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  1. R

    Research help!

    Hi all! My name is Anna and I'm currently working on a research project about streaming. I've seen a couple of posts asking for help with this sort of thing so I hope it's okay! I work in social research and myself and the rest of my project team are really interested in the community aspect...
  2. L

    Chaturbate - Bugs?

    Hi, Is anyone here having any bugs when using Chaturbate? In the past few days, the room subject option is not available to me and only appears in the chat: "room subject change to "%(subject)s". Weird things happen on the definition pages... So, I checked my pc and it's not a virus.
  3. E

    Account Banned for Age Verification :(

    Hello! my partner and I just ser uo our account and it got banned within the first hour. We both submitted our age verifications. I emailed and recieved no reply, I really dont want to make a whole new account for this to work. Please someone help!
  4. Aaliyah summers

    Buying traffic for cb

    hi everyone I’ve been using chaturbate to cam for a while now and I’m nearly at 2k followers but it has taken me quite a while to reach this point, I have regulars that tip me and always come to my room but recently I’ve noticed a drop in the tips so I was wondering if buying traffic would be a...
  5. N

    Is it possible to go live on chaturbate with Chrome OS?

    I have a chromebook and really need to make money so I want to start camming but I heard that you’re unable to cam on chaturbate unless you have Windows? I’m on chrome OS is there any camming sites that would work for me? I really need to make some money /: I need a website that pays out in...
  6. C

    ID: ChubbyCatBaby - ID Not Verifying?

    Hi guys, and specifically to Punker Barbie or whoever works at Chaturbate, My verification process has been denied on multiple occasions, and I have submitted multiple photos at different angles, and I seem to be getting nowhere. Can anybody help? Thank you so much
  7. TheDevilMadeUsDoIt69

    Banned from chaturbate on saturday.. If we dont get un banned , what's the next best site similar to chaterbate?

    Hey guys, we've been caming for about 3 months now... But on Saturday we got banned from chaturbate.. Which is super sucky cos we've built up a small fan base, 5k followers, and have a fair few regulars in our room, we can't seem to find out why we got banned yet, but it maybe due to too much...
  8. L

    How do I get unbanned from Chaturbate

    I made an account with my wife to broadcast a few weeks ago and aside from the occasional bong in the background when we change locations in the house and fail to notice the background elements, we are pretty respectful of the rules. We happened to overlook the rule about posting things like...
  9. J

    Emergency refund of Chaturbate token very Important

    Hi I really need someone who can help with refund of token. I need an emergency refill for my prescription I currently take for CIU and its awful I cannot function at all, or do simple tasks without it getting out of control. So can someone please please help me. I have tried contacting support...
  10. Pia

    Weird ad email from... chaturbate?

    Hiyaa everyone!! Haven't found a similar thread about this situation so here I go... uhmm got this email from chaturbate (seems legit) but funny thing is that I don't follow any of these models, actually I just follow a few from ACF, therefore, I checked personally every single profile displayed...
  11. E

    Missing payments?

    Hey! I was just wondering if any other models have had there payments held over the last couple days? I submit daily payouts on Wednesday's and Sunday's of every week and all of a sudden stopped receiving payments. When rent is due of all times lol 😬 Talked with my other model friends who are...
  12. Dreamy_Kitten

    Can I cam Solo, but on occasion have my Partner come in every now & again to assist?

    Okay I have question Like He will only come on to help with spankings, certain requests and Most likely won't show his face - he supports me but doesn't want to show his face on cam so I also wounder if that is going to be an issue. I know I'll have to add his ID to my account, but every time...
  13. Capryce

    Ok wtf is going on with this site?

    Since yesterday whenever I try to log on to Chaturbate I get a plain html based text site, and it's the same with all my navigators: firefox, google chrome and opera. My boyfriend has the same issue. But on my smartphone, everything is displayed normally and I can even see the people...
  14. mally_cooperr

    Chaturbate Account banned with out explain? been working 2 years

    Hello I would like some help, i had been working with my account for 2 years, and today i got banned with out explained or a single warning, i was broadcasting in my room in a password show with one of my tippers, and suddenly i got banned and now i cant use my account, i sent a mail to support...
  15. CamFeatures

    CamFeatures - OBS overlays for Chaturbate

    About CamFeatures It's a simple and intuitive platform with interactive and customizable overlays for streaming. With just a few clicks turn on and off elements, pick different colors and create your own style. Copy your overlay's URL into streaming software and watch the overlays enhance...
  16. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Network Issues

    Hi @punker barbie Recently I have been unable to stream to chaturbate as my bitrate after a few seconds drops to 0 resulting in anywhere from 6-60% dropped frames. The connection my end is fine and seems to be an issue on chaturbates side as I have tested streaming to other platforms with the...
  17. angryoldllama

    Chaturbate "Your IP has been blocked." message in chat.

    Hi folks. I get his message on chaturbate when I try to type in chat. Any idea what's the deal? Thanks. And I can still log in and all that. Just can't chat.
  18. moodybeauty69

    Whats An Easy Way To Track My Hours on CB?

    The easiest way i have found to track my hours on Chaturbate is it gives me the last 30 days. I get anywhere from 80 to 120 hours in 30 day depending on if I have "stuff to do" I am a mom and a full time XXX model so its hard to get on when im in "mom" mode. Hope this...
  19. S

    ID content blocked

    Issue: My girlfriend has been trying to get her account verified for quite a while. I think by now it's been the 6th time the verification has failed. The passport picture is digitally scanned and in high resolution, everything is readable. The photo shows her unobstructed face with the passport...
  20. F

    I need a bot/app reccomendation

    Hey everyone. New here; I have been camming for about 10 months with my partner. isse: I need a good ticket show app and a bot similar to dreambot that has a notifier and a tip menu built in if anybody knows of a better one that would be awesome Other than crew bot for our fan club titles I...