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  1. E

    CB Account Ban Process?

    Hi, I am on CB as eva_secret and have been streaming for over a year. I have just tried to log in and my account has been banned. Lots of posts ask for quick fixes, and I have read but I hope to understand better. 1. How does CB normally let me know why I was banned? 2. What is the normal...
  2. surfergirlx

    CB traffic cap?

    Hi guys, still relatively new and trying to figure out the patterns of CB traffic. On good days I can easily have 1000 up to 7000 viewers whenever it booms out of nowhere, but some days in a row it seems that cannot get out of that 250 viewers (or 400 other days) mark and its very hard to move...
  3. findomhell

    Chaturbate is holding my payment!

    Hello, I am findomhell on chaturbate. I have been camming for almost a month. I was age verified a while back and also have been receiving tokens. I also verified my bank details ( wire transfer) to make sure I was going to receive my money. Well Chaturbate decided to hold my payment because...
  4. AvrilxLust

    Streaming and showing my face after 2 years of anon - need advice!

    Hey! For the last 2 years I've been streaming on Chaturbate + making content on ManyVids & Pornhub - all of this while not showing my face or rarely showing my face WITH a mask (and it was usually an expensive add-on for my buyers). Now, I'm getting real tired of doing this - of hiding my...
  5. A

    daily payment

    hello, i am arya_x21 (thats also name on chaturbate ) from my last payment, the daily option dont work, i am model from over 1 year, wahts happend @punker barbie can you help me i sent lots of emails i am waiting from over 1 week and no answer please help me
  6. surfergirlx

    Encoder overloaded OBS

    Hi guys, some days that we are streaming with OBS, it says that our "encoder may be overloaded," however our CPU usage is 3%. We shoot in 1080p, our bitrate is set to 6500kbps, keyframe interval 2s, and we are using ethernet cable with 10mbps upload speed (which shows to be pretty constant...
  7. S

    Chaturbate restricted country problem.

    Hi. I am from Serbia, I've been member of Chaturbate since 2012. I used to be verified model, then stopped camming, made a break and now I want to start modeling again and be able to receive tokens. I've been trying to verify myself in past 3 years! But Chaturbate always get back to me as my...
  8. dickwow99

    Chaturbate adds Skrill as payout option.

    Hey there, Got a notification that chaturbate now offers payouts using SKRILLS. Here is their tweet From what I can tell it is a wallet platform meaning the money transfer from cb to skrills will be instant. But from skrill to bank account can take some time. Currently the limit for payout...
  9. dickwow99

    ManyVids link on Chaturbate profile

    Hey there, I have a ManyVids account and wanted to link it to my Chaturbate bio. But read somewhere that now with ManyVids you can cam as well so it is a direct competitor of Chaturbate and linking to ManyVids is not allowed anymore. But I saw one model, using a tinyUrl redirect to link to her...
  10. dickwow99

    Viewer wants to be MOD.

    Hey there, I have been camming regularly for the past week. And the other day I cam across a viewer that asked me to "maker her the MOD", on asking why she said she said she would get me "More viewers". I did not do it as it sounded fishy. What I want to ask is what was she trying to do? What...
  11. G

    Can't get verified?

    Hey there so i've been trying to verify my chaturbate account so i can start receiving tokens however every time i've tried I end up getting rejected with this msg "ID is not valid. Reason: Restricted Region" which is really perplexing as i've seen other cammers from the same country camming and...
  12. K

    CB Account Banned - please help

    Hello, Yesterday I made a CB account and it was pretty successful. Today I tried to log in and my account has been banned because I may have violated their terms of service. But I don‘tknow what I have done wrong and I am trying to get unbanned. @punker barbie Can you please help me get my...
  13. S

    Age Verification Denied Because I've Already Been Age Verified?

    I set up on Chaturbate last week and submitted my age verification and was approved. This evening, in the middle of broadcasting, I was bumped off and told that I needed hadn't done the age verification. I followed their link and saw my original documents were still uploaded. I checked the...
  14. bawdytrina

    Banned account, need help..

    Hello @punker barbie i need your help regarding my blocked account: Bawdytrina, it happened on Wednesday 5 august, a member pop into my room and asked about daughter and father sex topic, to be honest i replied only yes to every each question he asked me sarcastically, as i know i can't talk...
  15. chopper_daddy

    'Leaked' Porn Site Thothub Goes Dark Following Lawsuit (CB also named in Lawsuit)

    Check the vice article here Imagine if cam sites started actually taking action against internet pirates the same way Niece Waidhofer did with *ahem* Chaturbate, I'm looking at you. Funny part is Chaturbate is named in this lawsuit because they were one of ThotHub's largest...
  16. cbexplorer

    Chaturbate Analytics

    Hi everyone 👋 , Based on the work I did with CB Explorer I've started to work on more in-depth analytics for Chaturbate cam performers, with the goal to ultimately make this a useful paid product (got to live somehow). Earlier this week I've reached the first milestone by putting up a landing...
  17. H

    realhousewifexxx a bit suspicious

    Hello! So I have watched now for weeks/months the same broadcaster rise up with viewers with no problem. As soon she is going online she instantly hits after 5-10 minutes 200-500 Viewers just sitting there clothed and staring at her phone. After 30 minutes she is gaining many registered users...
  18. videochatencasa

    12 free BIO designs for Chaturbate

    To personalize your profile quickly and especially FREE, go to and go to the tab - Create Profile - There are already about 12 free designs. All this designs can be customized by contacting with videochatencasa team (by email)
  19. punker barbie

    Web Series Cam_Girlfriend, Starring Chaturbate Broadcaster Lily LaBeau, Launches Second Episode

    Cam_Girlfriend, a new comedy web series following the life of a cam girl, has released the second episode of their 10 episode series on the Camming Life YouTube channel. The comedic cinematic sensation explores romance, technology, connectivity, and love, introducing the story of Chloe Cables, a...
  20. A

    I can't verify my account

    I am Venezuelan and I am trying to verify my account in Chatubate several times using my drivers license and it will not let me, they ask for a passport and in my country it is difficult to get it. About a year ago I had an account but I lost the password and I could not recover it, can you help...