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  1. Dan Epstein

    Post your daily speed sketch

    Took Zippy’s advice and tried to stick to gesture and expression over proportion in a quickie, gonna have some nudes from a studio session within a few weeks:)
  2. Dan Epstein

    Post your daily speed sketch

    Notes from the evening commute
  3. Dan Epstein


    I love the initiative, no matter how imperfect it may be. As for criticism, Red is one of the only people in the biz I’ve seen that actually take it well. Then again I’m biased, she’s a friend.
  4. Dan Epstein


    I think that the big data the industry needs is not necessarily about the models or studios, it's about the users. The users who are the true gentlemen who are willing to pay for content. Anyone can download a torrrent, however people gladly subscribe to Netflix, why? That's just one example...
  5. Dan Epstein

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Picard, I’m not a Trekkie but it has Patrick Stewart in it, and he nails it in every possible way, besides it’s not your regular space-opera, it’s an action sci-fi thriller.
  6. Dan Epstein

    A big leak of camgirls personal data

    I just forgot that I opened up a Pussy Cash account about a year ago when I had a delusion of making it as an adult affiliate.
  7. Dan Epstein

    A big leak of camgirls personal data

    I’m tempted to spill my gut-full of criticism on the industry as a whole, however I trust these guys and I know they work around the clock on repairing whatever damage they can and on preventing this from happening again.
  8. Dan Epstein

    A big leak of camgirls personal data

    I know they do. They have some of the best security and compliance that any company can envy.
  9. Dan Epstein

    A big leak of camgirls personal data

    I see your point. I really don’t have anything smart to ad except that I just hate to see people get affected by a large scale fuck up (it’s my first time swearing here by the way), I’ve personally been affected by one in 2018.
  10. Dan Epstein

    A big leak of camgirls personal data

    I know which website it is, and the models too. I have no idea how much of the sensitive information got leaked and I hope no creep got a hold of an inch of it. The CEOs of the affected website are also aware and they do what they do best, keep a low profile:)
  11. Dan Epstein

    New Camming Website - Taste My Creme - Registrations And Suggestions Welcome

    “Taste My Creme Brûlée” said the chef as he burned his own kitchen with a flambé... Seriously though, as a PPC I have to deal with outlandish copywriting sometimes, you however dude, are definitely a brave little toaster...
  12. Dan Epstein

    How to tell if a cam girl really likes u for real

    When I'm heart broken and disappointed I do my best to move on. The best way to overcome a hustle is by not becoming a hustler yourself.
  13. Dan Epstein

    The Public Cam Guy Thread (Male model stuff!)

    I’m not sure if this falls in the category of the cam guys male thread. Our struggle is a beat different, not lesser, but different:)
  14. Dan Epstein

    my Colombian citizenship identification card is not valid?

    Given my extensive experience with compliance, even non adult platforms may ask for enhanced verification and that means an additional form of ID, and even a proof of residence. Just my two cents here:) By the way payment providers may use this practice as well. My opinion is my own, and I’m no...
  15. Dan Epstein

    Right forum? Helping models earn more money.

    Do you have a data based record of the customer journey from a visitor to a paying member through your website? I mean do you measure this with a tool like Google Analytics? Just curious that’s all.