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    Best tipjar app/bot?

    To find it i wrote just "jar" in app searching
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    Best tipjar app/bot?

    yea;) I love this one . I m sending u screen. Its in 5 th line at the end Keep it going ++ if this is what u looking for. U can use false or true option, true is better. Its informing when its low automatically, u dont need write nothing in app. This is app not bot. Im sending u also example of...
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    Chromacam <3

    Hey Broadcasters;) I wanna share something I really like. I downloaded it from site You have there greenscreen options but not good,but what I really love is option to blur yourbackround. In free version u can blur it to -2 level which is totally enough for nice view...
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    What is the best computer and camera to use for camming?

    I was using laptops for years,but in May i bought new desktop computer. + screen. Im totally happy. Im using logitech brio and...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Conversation with grey: G:Can you show feet? Me: Pls tip for request G: I will make you laugh if u will show me Me: But im broadcaster, im earning here G: but laugh is more precious than money Me: So maybe u will try do your job for laugh instead of money G: Show feet Bit**. Sl*tt! At least a...
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    Annoyed of fraudly models

    i really recommensd lovense domi. I have it from january,never disconnets(sometimes Im losing internet in my old phone but domi is great ) and the pleasure is just WOW :)
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    Annoyed of fraudly models

    Ask for lovense control a nd ifshe will say 3000 tkn,say:OK but i need be sure is working,so show me:D
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    Lag on Chaturbate

    I dont know if it will help, but my friend says that after new year many servers not working good,she mention that even HBO GO is lagging :) Maybe is more global problem and chaturbate uses the same servers as many companies do...Silly but who knows:)
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    How to get your chat room going when it’s slow

    TRy to change something ,your background, to make your miniature looks different. I dont knw why-maybe because of this I had good shift yesterday. Last times ,last week was very slow, the same as you 7-10 people,even on friday night. Last days I was broadcasting in my kitche,n, I was using...
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    Lag on Chaturbate

    One more thing : I also have another account just to follow myself and check from VPN how my stream look like etc. And few days ago I noticed that even if i was online, I couldnt see myself in followed list.. So I opened my room from tbe link and this is what I saw: HTTP 404 - Page Not Found...
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    Lag on Chaturbate

    lDid she tried new chaturbate broadcaster BETA? Im also broadcater and need say that i notice weird things from some time. On this site i always check what is the best for me. Always was showing me Warsaw as recommended (the same what is recomended for...
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    Cosmopayment daily payout

    Hello Anyone here received daily payouts via cosmo? I requested payout yesterday and still waiting. My friend too. Usually I was receiving payouts few hours before. I wrote 2 mails to support too but I didnt get automatic message that mail was delivered and they will contact me soon, as I was...
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    Streamate question/answer and general information

    yeah I received:) thank you everybody:*
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    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Im in Poland, I contacted support and everything is fine.I see already that payment. They will transfer money to me on Friday.And yes , I wanted to say that im waiting too long ,so is late:)
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    People keep telling me my stream is freezing

    i think that today was somethig with servers. I had the same on chaturbate. Yesterday eveing i noticed errors and today \very few people and bitate jumping as hell and was recommending me other server than usually/ Poeple lso coming nd leaving. Btw yesterdy i wanted check if on american IP will...