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Dan Epstein
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Oct 20, 2017 at 1:02 PM
Nov 7, 2016
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Dan Epstein

firstchoicepay.com (previously Payoneer)

Industry Representative

Shana Tova everyone, I'll be here during the Jewish holiday season as well :) Sep 20, 2017

Dan Epstein was last seen:
Oct 20, 2017 at 1:02 PM
    1. Dan Epstein
      Dan Epstein
      Shana Tova everyone, I'll be here during the Jewish holiday season as well :)
    2. Dan Epstein
      Dan Epstein
      Hi, I will do my best to be available this weekend , however I'm moving an apt. on Friday, so I might be a little slower to respond.
    3. Sasha666
      Hello ,i changed for first choice payment method and after i got a mail from first choice for adding myfreecams as founding source . i cant submit changes telling me i need 24-48h to wait for approval from First Choice, but passed more than 1 week and no approval or answers .i contact myfreecams and say to contact first choice to see what cause the deelay but i dont get any answers from first choice support
      1. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Sasha I'm right here. This is my direct email address: danep@firstchoicepay.com , let's see how I can help.
        Aug 26, 2017
    4. Pia
      Hi, how are you? I read your answers about payments. Well, this is my case, I changed for first time my tokens to money the last July 31st and today, August 9th my First Choice account is empty, I don't know why. Could you please help me?
      1. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Hi, I'd love to help. Feel free to reach me at: danep@firstchoicepay.com, or PM me in here :)
        Aug 9, 2017
        Pia likes this.
    5. Lilly_Rose_x
      Hi Dan,

      I hope you can help. I've just signed up to MFC and am trying to figure out the most cost effective payment method for Bank Transfer. I am based in the UK and can you please explain to me the fees for First Choice Pay and if I need to get a card or if I can just do direct bank transfers?

      Thank you,
      Lilly x
      1. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Hi Lily, the main factor is the time frame. A bank transfer takes around 4 business days, a card load takes minutes to hours. Ping me directly so we can use more fonts please:)
        Jun 26, 2017
    6. romie
      Australian, cam SM, Started Feb 17. cheques delivered to my address, 2-3 weeks to arrive, takes bank 4 weeks to clear,
      2 months to access my money.
      Signed up for a first choice card today. Please explain to me how it would work for me as I am living in another country & will need the money converted to my currency. Please let me know - funds it would charge me for the account/card & the conversion.
      Thank you x
      1. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Hi, loads on the card take minutes to hours in each SM payment period, even weekends. Feel free to email me: danep@firstchoicepay.com :)
        Jun 24, 2017
    7. Susan1000
      I have sign up with first choice pay for weeks now I am a born Jamaican liveing in a other country on vacation,first choice pay is asking me to verified my adresss with on ID card from a country am not from
      1. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Hi, let's sort it out by establishing your home address for approval, email me at your earliest convenience:)
        Jun 14, 2017
      2. Susan1000
        Hi Dan how can I send you a email thank for replying I really need help to verified my card my home address is Jamaica but am staying in Suriname on vacation how can I verified this My customer ID # 21881694 and my reference # 170521005998 and my email is daughtergaza3star@gmail please help me thank in advance
        Jun 17, 2017
    8. CharlotteDusk
      Hi dan, i have a question :) i recently ordered a card to australia and it never arrived so i ordered a new one, i was kinda dumb and loaded the money i already had recieved online into the card that did not arrive... is there any way to move it from one card to the other when it arrives?
      1. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Hi, we'll sort this out. Feel free to ping me at danep@firstchoicepay.com
        Jun 8, 2017
        CharlotteDusk likes this.
      2. CharlotteDusk
        hey dan, i sent you some emails. did you get them? :)
        Jun 13, 2017
      3. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Received indeed Charlotte :)
        Jun 13, 2017
    9. Dan Epstein
      Dan Epstein
      I just picked up an industry award. I awe it all to the models, and my work is far from over. I wish to deeply thank everyone in here, Dan.
    10. Dan Epstein
      Dan Epstein
      Hi, I will be on a work related travel form Tuesday till Friday June the 2nd, so my replies maybe a little late.
    11. Alex_M_21
      Happy birthday for yesterday :) Quick question... What's your current exchange rate for USD to EUR? And where do you guys get your exchange rates from? Whenever I take money out of an ATM I seem to get quite a bit less than I should if I was going by the global exchange rate, as quoted on XE.COM.
      1. Dan Epstein
        Dan Epstein
        Hi Alex, please PM me when you can, thanks!
        May 22, 2017
    12. AmberCutie
      Happy day to you!
      1. Dan Epstein likes this.
    13. Dan Epstein
      Dan Epstein
      Thank you so much for the wishes, I usually have a smartass ace up my sleeve, but there's no need for one, I'm touched :)
    14. ExcellaExe
      Happy Birthday! :D
      1. Dan Epstein likes this.
    15. AudriTwo
      Happy Birthday!
      1. Dan Epstein likes this.
    16. Guy
      Happy Birthday
      1. Dan Epstein likes this.
    17. Dan Epstein
      Dan Epstein
      Hi, I wish all performers happy holidays, and a happy new year ,full of sales, online traffic and fun. Dan@Payoneer
    18. Dan Epstein
      Dan Epstein
      Hi there, I'm outside the office at the moment, however, what do you require assistance with?
    19. klns
      Hey Dan, Thanks for reply. How can we handle this? I called last night to payoneer spoke to George he was verry helpful, i send them a mesage with screeshots of what error i recive and they told me to wait 24 hours maybe it will work after if not to call again.
      If you wanna help id be verry happy ! :)
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