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  1. A

    Chaturbate stopped sending me payments

    Reaching out to you here @punker barbie out of desperation, as my final resort before making plans to remove my business from CB entirely. I'm no longer receiving payment from CB. For 5 days now, CB support has not responded to my communication via the help center form, by email, or via Twitter...
  2. K

    Unique users on Chaturbate

    I know that my rating depends on the number of unique users in the room. But who are the unique users?
  3. K

    Account has been banned

    Hello! Please help me! Today my chaturbate account was banned without warning and without email notification. The account was banned after the stream. No rules were violated during the stream and I don't understand what the reason is. I have written to support but have not received a response...
  4. D

    Returned Wire/EFT payments

    Hello everyone. I'm an affiliate with Chaturbate, my CB username is the same as my ACF username. So I've been getting paid via wire transfer without any issues to the same bank account for more than 5 years and I never changed my payout info. Suddenly, at some point in October, my payments...
  5. M

    Broadcast suspended

    Hello.i'm really hoping for your help @punker barbie because my chaturbate account was broadcast suspended for no reason since 24.11.the suspended happend during the normal broadcast,i dont get warning or notifications.i do have the account from years i dont had any problem with it.i send mail...
  6. K

    "not eligible" on ID page / suspended

    Hi, there. My streaming was suspended about 5 minutes after I started my first stream. I thought it may have been due to my friend showing up on cam for a moment while helping with a tech issue so we went in and added him to the account. His information was approved and he now shows as age...
  7. I

    Account has been banned

    @punker barbie Hello, my username is illegallymilk, I have written to support, and I still haven't received a response. I would like to recover my account because I don't understand the reason for the ban. I have always followed the CB rules, and I have been with this account for over 2 years...
  8. R

    Account suspended

    I was on a cam2cam and didn’t realize I couldn’t have anyone else on my account. It was literally a split second and my account got suspended. I really want my account back and I’m hoping someone can help. 🙏🏼 @punker barbie you seem to be super helpful 💕 CB: redheaded_slutt
  9. Y

    CB Apps not working-error message HELP

    Hi there, for some reason my apps stopped working. I tried setting up my goals when broadcasting as usual and an error message keeps appearing. The same error message occurs with all the apps as well so I’m not sure what the issue is. Does anyone know what might resolve this issue? I have...
  10. Jessynelson

    Frozen tokens

    Hi! My tokens are frozen, i cannot send tokens to other models and cannot send payment request. (Chaturbate) I have to pay my rent, my dog’s food, i have to live my life, i have a lot of bills!! I can get tokens fortunately, but i cannot do with them nothing. I wrote email to CB support, but i...
  11. G

    chaturbate account ban

    good afternoon @punker barbie What a shame to bother you at this time, but we would like to ask you for help with a permanent ban issue on an account of one of our models that we would like to solve the issue since we believe that there may be a possibility of doing so, for this reason we...
  12. Y

    New Badge Title-Expectations/Help

    Hi everyone, I am a new cam model and hosted a few sessions my first week with the new badge activated. I made on average $450 a session (6-8 hours each)-also averaged 5k-10k viewers. I had one session after the badge expired and my viewers topped out at 5k and for most of the session I...
  13. H

    Private Show Chat Messages Have No Sound Notifications!?

    Started a private show with a model only for them to take their sweet time to read the chat and they ended up doing random shit most of the time, resulting in paying much more than planned :( It's my first private so I have no idea how it usually goes, do people tip to get their attention (this...
  14. Y

    Missing Payment Issue

    Hi everyone, I started camming for a few sessions now and I clicked on cash my tokens so afterwards I had zero in my account. However at the time I never input my bank/payment information so I am not sure if the money has now been lost or if it will be sent to me since I set up my bank...
  15. B

    account banned

    hello @punker barbie please, i need help getting in touch with support, i have tried to reach out but i am not receiving responses. i was banned (broadcast ability revoked) for showing somebody on my stream who was not verified - it was a complete accident, i had selected my desktop instead...
  16. H


    LOW A F traffic (max of 10 ppl in my room) Cant make colorful users to pay Only regulars! Is it me?? Is it nieche ?? (Bdsm that does not necessarily contain nudity) Is it timing? (Morning for western countries ...) IDK!!!!
  17. angminx

    BIO coding help??

    hi there i have a multitude of questions all of it which are "where did I go wrong and how can I fix it?" I have tried to create a bio for CB by searching through these forums and attempting to learn what seems like limited code on the site. I have hit quite a few bumps as expected but it's...
  18. V

    Models don't receive payment, please help

    I ask you to give me and my studio a better chance for this studio to exist. you can interview other models of this studio and get feedback.stacy54784_, anny54784, anna54784 together we have achieved excellent results on the site the studio helps and supports us, and the models here earn much...
  19. L

    My account Still banned Pls help

    Hi guys Newbie on the forum hope i can get some help from @punker barbie So my Name on chaturbate it's boniesmith_ , almost a week ago chatur banned me because a third person appears on my stream, we upload the document of the third person and chatur do not accept because this person is...
  20. H

    Unsupported I. D.

    Helloh @punker barbie , dunno why but my documents unsupported, my nickname is sexylilies. Thank you for your feedback.