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  1. cmodelguide

    Trusting someone to set up MFC profile

    So what is the misguiding part of what you quoted? I said I do agree with everyone that to manage the code yourself is the safest option.
  2. cmodelguide

    Trusting someone to set up MFC profile

    Ideally MFC should offer a dedicated access for designers / developers what only lets them access what lies within their responsibility. Wordpress for example offers such multiuser access with different roles and access levels. Unfortunately MFC does not. So yes I do agree with everyone that to...
  3. cmodelguide

    Trusting someone to set up MFC profile

    Ok sure if your worried about identity theft and the abuse of your trust SURE THEN DON'T do it. But I am not here to do any harm to anybody but looking to help out and get myself into the adult industry and try to make a living. That's the reason I am investing time and money to hopefully build...
  4. cmodelguide

    Trusting someone to set up MFC profile

    I bet I will get plenty disagees for my earlier post :arghh: Just to clarify that's surely not the safest option that's why I said it's an alternative. If you know how to deal with CSS and copy the code yourself into your profile that's of course the best option to do so!
  5. cmodelguide

    Anonymous Domain Registry

    You need a domain name registrar with a "Whois Privacy Service". As I am hosting a few websites myself I have the domain registration and web hosting separate, too. But if you only have one website it will be probably easier if you get everything from one service provider. On the other hand if...
  6. cmodelguide

    Trusting someone to set up MFC profile

    What you could alternatively do is change your password to a temporary one, and give this one to the designer / web developer - and change the password later again to prevent his / her access again. But I would definitely pay out the balance first so you don't risk loosing your tipps and money...
  7. cmodelguide

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Currently watching the Love Island TV show :shame: A little reality show never harmed nobody :hilarious:
  8. cmodelguide

    Cam Models Directory

    Yeah there are plenty of small sites listing webcam models. But I haven't found a single one that is worth adding yourself as a model :meh: Why aren't you just honest about your situation and say you are starting a project and would appreciate the help of the models?
  9. cmodelguide

    Manyvids, Onlyfans or both?

    @Metal_Bat So how are things? Are you using Snapchat, OnlyFans and Manyvids now? Which one is your favorite?
  10. cmodelguide

    Instagram Rules

    Thanks @Ivy Adams Such a extensive answer, much appreciated :) What's your OnlyFans link? And there is no way to search / browse on OnlyFans, right?
  11. cmodelguide

    Advice on not getting banned on Instagram

    Yeah I had my Insta profile deleted, too. I think the reason was that it has been reported. And I think you need to stick with non-banned hashtags and of course better don't have links to your MFC or Chaturbate in the insta bio. But links to Twitter or your own Website should be ok I assume.
  12. cmodelguide

    Twitter Tips for Cam Models

    Very helpful! Thank you for sharing! And I am going to use less hashtags now, too and integrate them in the tweet - as opposed to listing them at the end of the tweet. Also don't forget about the #ACFwall hashtag if you want your tweets to be visible at the bottom of the ACF.
  13. cmodelguide

    Free profile images

    Another good one: picxclicx | There are also a many stock photography sites that give away free pictures on a monthly or weekly basis if you sign up for the service: 123RF | A Prettier Web |...
  14. cmodelguide

    Have you ever worked at a hair salon?

    nope... but we will see what the future might hold :)
  15. cmodelguide

    Inspiring YouTube Documentary with ManyVids' co-founder Bella French

    I just found this interview with the co-founder and CEO of ManyVids, Bella French. Bella gives some insights on how she got started in the adult industry, what prompted her to found a startup in the adult industry and what fuels her to continue pushing forward for change. I am totally into...