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  1. DJ_Pioneer

    Mods (moderators) and knights, what do you gain from what you do?

    I have room helped for some people on MFC, I get thanked for doing it and I like to think that I and everyone else get a slightly better environment to hang out in. It can be helpful to have someone help out during certain shows when the model cannot use the mouse and keyboard or pay enough...
  2. DJ_Pioneer

    Whatcha been playing?

    It has been even longer since I played, it was before they switched game engine. 🙂
  3. DJ_Pioneer

    Whatcha been playing?

    Wow, Rust looks so much better now compared to when I played.
  4. DJ_Pioneer

    Fall in love with member

    It is extremely rare for a romantic relationship between a model and a member to work. Camming comes with this really weird power dynamic that makes a fairytale ending almost impossible. Most likely it is going to fall apart and you will end up having the anger and resentment from a regular bad...
  5. DJ_Pioneer


    The economy in general is slowing down all over the world. For the last decade, central banks have had zero or even negative interest rates, but now they have to increase them to combat the rising inflation which means homeowners will have to spend more money on paying mortgages, and the money...
  6. DJ_Pioneer

    Happy Birthday! 🎂

    Happy Birthday! 🎂
  7. DJ_Pioneer

    GEAR: New Webcam advice please.

    They are using mirrorless or dslr cameras, it costs a few hundred USD for a camera and a lens. Some can be hooked up directly to the PC and used as a webcam, others need a capture device like the Elgato Camlink. To use two cameras at once you add both of them as sources in OBS and then you can...
  8. DJ_Pioneer

    Russian Cut Off from Payments

    Sadly a few Russian models are adversely affected by this, but the Russian people had 30 years to fix their messed-up country. Poor decisions from a majority of the people living in Russia led to this, they chose to be ignorant about what happened in Chechnya and other places and now a minority...
  9. DJ_Pioneer

    I have a crazy idea, and need feedback

    Not us I guess, it feels like MFC only recently switched from 4:3 to 16:9 and that is already starting to fall out of fashion. I might just as well flip my monitors to portrait mode and get ready for the inevitable. 🙂
  10. DJ_Pioneer

    Obnoxious Boundary Crossing Guy

    Other members usually don't like people like that either so if you ban people like him you are doing everyone a favor.
  11. DJ_Pioneer

    I have a crazy idea, and need feedback

    Yes, most people don't have a monitor to do 4k content justice anyway and are not going to be bothered to watch it on their TV. I guess a 4k camera could be useful for cropping the video without losing quality at 1080p but other than that doing it your way is probably better for most people...
  12. DJ_Pioneer

    Obnoxious Boundary Crossing Guy

    He is just making stuff up, he doesn't know what speed you get or your IP address. I worked for a cable company and did 2nd line support, we could see in the logs when customers had done a speed test and we had the IP address for the customer but it is extremely unlikely someone outside the...
  13. DJ_Pioneer

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. DJ_Pioneer

    Anonymous tip

    They do when anonymous tippers are harassing models.
  15. DJ_Pioneer

    what do you think of this ranking? (need to settle argument with bf)

    Camming is a hard job and most of the people that are in the top 1000 have been doing it for years. There are a few people that place there early on by being naturally charismatic and beautiful, but that is the exception and not the rule. Some models are at the right place at the right time and...