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    What has happened to MFC??!

    Yup Niki was on yesterday, still looking good and in the top 5 most popular rooms. I figure top 100 in MFC is sort of like the NFL/NBA most don't make the cut and even those that do have a relatively short career. Models like Amber and Jolene are the exception.
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    Reward points and Tokens question

    I see MFC has finally changed their wiki entry. It used to say something to the effect "we will be adding exciting new things you can do with rewards points." But now it's changed. To answer JigglesJane question, The main use of reward points now for members is simply a depressing reminder...
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    What are some changes you'd like to see implemented on MFC?

    Oh I'm glad they limit that to a 1,000. Twice I've accidentally added an extra zero and it was caught. There is a confirmation step for regular tips that makes mistake less common.
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    Tumblr to remove all NSFW content

    Excellent article on why Tumblr went down this path. TL: DR Tumblr was kicked out of Apple's app store, over concerns about child porn. Rather than do (expensive) hand...
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    Raffle and True Private - I am new, sorry!

    Interesting feature, I hadn't seen before. Thanks.
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    Raffle and True Private - I am new, sorry!

    Amber are you talking about the Share auction? or there also a Share raffle that I've just never seen? The Share auction, IMO is perfectly legal since there is no element of luck involved. It is really no different than ebay.
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    Pros and Cons of Camming

    It is worth pointing out that twitch business evolved a lot. Initially the idea was just letting people lifestreaming their lives. I don't think they envision anybody would want to pay for watching it, but they could get advertisers. Then when twitch pivoted to focus on video gaming streaming...
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    Fallout 76

    I posed the question on a game forum. There was agreement it is definitely not massive multiplayer, but multiplayer. The best definition IMO was
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    Fallout 76

    Isn't that a big part of the problems with game nobody know what it is supposed to be. Oh and BTW back in July Bethesda specially said that "Fallout 76 Is Not a Survival Game." So why should I believe you and not the developers of the game?
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    Fallout 76

    I was super tempted to get it for $35 during Black Thursday's sales, but I've definitely noticed that folks who like that game are. "well ya it is got a lot of problems, and it will need a few patches, but it is still fallout and with other humans." But there are even more players like you who...
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    Netflix movie CAM

    I liked it also. You could tell that one of the producers/writers was a camgirl. The ending was a bit of a mess, but overall fun and suspenseful.
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    Would You Recommend Getting An Accountant?

    Understanding, how the tax system works is one of those good adulting skills to pick up. You understand it better if you use TurboTax, than if just collect a bunch of paperwork and hand it over to an accountant. I've saved a lot of money by learning the tax system over the years, although...
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    Loss of a member / friend

    Maybe he has been reading this forum. A few years ago this question came up, most models said they didn't want to know why somebody stops visiting their room. The answer somewhat surprised me, but I've followed it.
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    What should be valid description for wire transfer method for webcam model work?

    "For services rendered" is both true and sufficiently vague. If a bank needs more details, find yourself a better bank. I often leave the description blank for wire transfers, never had an issue.
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    Thoughts on flashing/public stuff

    We are in violent agreement. She should have taken no for answer, in the same way men should. Other than a pure publicity stunt, I can't comprehend why she thought it was ok to post the incident.