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  1. punker barbie

    Web Series Cam_Girlfriend, Starring Chaturbate Broadcaster Lily LaBeau, Launches Second Episode

    Cam_Girlfriend, a new comedy web series following the life of a cam girl, has released the second episode of their 10 episode series on the Camming Life YouTube channel. The comedic cinematic sensation explores romance, technology, connectivity, and love, introducing the story of Chloe Cables, a...
  2. A

    I can't verify my account

    I am Venezuelan and I am trying to verify my account in Chatubate several times using my drivers license and it will not let me, they ask for a passport and in my country it is difficult to get it. About a year ago I had an account but I lost the password and I could not recover it, can you help...
  3. dickwow99

    chaturbate Account Banned Need passport

    Hey there fam, I had a previously verified account which I deleted which was verified using my driver's license. I deleted the account for personal reasons. I then created another account using the same driver's license and now I am getting the message that my account has been banned. Upon...
  4. cat_people

    Account banned for unknown reason

    A few days ago my account "cat_people" was banned from chaturbate. I've read on this forum that @punker barbie has helped several people before. Is there anyone who can confirm and share their story? Whatever we did wrong I reviewed the terms and conditions and perhaps we misinterpreted some...
  5. cbexplorer

    Blog post: How old are Chaturbate cam performers really?

    Hi everyone, 👋👋 - I posted another blog post over at CB Explorer: How old are Chaturbate cam performers really? I had people take guesses on what the most frequent (self-reported) age of Chaturbate performers is (based on their birthday setting) and then ran the numbers - the vast majority...
  6. ChrisRestituyo

    My Account ''ChrisRestituyo'' was banned Help Punker Barbie

    @punker barbie i need help please ! my account ChrisRestituyo was banned,i have tokens inside and tokens transfered to cash at least 500$ i need help with this,my account was banned ,please if i have violated any terms i dont go to do it again ! please help i have sent some emails to...
  7. hotindiana25

    How to not get banned on Chaturbate?

    I've spent the last few days carefully reviewing CB's TOS and here's my conclusion so far: DON'T --- talk about / pretend to be underage --- fall asleep / pretend to sleep on cam --- engage in incest related conversations with viewers ---...
  8. M

    Account Banned

    Issues: We were banned and we don't know why, we are always trying not to violate any of the Chaturbate rules although we have difficulties understanding specifically about all the rules. We would like to know if we can recover our account in any way and know about the balance we have there. I...
  9. R

    Couple banned for too violent but don't know what specifically.

    @punker barbie Hi, my friends are young russian couple who came to live in USA and trying to make a living as models. They are dom/sub couple who switch. Their chaturbate show became really popular very quick but then it gets banned for "too violent". It seems that the viewers think she is in...
  10. Jbabyxoxo10

    questions for payouts with direct deposit

    Hey, I’m new to chaturbate and was wondering if anyone could answer this question for me. If you do direct deposit, how many days after the pay period does it take for you to receive the email you
  11. A

    Chaturbate denying my verification constantly!

    hey ya'll, I hope i'm posting in the right place! i'm new to camming, although i used to be a seller (panties, videos etc) I've been trying to get myself verified on chaturbate, but they ask me to verify using my passport! I live in India and I've sent them images of my Aadhar card (identity...
  12. Smores

    What are the Tipping Patterns in High Token Rooms?

    What kinds of tipping patterns have you noticed in rooms that consistently make more than 10K tokens per show? What I mean by that is what percentage of the time do you see bids evenly spread out between many viewers versus the show being dominated by a small number of large bidders? Are...
  13. chopper_daddy

    Rapid tipping chrome extension (chaturbate)

    Hey all, I’ve built a chrome extension for rapid tipping on chaturbate. If this is something that interests you please go ahead and try it out :) I’ve also added a chart feature that displays stats on model broadcast times. Feedback is always welcome. Download here I’ve built several apps for...
  14. T

    Shows being stolen and posted for free!

    Hi, this is my first post in this forum, hope I don't break any rules, I'm a moderator for a few girls that stream on chaturbate, a few days ago one user told one of the girls about this site: http://[site name banned*5].org/ and she was really mad and disappointed at the same time, because she is...
  15. R

    Research help!

    Hi all! My name is Anna and I'm currently working on a research project about streaming. I've seen a couple of posts asking for help with this sort of thing so I hope it's okay! I work in social research and myself and the rest of my project team are really interested in the community aspect...
  16. L

    Chaturbate - Bugs?

    Hi, Is anyone here having any bugs when using Chaturbate? In the past few days, the room subject option is not available to me and only appears in the chat: "room subject change to "%(subject)s". Weird things happen on the definition pages... So, I checked my pc and it's not a virus.
  17. E

    Account Banned for Age Verification :(

    Hello! my partner and I just ser uo our account and it got banned within the first hour. We both submitted our age verifications. I emailed and recieved no reply, I really dont want to make a whole new account for this to work. Please someone help!
  18. Aaliyah summers

    Buying traffic for cb

    hi everyone I’ve been using chaturbate to cam for a while now and I’m nearly at 2k followers but it has taken me quite a while to reach this point, I have regulars that tip me and always come to my room but recently I’ve noticed a drop in the tips so I was wondering if buying traffic would be a...
  19. N

    Is it possible to go live on chaturbate with Chrome OS?

    I have a chromebook and really need to make money so I want to start camming but I heard that you’re unable to cam on chaturbate unless you have Windows? I’m on chrome OS is there any camming sites that would work for me? I really need to make some money /: I need a website that pays out in...
  20. C

    ID: ChubbyCatBaby - ID Not Verifying?

    Hi guys, and specifically to Punker Barbie or whoever works at Chaturbate, My verification process has been denied on multiple occasions, and I have submitted multiple photos at different angles, and I seem to be getting nowhere. Can anybody help? Thank you so much