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  1. Evierose

    Typing or talking? Which one is better?

    Recently I've been reviewing a lot of cam shows and have noticed that most of the girls I've seen type instead of talk. Do you think it makes that much of a difference? I know when I cam I'm more of a talker ...
  2. Evierose

    Beginner Cam Girl Seeking Help .....

    Ok ..... so starting off, I guess I could say I've cammed a few times in the past couple months on MFC and Chaturbate and my biggest issue was getting the room started. I'm more comfortable with selling my vids on ManyVids and ExtraLunchMoney than getting on live cam but I know there is a lot of...
  3. Evierose

    Daily Thoughts

    This post just made my day
  4. Evierose

    Full of badassery

    Full of badassery
  5. Evierose

    Daily Thoughts

    Woke up to a sunny day and currently now looking at a gloomy sky :( Why do I need to go home and take care of my grandma? Can't I just stay in bed and sleep ....
  6. Evierose

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey everyone, I'm Evie Rose aspiring cam model and overall cool chick