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  1. R

    Looking for buying promo from models on chaturbate🙏

    Hello! I am a model on chaturbate, and I would like to cooperate with other models, about mutual PR, or advertising for money. Mutual PR: models with a traffic of 40+ people in the room . Attach links to each other in the biography in a prominent place, and in any bot, which sends during the...
  2. lolalovelylover

    Chaturbate Support

    Hey everyone my cam name is lolalovelylover and I’ve seen other models post about age verification issues and then being suspended after and I’ve had the same issues recently. I emailed support several times but haven’t gotten a response yet and I’m worried because this is my only source of...
  3. I

    Ban inquiry

    Hello @punker barbie, I recently tried to create a Chaturbate account (isabella77walquer) as an independent model. However, my account is banned. I tried to contact support for an explanation, and they sent me a generic message indicating that I am permanently banned. I never even had a chance...
  4. E

    Chaturbate account banned

    Hi @punker barbie I just joined CB after coming from cam4! I was broadcasting from my car in my driveway and my account was banned. There was no one in my broadcast, it was just me! I guess I just wasn’t aware that I couldn’t do that! My username is everythingren1 Any help would be so so so...
  5. G

    traffic irregularity

    buen dia @punker barbie swolicitamos tu ayuda ya que en la cuenta de la modeloe ellerivers (no es su nombre real) no se genera un registro de ingreso de los usuarios de la plataforma chaturbate a su sala, quisieramos saber si existe algun tipo de banneo por alguna accion indebida que no...
  6. M

    collect signatures to raise our voices against unfair bans / CHATURBATE

    Hello good morning guys, this post is to unite us all, because this is really annoying worldwide and they are not harming as models, I was banned in 2021 for a reason that I never committed and I see what they are saying I have never done it to many "falsification of documents" and I have 100%...
  7. L

    CB help-users don't talk?

    Hello! This my first month ON cb. I have been camming on Sm mainly. I have in average 20-40 users, most don't tip or interact-What should I do? I have a tip menu and the wheel. If you talk to yourself when it's dead, what do u talk about? I tried talking about anything and no response.
  8. B

    Accidental purchase of 4050 tokens Chaturbate

    Hi I’m having an issue with Chaturbate, I went to buy 100 tokens but realized I was using the wrong credit card so I went to switch and without knowing it reset the purchase to 4050. I need to get a refund because I cannot afford this I haven’t used any of it , from looking at some threads I see...
  9. P

    Immediately banned after sign up

    My account got banned immediately after completing age verification… I’ve emailed support but have yet to hear back. Username Peacelovebigcock :) Help anyone?? Thank you!
  10. SexxxyTaylor

    Account banned - please help!?

    Hi @punker barbie Just 2 days ago while I was streaming on Chaturbate, it kicked me off & then said "Acct banned due to paraphernalia - contact support." So I did. I actually have a dispute with this ban, bc I've had a couple warnings from support in the past claiming the same thing, so for...
  11. lil_popcorn

    Private Shows— how do they work/what to expect?😯🫣🙈🧜🏼‍♀️

    Hello Community❤️ Can someone please explain in detail what happens in Private shows (on Chaturbate)? I was thinking of purchasing a Private show on Chaturbate, however I rather gather more information on what these shows entail. A Cam 101 video informed me that the best way to be successful...
  12. ChavaReign

    Who has worked with LiveJasmin recently?

    Hello all, I’ve recently been ridiculously banned from camming on Stripchat so I am finding other places to stream. LiveJasmin is on the list, have any of you streamed using their site? Pros: Cons: ? If you’ve streamed on LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, Bongamodels etc share your experience.
  13. I

    My Account is Banned. Desperate for help

    Hi @punker barbie I know you probably get many of these posts. But My account nickygurl_ and my second account itsnicky both got banned on chaturbate and I'm not sure why. I've began to rely on this site to help me pay for my rent/bills and I'm freaking out a bit because I love working on the...
  14. P

    What factors make chaturbate cam models appear on home page

    Hello all I have a simple question about how chaturbate rank models in home page? what are the factors that make you ranked there? is it for example number of viewers? number of registred viewers only ? number of people who have tokens only? or anything else? Thanks in advance
  15. L

    New on CB help-Almost no tips

    Hello, I'm new on CB (I have been on SM) and I have started streaming and sometimes i get a full room of freealoders. I have a tip menu, games etc and entince the audience, interact. What can I do to earn more tips? Has it happened to you? Thanks!
  16. lil_popcorn

    My Wish List— how does it work?🧞‍♂️❤️

    Hello Community, I’ve added 2 wishlists to my Chaturbate profile. I’m hoping viewers can help me build my show up with their support in order to have more items to perform with. However, I was wondering if models need to give anything in return when customers purchase items on wishlist? Do...
  17. G

    ban chaturbate account

    good morning @punker barbie I would like to ask you please yesterday we suffered a ban on the account of the model Abbystone (Not her real name) because an external person appeared in our transmission, we sent the case to support through a ticket , please we request your help with the case, have...
  18. G

    bann account chaturbate

    good morning @punker barbie what a shame to bother you again, we have been doing the process of banning the account of one of our models aprill stone for a few days (it is not her real name, just her username) where they asked us for a photograph of the owner of the master account of the study...
  19. Q

    Accidentally purchased too many tokens need refund asap please

    @punker barbie Hello my username is qweez12 and on my emails this was the close thing I could find that looks like a ticket number DL8PX2-L806X. Could you please help me I recently tired scrolling to buy tokens and next thing I know I purchased 4050 tokens and my rents due in 5 days so I'm...
  20. G

    ban on chaturbate account

    @punker barbie Good morning, let's hope you're doing well, I don't know if you remember our process a few months ago with the account of the ellerivers model (not her real name) in which she broadcast from an office spot located on private property, a few minutes they generated a ban on the...