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  1. H

    age verification help

    Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with my age verification on chaturbate. I'm from argentina, and it doesnt seem to recognize my ID. I've uploaded several pictures but there's always a problem. I contacted support but didn't give me an answer. Can anyone help me? Please? @punker barbie I read that...
  2. D

    chaturbate vs webcam studios?

    Hello dear Chaturbate support and team! The Russian community of studio owners welcomes you. Recently, we have noticed more and more often that the internal passports of our citizens who have turned 18 years old do not pass registration and are most often rejected. According to our laws, a...
  3. Madi_marieee

    Account banned

    Hi @punker barbie ! Was wondering if I could have and update on my account madi_marieee ticket 18434873. I was banned yesterday when camming from home. Told it was not private enough.
  4. Bking

    Account Verification issue - Age Verification Confusion

    Hey @punker barbie I noticed My account, Camila_Clair says Verified at the same time provides an error besides the submitted documents. Am confused if to follow the Prompts Now that the account says verified. I see this as a glitch. I have raised the concern with chaturbate under ticket...
  5. M

    My account is banned

    Hey @punker barbie i really need you re help account misstressemma is banned ...i did not broke any rule....please help me with it ,i really need to work ,i can not find other job right now and i am pregnant ... i write alot of mails to support and nobody answer me ...i need to work...
  6. cbexplorer

    Bigger is not always better!

    Hi everyone, 👋👋 - I posted another blog post over at CB Explorer: Bigger is not always better! Some interesting stats over at CB Cam Insights led me to write another blog post about different tip averages based on the size of an audience in Chaturbate cam shows. TL;DR - there's many ways...
  7. X

    Request refund!

    hellooo guys! I currently logged into my account the other day and I can’t send any tokens at all as it says I need to contact support which I have and haven’t had any response within a few days ~ thankyou
  8. _crysstal_

    Help with a banned account

    Hi @punker barbie I hope you are well, I am really sad and desperate, chaturbate banned my account yesterday after asking for my age verification. This page is really important to me, and also I have money there that I earned with effort and passion. Please please help, my account username is...
  9. ryanclb1230

    Chaturbate refund

    Theres be wrong purchase package in my account for 4050 tokens that i didnt recognize, i try to contact support in chaturbate but without answers for a refund username ryanclb1230 Can someone please help me @punker barbie
  10. B

    chaturbate banned me by mistake

    Please help me. Username biengrossa account banned You really banned me by mistake I have had this account many years ago and I know the rules. I mostly use this account for Solo broadcasts. Last week I invited two verified models, they also have chaturbate profiles First you block my account...
  11. nkwoodx


    Last night I went on Chaturbate for the first time. I did a private with a guy and he was tipping me loads. The live ended and there was no tokens, I think I’ve been scammed… I’ve never used the site before so I think he’s taken full advantage of me. Is there anything I can do to sort this?
  12. CuckMeister69

    Age Verification Ban

    My account was banned a few days ago for not going through the age verification process and I think I might be having trouble getting completely verified, the site is saying “ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified on your account. If you are replacing an existing ID, please...
  13. Vitaviper

    Age verification, banned account and token movement

    My account was banned! I did not use the account for like 2 days it says that someone appear that has no documents, so i reupload my own documents and they said i was alredy verified, then y try with my friend documents as we were going to stream as couple and they block my account completly...
  14. H

    This room requires a password

    Hi, I have been following some broadcasters in Chaturbate but I have seen one that requires a password everytime I check. Even though it’s offline, the room still requires a password. What does this mean? Is this person on a private show or watching a different private show? Thanks.
  15. H

    Denied Age Verification

    To whom it may concern, Kindly help me account be verified on Chaturbate. I have been uploading photos but I’m getting denied on the “next to face ID” picture always and it’s getting frustrating. I have sent also an email to Support Team but no response. Ticket No: 18313682 Username...
  16. C

    CB tokens

    Hi Any official people who can help with a token issue im having? Accidentally purchased a big amount as it was preselected. No tokens have been used and would like to get a refund if possible
  17. Bking

    Verifying Additional User _ [Chaturbate] 18295792

    Chaturbate prompted me to Verify for a user that is already Linked as a guest account, but whenever i do, keeps rejecting My submissions. Had always been thinking, all I need to do is add a user as a guest for them to appear on Cam. I have contacted Support but No response so far...
  18. C

    Still have not been paid

    I have just recently cashed out for the first time and about 3 days ago got sent an email saying chaturbate needs a W9 form and once I fill it out and send it back to them I would have my payment immediately released into my bank account It has been a while and support still has not gotten back...
  19. Bking

    [Chaturbate] 18235779 - Adding a Secondary broadcaster to My acocunt

    Her @punkerbarbie My account username is bqueen99 I would wish to have a secondary broadcaster under my account. Whenever I try to verify their Ids am met with different errors. I have tried the specifics of photo IDs submissions but still can't seem to get it through. My support ticket is...
  20. jenniferburril

    Account banned for ID verificaton failed

    As you all can see mote than 30-40% of models get banned when sent the Age ID Verification. This is not a reason Chaturbate just started to scam. I have sent them numerous emails with this problem and all i get back was " automated email ". I didn't received the payment from last period and the...