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  1. C

    We have problem with payment info

    Hi this is the third time now that chaturbate has returned our money of the reason that wire payment info is not valid which is not at all true, because our payment is valid and everything was filled and all the informations were correct. How now is that a problem but before three wasn't any...
  2. U

    Tip Code For Bio

    Hi all, does anyone know how to put at tip menu in my profile bio. I have the boxes boxes buttons etc. done but does any one know the button click code so it actually tips me. Any help would be amazing. As I say boxes, style design etc is done I just need the button to be made work and tip...
  3. Kikiki

    Is ticket show a good idea? Chaturbate.

    I stream on Chaturbate and some suggested me to do a ticket show seeing many viewers I could get but very few tipped. But I'm thinking that they wouldn't even tip me 1 token then can I expect them to buy a ticket? And what kind of models would do ticket shows more successfully? I'm a solo...
  4. Kikiki

    I can get a lot of viewers but very few tips

    For example tonight I had 500+ viewers which was more than ever, but I had earned only 1000 tokens and less than 20 people every tipped. But some nights night I got 150 viewers but much more tips I received... Do you have any solutions?
  5. A


    Hello, Thank for help. I change my Iphone and I forgot to export Google Authenticator infos for 2-Step Verification. Obviously I also lost the backup code, I know, my BIG Fault. I wrote to chaturbate support about this. my chaturbate nickname: atticofthejunkie Thanks a lot!
  6. S

    Unreasonable ban

    Hello, in mid-January my account was blocked, without giving any reason or any warnings, after a long correspondence with support, they finally said that the reason for the ban was that "We have reason to believe that you provided us with a modified identification or helped others to provide us...
  7. Borschie

    Showed my desktop and now PERMANENTLY banned for 'Not age verifying the person on my desktop'

    Hi, I showed my desktop because I set my stream preset to Twitch instead of Chaturbate, by accident, and I run a sculpting stream where I sculpt people's faces. So I had an image of Karlie Kloss on my screen for a minute on Chaturbate before I turned off the stream on Chaturbate. Anyway, I am...
  8. Kikiki

    Why suddenly I have much less viewers???

    I'm ne on Chaturbate. Been streaming for three weeks. In the last week almost every day I had at least 150 viewers but starting from days ago I suddenly could have only around 50. I thought it was my stream that starts to lag or blur too much but actually it's not the problem! So now I don't...
  9. A

    (Hopefully last) questions I have about Chaturbate!!

    Hey all, Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me answer my questions on this site. I've been a little less freaked out because of all the helpful information provided to me by you guys. Hopefully this will be my last time asking for help haha, but yeah I just have two more...
  10. C

    Problems with payment

    Hi we are couple who are now working on chaturbate for 9 months, and our payment was always on time. But this month our payment hasn't still arrived. Today is 25 of march, but the payment was supposed to be sent on 15 of march. We sent a multiple emails to the chaturbate team, but they are not...
  11. jakycola

    Banned Account - I didn't even stream.

    Hey friends, Hey @punker barbie , Hey Support, u/JakyCola (NO "C" in Jacky!) ticket-ID: #17186721 (support not answering) -Registered aprox. a year ago, frequently used Decided to start streaming last week: -Verified with my German ID, had multiple problems (Back side, Face not...
  12. CamGirlPromotions

    No Response After Reporting Bot That Records Models

    On February 27, 2021 I emailed support about the bot that people use to record multiple models at once, even checks when they come online, if they go in a private it detects when they are out and rejoins to start recording again. I also suggested they analyze the traffic it sends so they can...
  13. C

    Banned account from CB

    Good day username: cumshot_1986 I had the account from 5 years and broadcast in regular basis . An too bought some tokens sometimes. I dont had any issue until some people tip me 750 tks or more in a day. some days ago i banned from chaturbate and contact the support for know the reasons and...
  14. Eva-Engel

    How long is the new status on myfreecams ?

    Hi ladies, how long last the new status on MyFreeCams, im on Chaturbate and it doesn´t work for me there, so i want to try this other site. or would you recommed to make a new chaturbate profile ? lg eva
  15. M

    Fan member became a stalker

    Hi everyone. I’ve been caming on Chaturbate for almost 6 months. It’s been rough and hard but I feel I was getting to a better place. Since a couple of months one of my biggest tippers became green and had been in my room every day. He encouraged me and helped me out when I was losing...
  16. CassieLarson

    M CDer: Should I stream on CB as M or TG?

    Hey all! I'm really excited to start streaming on CB, but I'm having trouble deciding which category I should cam under. I'm a crossdressing male, no HRT, not transitioning or getting implants (yet). I do use a chest plate for breasts. It's a tough choice to choose male or tg to stream under...
  17. Imroxie

    Feeling bleh

  18. RadioactivePanda

    CB 10 year anniversary today - 10 token bonus per purchases

    Hi everyone, Just an FYI - seems like CB's 10th anniversary is today, so they're giving 10 free additional tokens per each purchase. Realistically, that's roughly a $1 from a member's standpoint, so nothing earth-shattering, but maybe this will spur some additional spending today from people--...
  19. andxx4

    [Chaturbate] 16999795 - Re: Declined verification

    Hello I’m a studio account and i tried to verify a girl verification, first it got rejected due to bad photos, then I resubmitted a better photos of the ID and for banned telling me I’ve violated TOS nothing else, I contacted support with no luck @punker barbie can you please help me with that...
  20. madeline

    Chaturbate problem i cant be online

    Hi i have problem with chaturbate i cant be online „Chat disconneted” „Trying to reconnected” All the time... Please help me