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  1. D

    CB - Bubblegum Models

    New guy here - still learning the ropes so please please don't rail me too hard for this ;) I searched for older topics with the same subject but they appear to be rather outdated and locked... I have an odd fetish, I really think its cute to see women blowing bubblegum bubbles. It's a cute...
  2. RadioactivePanda

    What are the different levels for the CB tip sound effects?

    Hey everyone! This is admittedly a pretty straightforward question, but for whatever reason, I can't find the info readily available online after searching online/the forum. Maybe I'm searching the wrong words. I don't relish the thought my google-fu skills have diminished, but alas :giggle...
  3. xxlsuperlouis

    Be Right Back Loop

    Are you allowed to have an old recording of a broadcast play in your room while you’re taking a break with “Be Right Back” over the screen? If so, how long are you allowed to be away from your room? I tried it out the other day just to see if it would work. Then I used it to take a 5 minute...
  4. S

    ID Verification Not Working

    I have submitted my id and a picture of my face next to my id but it says its invalid and where it says a reason it says "Reason: None" can anyone help?
  5. dickwow99

    How to enable Cam to cam feature in chaturbate?

    So I was watching a cam and it had the following link When I clicked it it opened my cam. I do not see a way to enable this when I broadcast? Need more info about this, such as how to enable it, how can I set tokens for it etc. Thanks
  6. xxlsuperlouis

    How did she create this text and make it hover in the bottom left corner?

    Hello everyone! I would like to have something similar to this hovering on the bottom of my cam saying "twitter @xxlsuperlouis" when I'm broadcasting on chaturbate. If anyone could point in in the right direction I would appreciate it! I stream using obs if that helps💙
  7. dickwow99

    FPS and Dropped frames technical issues

    I am having a issues with my stream. The following are screen shots when I scream using obs And my obs stats are as follows I tried to stream using the in browser broadcaster and got the following I did a speed test on and got the following...
  8. VibingWithViv

    D&D for fellow cammers?

    Hello, new here! I've been wanting to run a D&D game for a podcast, and seeing as how my name is more associated with camming, I think it'd be fun to run a D&D campaign for fellow cammers. Additionally, it might act as be a mutual interest boost for our cams. Curious as to opinions on the idea...
  9. B

    Data export verification issues

    Chaturbate Data Export pending verification I’ve been trying to download my data on chaturbate to prove to my boyfriend something, and it says pending verification but support never sent me any info on what needs to be verified, I have already passed the age verification. Anybody know what to do ?
  10. A

    Does this email belong to Chaturbate?

    Hello Chaturbate Community Excuse me, I was checking my emails and I realized that when I asked to reset my Chaturbate password, this email sent me a link to reset Is this mail from Chaturbate?
  11. A

    I'm deleting my Chaturbate account but I have some doubts

    Hello Chaturbate community It's my first time entering a discussion forum I'll explain my situation I went into Chaturbate for money. My family got sick from covid I'm not from the United States, and I tried to get some money *I'M LEGAL, I'M OLD ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO WORK IN CHATURBATE. Don't...
  12. Cinnalee1

    Starting over, who dis?

    Hello! Thanks for reading. Since starting as a cam model I have changed the way my room is ran and show types many times. Most of the time the changes resulted from simply figuring out which aspects of camming I liked and didn’t like. The most significant changes I’ve made involve limiting what...
  13. xxlsuperlouis

    How do I get my Onlyfans and Twitter links to hover like this?

    I can’t figure out how to make some custom links like this for my profile. I just started using obs and now that I have it setup I would like to take advantage of some of its features. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. KingMarti

    possible phishing email

    @punker barbie I have just received an email from saying that my account was suspended with a link to verify the account. (I can dm you the link if required). can you confirm that is a chaturbate owned domain? since all other...
  15. D

    Calling for camgirls to help me write my TV pilot/series! (exciting)

    So I'm currently studying filmmaking at a major film school in the UK, and I recently got inspired for my own idea for a TV pilot that I hope to get off the ground once lockdown's over - I'm developing this with a few other coursemates but I'm the primary writer currently. The story follows a...
  16. Gaperboi

    Account Ban

    Hello team, My account on chaturbate Browardboy69 has been banned. I have recently been gone for 2 weeks with health issues and i have finally come back to camming. I was camming for only a few hours and then my internet cuts out and then i was banned after my stream and internet came back on...
  17. J

    Chaturbate banned my account without reason

    Username: josyjhn My chaturbate account banned me without any reason 2 days before and 1845 tokens remaining in my account. I sent more than 5 email to chatubate support term. But no reply from there. I do not know what to do anymore. Please help
  18. E

    CB Account Ban Process?

    Hi, I am on CB as eva_secret and have been streaming for over a year. I have just tried to log in and my account has been banned. Lots of posts ask for quick fixes, and I have read but I hope to understand better. 1. How does CB normally let me know why I was banned? 2. What is the normal...
  19. surfergirlx

    CB traffic cap?

    Hi guys, still relatively new and trying to figure out the patterns of CB traffic. On good days I can easily have 1000 up to 7000 viewers whenever it booms out of nowhere, but some days in a row it seems that cannot get out of that 250 viewers (or 400 other days) mark and its very hard to move...
  20. findomhell

    Chaturbate is holding my payment!

    Hello, I am findomhell on chaturbate. I have been camming for almost a month. I was age verified a while back and also have been receiving tokens. I also verified my bank details ( wire transfer) to make sure I was going to receive my money. Well Chaturbate decided to hold my payment because...