like change the scene in obs (things like tip to change...
  11. J

    Purchase 200k Tokens

    @punker barbie Hi, I'm looking to purchase a significant amount of Chaturbate tokens, but looking for a more bespoke offer compared to what is available on the site. Thanks in advance
  12. Bking

    Unable to cashout. Contact support if the problem continues.

    Hey @punker barbie My account username is Katie_Pam I recently contacted support on the issue above. Happens whenever I am trying to convert my current tokens into Cash. Support replied to me with, an-out-of topic Answer. Confirming the processing of an earlier made cashout. This, however...
  13. A

    Ban with no reason

    request (19915646) Room Whitelittlebunny1 Hello. I have been worked on my account many years , and I got ban after I’ve added ID ,because old ID is expired . I didn’t violate any rules . Support doesn’t provide me any exact information. @punker barbie I hope you can help me
  14. A

    Broadcasting suspended - how serious?

    Hello everyone, I'm a brand new model and today was going to be my first day. I've been up since 5AM sort of stressing out, making sure things are perfect, etc. I invited a close friend over for moral support and asked them to help me make sure my stream looks good before I start. Since the...
  15. T

    What to wish to users from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus? VPN blocking

    Already blocked 7 VPN services. 🙅‍♂️ Tomorrow, Roskomnadzor may block 11 more VPN services VPN Proxy Master, VPN-Super Unlimited Proxy, Proton VPN and eight lesser known ones.
  16. S

    Unable to cash.Contact support if the problem continues

    Hi i cant convert my tokens to cash and withdrawn. I see error "Unable to cash . Contact support if the problem continues" I can receive tokens, but I can’t withdraw or send them. It says that I need to contact support, but I wrote there many times but she doesn’t answer me. Help me My...
  17. S

    Token to cash convert issue

    Hi, Hope you will notice this. This is my first time having a problem getting my own salary. Its say 'unable to cashout.Contact support if problem continues. It seems support is not responsing. Kindly help me . Username : sabellgoddess Ticket number : 19866413
  18. C

    Account suspended - suspension removal

    Hello. My account name: cherry_milkxx Ticket number: 19851712 Recently I was suspended for something that I've typed in the chat. We were joking around in PMs with one of my viewers, but I understand that what I've said was completely wrong and shouldn't be said in the first place. After...
  19. D

    No response from CB support

    Hello all, I am a CB model and i am facing issues with my payment. I have a raised a support request and i am not getting a proper update from them. It's been almost a month now and everytime I drop a mail the only response i get is that they are checking it and will let me as soon as they...
  20. loevcio

    Account banned. Please help

    Account banned (number ticket 19840608 ) (username: benitosantoss) I just added my Venezuelan driver license and got a banned. Please help. My partner is verify but not me. Help