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  1. L

    Account banned uwutkmeow

    I am reaching out as my good friends account has been banned from Chaturbate and we can not understand why. I believe there has been a misunderstanding. This is absolutely devastating as my friend relies on her page to pay rent and buy food. I'm hoping someone can please throw us a lifeline 🙏...
  2. M

    Account banned

    Hi! I was webcamming today on Chaturbate and all of a sudden my broadcast stopped and I saw that my account got banned. I have no clue why it happened and I have emailed Chaturbate Support, but I have not received anything yet and I am scared that I am going to lose all my tokens. I am...
  3. O

    Are you on permanent Ban on Chaturbate? Get in here!

    Lately, there has been a lot of threads that are been created on this forum and other forum by Chaturbate cam models, all threads are detailing how they got permanently banned while in the process of verification/re-verification Each poster having the exact same problem, their representative...
  4. C

    Camgirlpedia shows trending tags and detailed tag statistics from top cam sites for free! (and other useful tools)

    A month ago I released a website that shows detailed statistics and historical data for tags on a number of cam sites, it was suggested that I make a post here because it might be a useful resource for people. What it does: The website lets you browse all tag data for free...
  5. J

    Account Banned

    My account has been banned for unknown reasons. I can't watch anyone right now or do anything with my tokens. Please help @punker barbie On the site I have such a message and support does not respond "We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service." Chaturbate...
  6. alt_bodybuilder

    chaturbate video add how to??

    hello folks on a few models streams typically ones with alot of followers they have a awesome video banner to promote there onlyfans or pornhub links etc how do you go about getting one? any one know of a good website or person that can do it etc as all i can find on the internet is diy websites...
  7. Cherry_Acid

    Sex work in Latvia

    Good day to all! I would like to move to Latvia and I would be very happy if models from Latvia could help me sort out some issues! for example: -is it legal to stream on chaturbate if you work in your apartment and not in a studio? -Is it legal to work on onlyfans/fansly and also manyvids...
  8. C

    New version of TipTicker released

    Hello Forum, Finally some news on acf regarding TipTicker. I made many improvements on TipTicker over the past months. Finally it supports Stripchat! The designer working together with me has created many new Animation packages. Licensing TipTicker is now availavle through an affordable...
  9. darchik

    warnings CB

    This is the second time I've received a warning about breaking the rules. Strange of course, I won’t even argue with CB about this, so as not to get another ban!? But how many warnings does it take to block me?
  10. HomeStarlet

    Help please

    Hello @punker barbie ! I want to change the payment method from paxum to wire transfer, but at info wire I don't see where to write the IBAN code. I sent mail to the support, but nobody answers me! Ticket: 19367597 Thank you
  11. L

    Didn't receive payment

    Hello @punker barbie ! Once again I'm here asking for your help with chaturbate support. I already have an active case since 23rd March and didn't receive an answer yet. My account got banned on 16th March and after talking to support got unbanned again on 19th March. Now I had a good...
  12. M

    Expired Venezuelan passport, I am Venezuelan I have 11 thousand followers on chaturbate. @punkerbarbie

    Girls help me, I can't renew my passport because of how long the passport takes due to the problems in my country, I lived more than two years ago in Colombia I wanted to know if chatur can understand that and give me back my account with 11 thousand followers. According to article No. 2 of...
  13. T

    [Chaturbate] 19330540 - Re: Account Banned

    Chaturbate account username: trixietickles Chaturbate support ticket: 19330540 @punker barbie Initial identification document (passport) was not signed and therefor not accepted. Signed identification document (passport) re-uploaded with photo for verification; account banned. Please...
  14. G

    Second impossibles chances & I just want to make my mission= a change in the world to fulfilment myself (aka ex "top model back)

    I'm high as f to get the courage 4 this ....Really that doesn't deserve any translation because I'm the fucking girl who spent almost 60 brl$ in 2016 bought a bunch of top toys and a unique real size statue painted of gold with a stiff cock who make me gain almost my 95% of followers in 1 week...
  15. punker barbie

    Added Gender Categories

    Hello! Chaturbate has added new gender categories. Broadcasters can now identify as Transfemme, Transmasc, and Non-Binary, allowing the Chaturbate community to better identify their gender expression. You can update your gender settings in "My Profile” under “Settings & Privacy” to help allow...
  16. YourSecretPassionX


    Hi! I'm Scar. As the title says something really strange is going on with my room. I made my account while on vacation in France and I streamed there a couple of times. The traffic was alright in the range of 100-150 viewers. But when I came back home it was like my account got shadowbanned. I...
  17. Arialorenx

    Staring from scratch

    I’ve been camming for LiveJasmin for a while now and lately, I’ve become so discouraged by it. To start off, the income shares. I have to make $250 @30% income share to increase it by 5% … that alone is a huge WTF?! $1 a credit, meaning members must spend $850 on me for me to only get $250 of...
  18. S

    Documents are not accepted during registration

    Good time to the forum participants as well as representatives of the industry. When registering an account on the site, support does not accept documents, although they are provided by us and provided correctly. Who has faced such a problem? How did you decide? Can @punker barbie help with...
  19. S

    Accounts not cashing out

    Hello! Faced with the problem that money is not being cashed out on two of our accounts. Support does not answer, and the question, as you understand, is very important. Thank you all in advance, in particular I will be glad if @punker barbie takes care of the problem Accounts - little_bloom...
  20. pau__123

    Banned account

    hello @punker barbie Han Bannedo The Chaturbate Account You can please me please Username Molly_13. Tiket 18553056. you know I'm left with the doubt of why we banned the account without some reason, or what time they are on the camera for Banned Many times we are only sitting or doing...