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  1. V

    Banned after making the account

    Hello I was permanently banned right after i made the account. I provided real ID and did everything right but still got banned. I would like to start broadcasting but i dont know what i did wrong while making the account. After contacting support they just said permanently banned and no...
  2. coconut99

    my sad story as a chaturbate model!

    Hi guys and girls, I hope you are doing well, then I will tell you a little about my story, since I have gone through depression and others because of this. (don't judge me and don't offend me please) if it's possible for someone like @punker barbie If you could read my post carefully, it would...
  3. J

    Account banned

    @punker barbie Please help. My account has banned for no reason! I've already submitted request and I didn't do anything to warrant a ban! Please help and un-ban my account! Username: jamesleandean
  4. violentlycurly

    Looking to get custom apps/bots written for Chaturbate

    Hello there, I'm Curly, a full-time artist and camgirl. I used to use an outside service called TipAlerts with my stream that has since stopped working, so now I'm trying to find a way to have a Chaturbate bot or app fill that gap. Unfortunately, the bots that are available only do some of the...
  5. A

    Chaturbate membership and account deleting

    HI, I'm new here, I have an account where I have a membership, but I haven't been able to log in for half a year, I pay a monthly membership, how can I finish this pls? I don't want to pay more Username: dirtyboy242 ID: 113990611 @punker barbie
  6. fmjen

    Hello restarting thread because no reply. Please help me!

    My last response from Support From: Chaturbate Support <> Sent: December 23, 2022 1:50 PM To: Fmjen <> Subject:[Chaturbate] Support - Re: Ban inquiry Thank you for your response and we are happy to learn you are seeking help. Please let us know when...
  7. A

    Wire Payment Held

    Wire Payment Held Hi @punker barbie I really need your help. I received an email from chaturbate support that they held my wire payment for my account AyameMika. I want to mention the fact that I am a Romanian national and at the date I have received this e-mail I was verified with a...
  8. B

    Account banned

    Hi, @punker barbie Good evening, I am writing this post in search of help regarding the status of my account. Today I was streaming as usual and a user took me private. I was having fun with it and when I was about to finish I get a notification that my account was banned. I was reading the...
  9. B

    Account banned

    Hello, @punker barbie Good evening, I am writing this post in search of help regarding the status of my account. Today I was streaming as usual and a user took me private. I was having fun with it and when I was about to finish I get a notification that my account was banned. I was reading the...
  10. fmjen

    Protective ban, followed instructions please help!

    Hello, my username on CB is fuxkme_jen I have been camming since 2017. Recently there was an incident with my mental health that resulted in a protective ban iniated dec 13th. I have followed the instructions given and have attempted to contact support with no reply. On top of the mental health...
  11. ruby_vulpix

    Late payment maybe related to w-9

    Hi, I'm Ruby Vulpix. I'm a Chaturbate model. I'm new to this forum. My Chaturbate payment is late from the Dec 15th regular payout date. I'm set up for Wire Transfers. This is the first time I haven't received my wire transfer in a timely manner. I emailed support 2 days ago with no response as...
  12. E

    Refund request issue

    Hi everyone, I seem to have run into an issue where I clicked buy tokens and it automatically charged me for 4050 tokens instead of the amount I had planned to select. I have not used any tokens and need help reversing this. if anyone can help fix this it would be appreciated! I have tried to...
  13. T

    Suspended from broadcasting on chaturbate and can't find out why?

    I was maybe 5 mins into a broadcast on chaturbate when I was cut off and a suspended from broadcasting message came up. I have no idea why, as far as I am aware I followed all rules and have been age verified. Anyone know how long a suspension is or how long it takes chaturbate to get back to...
  14. W

    Affiliate program has been flagged and my account banned!

    Hello @punker barbie my account user: WONDERDAYAN was banned at 01 December, i sent an email to support and they don't asnswer yet. At 03 December i recieved this email (attached) and i really very confused, i post my ref link on Twitter 15 days ago i don't if people use it for sign up fakes...
  15. G

    Banned account CB

    Hi how are you @punker barbie , for some unknown reason with no warning my account has been banned in CB. My account is ed_0_0 (two zeros) There might have been some mix-up, as technically I am not a cam model, I am just a user, but somehow I was trying to change things in my profile since my...
  16. Roughlov3rs

    Banned/Tokens Held : roughlov3rs

    Hey!! We reallly really would love some help with Chaturbate, we have tried to contact 4 times within the last couple weeks. Almost 10k followers & a good amount of money. I can’t get anyone to reply and I’d love to get this resolved any way possible. Honestly want to get our account reinstated...
  17. L

    Heartless website no consideration

    I am full time model of chaturbate and work 12 to 16 hrs but now i was. Ban and emailed. That i am ban without reason i tried to msg them many time. But they dont answer even 1 time. Why thwy r so heartless to their performers they ban alot of. Accounts and give no reason no warning no...
  18. Lexi_Summers

    Lexi Summers

    27 year old cam model living under Spanish sun ☀ I'm a curvy brunette with blue eyes with a passion for art, music and nature. 💕 Smoking queen Fetish friendly 7 tip vibrating toys + more in my naughty drawer! I work on: Stripchat Chaturbate MyFreeCams Cam4 SoulCams BongaCams OnlyFans...
  19. terran_loves_everyone_98

    age verification denied reason : region restricted

    hello i have been verified on chaturbate for almost 6 years and this is my username :- terran_loves_everyone_98 . so i did the new verification and i was rejected becouse of restricted region ! it was fine all these years so i dont get it and i reached out twice to chaturbate support but never...
  20. Pia

    New age verification system

    Hello! I had a specific problem during the age verification process (I've already sent a message to support and waiting) I've read that many of you have had the same problem: "whenever I try to take my face picture, whether, on my android phone or PC, the page gets frozen and I cannot complete...