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    This room requires a password

    Thanks everyone for enlightening me with this. It’s now clear to me. I know I have no right to push the broadcaster to give me the password because definitely or might be he/she just wants to talk to specific person not to everyone/others. One thing I have to do is to give respect for the...
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    This room requires a password

    Thank you for this. Does it require an specific tip to get the password? If so, how do you do it if the viewer can’t enter the room?
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    This room requires a password

    Hi, I have been following some broadcasters in Chaturbate but I have seen one that requires a password everytime I check. Even though it’s offline, the room still requires a password. What does this mean? Is this person on a private show or watching a different private show? Thanks.
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    Age Verification Problem

    I have the same issue too, age verification. But specifically on the “next to face ID” photo. I have uploaded more than once and emailed support but no reply. Hope to have my account be age verified too. My username is danfeugers1 just in case it’s needed.
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    Denied Age Verification

    To whom it may concern, Kindly help me account be verified on Chaturbate. I have been uploading photos but I’m getting denied on the “next to face ID” picture always and it’s getting frustrating. I have sent also an email to Support Team but no response. Ticket No: 18313682 Username...