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Jun 6, 2018
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Howdy, I have been on MFC for about 7 years off and on, I'm branching out a little bit (MGF, SM, IMLive) to figure out if I do any better somewhere else.

I was curious if any of y'all had websites you created for yourself? If so has it been beneficial or just sort of a bonus addition to your careers? Would you recommend that everyone have one? Just beginners? Just pros?

Thank you!
Jun 22, 2018
Hi Chloe, I'm not a cam model so I can't comment from one's perspective. I would like to say though, having a website as a business on the internet is incredibly beneficial. Not only does it help you create an extra source of revenue, if you decide to sell content thru the site, but it can also help you funnel traffic to your existing content sites (MyFreeCams, ManyVids, Snapchat, etc...) which can potentially help increase your revenue on those sites too. Not to mention your brand name grows organically as well. People searching your name on google would be directed to your website, and not to some scumbags tube-site with your stolen content.

Having your own website solidifies your presence on the web. Social media sites are becoming increasingly hostile towards sex workers. You could work your butt off for months to grow a following on Twitter, and one day find you account banned for no reason at all. You completely lose touch with those fans you worked hard to acquire. If you had a website, those fans would know where to find you.

I'd say having a website is not an absolute must, as seen by the many years of models being successful without one, but I do think having one would help your business in many more ways than one. Best of luck if you decide to start your own website. :)
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