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  1. B

    700 viewers in my room, 50min without tips. Anything I do is wrong?

    Recently every time I stream, there would be extremely long gaps between each decent tip. During these gaps there can be 1tk 5 tk tips but in total less than 20tks for a whole hour. People are completely quiet and no one talks. I just stand there feeling frustrated and awkward. Thinking...
  2. Pretty_pussy_xxx

    Did not receive direct deposit payment

    @punker barbie Username: pretty_pussy_xxx hi I am new to chaturbate and I cashed out tokens on July 13 and chaturbate said I would receive the money direct deposit on July 22 but there is still no sign of it and I called my bank but they said nothing is showing. Can you please help me I am new...
  3. Y

    What's your favorite item on your tip menu?

    Hi everyone! I've been camming on CB for about three months and needless to say, I'm obsessed! I journal after every show, taking note of what felt good and what I could do without. As a result, my tip menu has changed A LOT in such a short period of time, but I'm curious to know if anyone else...
  4. S

    Switching from CB to MFC?

    TL;DR: Opinions on MFC vs. Chaturbate? Is there another site people are liking now? Advice regarding MFC appreciated <3 I streamed with a studio for 2 years where I use to make a week what I make in approximately a day streaming alone. They had many other issues but this was my own personal...
  5. jhon899

    chaturbate submitted altered or otherwise fraudulent identification I have never altered my ID,help tick 7875342

    [Chaturbate] 17875342 hello please help my account I was banned supposedly due to alteration of ID which I have never done I think it is because I tried to create a new account with my passport but they do not answer me please I need help I would never alter the documents is the rules of...
  6. Woonderful

    Chaturbate It is unfair 3 months waiting for a response about the ban of my account they do not answer

    [Chaturbate] 17860361 Hello @punker barbie I hope you can help me I have been for 3 months with my banned account they do not give an answer or the reason I do not find any reason I have sent the emails with photos of my age verification but they do not answer 3 months ago I have tokens in that...
  7. lll_lllll

    Purchased Tokens and can't Tip or start Pvt Show - No more response from Support

    Hi, im an active CB user since early 2019 if I remember correctly (maybe older), and never had an issue with CB. Yesterday I've decided to top up my account again, but when I tried to tip a girl it said I can't and I should contact support. Same thing with pvt shows. So I followed up and...
  8. UrbellAxoxo

    Violation of terms and services

    Hi this is bella and ive been researching and been trying to browse online looking for some help and im so happy i found this site and ive been reading a couple hours and i see some people out here whos been already resolve there provlem by @punker barbie i actually a CB model for quite some...
  9. B

    What do you do when there's absolute long-lasting dead silence in your room?

    I just logged off. Feeling frustrated and angry and anxious. Half an hour dead silence no one tipped no matter what I tried. Tried to change tip goal, new look, change positions. But viewers in my room just get less and less gradually and no one every tipped. No one talks either. 300 people in...
  10. D

    daddiebearlover banned. Help me please

    Hello everyone. yesterday I was banned without knowing why. I wrote to support with no response. I am really sorry because it was a site that I liked a lot and I was enjoying it very sincerely. I hope barbie is able to help me seeing all the help she has given to other users. thanks in...
  11. C

    Stolen videos from Chaturbate with your real name, alert for foot models

    There is an account on clips4sale that is selling foot models videos taken from live show on Chaturbate, the videos are for sale with the real name of the models, I don't know how Chaturbate let it leak this information, but there is, if you are a footmodel on Chaturbate this gonna happen, they...
  12. B

    Unable to Send Tips. Please contact Support

    Hey @punker barbie My account is zara_lae My converstaion with Support are under Ref. [Chaturbate] 17820032 - Re: [Chaturbate] 17771363 - Support mentioned that I needed to verify for the extra person appearing On Cam which I did. Sent out an email update...
  13. E

    unintentionally token purchase

    Hello, it's an urgent matter. So help would be really nice! So I unintentionally bought the pre-selected maximum amount of Tokens via PayPal. It somehow went so fast, it's a really bad mistake, I know. I somehow overlooked it, I clicked too fast. I really can't allow this amount to get...
  14. sweetestapple

    I cant cashout my money

    @punker barbie please help me I’ve requested money 2 times and chaturbate don’t process my cashout on the next day. I have that money to pay my bills and i am so worried cause i need it right now I just checked and still being processed on the next period but nothing happen Please help me...
  15. J

    Issue with studio accounts to reset daily token counter

    Since the last chaturbate update, I have 2 studio accounts that are accumulating the tokens and they are not being transferred to the studio. These accounts have been in use for more than 6 months, so they should not present any problems. I have written to support but I do not receive any...
  16. lokihsu

    Chaturbate is a rogue

    Chaturbate is a rogue Give us back our hard won tokens
  17. A

    Unable to cashout error.

    Hello, @punker barbie ! I recently have got a trouble with converting my tokens to cash. After my usual broadcasting session I was trying to convert earned tokens to cash, but there was an error "Unable to cashout. Contact support if the problem continues.", and it still appears when I try to to...
  18. Snowie1969

    MFC and Epoch parted ways ... Why? and how does this affect you as a member or model ?

    So, on June 16th 2021, I read a tweet from The_Greg1 where he stated that " Dear mfc members, according to a change in the wiki for the billing yesterday, epoch, a payment processor for PayPal for example has been removed as payment processor for buying tokens." I logged into MFC, tried to buy...
  19. E

    Unable to send tip. Chaturbate.

    Dear support please enable me the function of sending tip on my account (evileva08).
  20. cexmental

    Synergy (All-In-One-App) ... The future of transmission

    Hello. My name is Mentalcex. I was nominated as 'Best Bot Developer' in 2021 during A Decade With Chaturbate Awards. I was the 1st developer to add color gradients (styles) to any tip menu bot on Chaturbate (Tip Menu 50). I was the 1st developer to create color-on-color alpha gradients (same...