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    STIs, stigma, and camming

    I had chlamydia in high school, walking through the halls was miserable because everyone would clap at me. But when I took charge of it, the people stopped. (I would stick my tongue out and walk toward them, obviously with no desire to lick them but it shut them up). I no longer have it now but...
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    Text chat sites

    I used chatfunn for a little while, they paid out but it took a long time to reach the minimum payout of $200. Maybe you'll have better luck!
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    Having Your Own Website Questions...

    Howdy, I have been on MFC for about 7 years off and on, I'm branching out a little bit (MGF, SM, IMLive) to figure out if I do any better somewhere else. I was curious if any of y'all had websites you created for yourself? If so has it been beneficial or just sort of a bonus addition to your...
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    I'm Chloe, I have been off and on camming since 2011. Hoping this time I'll stick with it, I usually give up when I can't figure out what I'm doing. I'm super shy, ironically, and camming has helped me come out of my shell a little bit.