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  1. S

    Hi girls, found a way to stream to all my cam platforms at the same time!

    Then i can get paid by all of my cam platforms during one stream session! It's pretty good, before I was using two PC's but it was troublesome. I earn 70 per hour after revenue share with Cam24. Now I earn 350 per hour as I have 5 cam platforms I'm registered with! The site doing it is...
  2. Aurora911

    Create own Website / Word Press recommended Theme(s)

    Hello everyone, I would like to create my personal website with Wordpress and am looking for a suitable theme that you can recommend to me. I would like to integrate my affiliate links to the campsites I use. Set up a blog where I provide information about my career as a camel model and if...
  3. A

    Website hosting help!

    Hey guys! So i've had this idea for a while and I made one post about it already but I need more specific advice I think :P So i have the url for a website (It currently links to my mfc profile) and I think i've found a designer for the website but I haven't got a clue about anything else to do...
  4. GreenT Ent

    Clip Store for free.

    We can build you a professional Clip Store with payment gateways with Graphics / Video Editing, SEO, Promoting and And Pirate protection for free. ( But charge 12% from every sale) Especially looking at extreme categories (BDSM, vomit, pee, poo, etc) or Trans models.
  5. zippypinhead

    A paid webhost that allows adult content?

    Are there any webhosts out there that I can use to build a personal website containing pinups and adult comics. Looking around, it's hard to get a straight answer about how "adult" the content can be through big hosts like Wix or Squarespace. I figured here would be a good place to ask, since so...
  6. Sasha Green

    ModelCentro is bringing our mobile app to your device!

    The ModelCentro app, now available on iOS and Android, allows you to manage your MC site and keep in touch with fans right from the palm of your hand! This free app helps models manage their content and fanbases on the go. With the mobile app you can take care of your MC site no matter...
  7. JesseBangs

    Anonymous Domain Registry

    Hey all! I'm starting to teach myself to code, and am looking to purchase a domain for myself to practice on and eventually use as a functional site for cam business. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this - I imagine Amber would with Ambercutie itself, hehe. I came across this...
  8. C

    Having Your Own Website Questions...

    Howdy, I have been on MFC for about 7 years off and on, I'm branching out a little bit (MGF, SM, IMLive) to figure out if I do any better somewhere else. I was curious if any of y'all had websites you created for yourself? If so has it been beneficial or just sort of a bonus addition to your...
  9. NatalieP

    4 companies come together to launch SupportThePerfomer limited time discount bundle

    Recently I have been getting a ton of requests form performers about setups available to them in hosting websites - some for small blogs but most are interested in more robust websites that would be making money. So, the thinking was done and contacts rustled, then Sarah (ZuzanaDesign) and I...
  10. Daphny Meyer

    Ideas for new photoshoot

    I have a personal website and I want to keep it up to date when it comes to photosets and videos. I'm asking you guys if you have any interesting ideas that I can use for my upcoming albums. Thank you all!
  11. N

    I have access to a keyboard to convey myself now

    The user interface in obviously brand new to me. My deepest apologies for not writing earlier to introduce myself. However, for the dear life of me I was unable to apply typed letters or words to answer your question. I am a relatively stubborn woman of more a dominatrix in real life with my...
  12. Daphny Meyer

    How much would you pay for this ?

    So, I have a personal website for a while now, about 1 year. I usually post 1 blog post per month and 4 photosets/month and 3 or 4 videos per month. I'm interested more on how much money would you be willing to pay for one month membership ? Thanks a lot !
  13. webcamsmodel

    For Webcam models (Contest)

    Share, Like And Follow us and get a chance to win a Free logo. Facebook Fanpage : Twitter : Website :
  14. CookNewFriends

    We would love your advice

    Hello Ladies! We are building a brand new website which enables you to sell your videos, social accounts and all your other products. We offer a higher payout rate (70%). We are also adding an option which enables you to sell anything you want by auction. You can befriend and chat / message...
  15. KOTJ74

    Cam Model Recognition Site - Being Developed

    Hey all, After much consideration, I have decided to develop a cam model recognition site. If all goes well, I hope to launch it on Jan 1st, 2016. It seems like a great time to start, and it'll probably take at least three weeks to gather every thing I need and develop it. The reason I am...
  16. Scarlet_Mayhem

    Selling Merch on Website

    Girls, I was wondering if any of you have any tips for selling any merch on your own websites. Not really pics and videos but more like panties and stockings things like that. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this? Is there money in it? etc. Basically I'm just wondering what your...