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  1. KingMarti

    Whatcha been playing?

    It's been a long time since I have been looking forward to a game but I'm looking forward to playing the callisto protocol. Watching the game footage has got me wanting to get a dolby atmos setup first though, not sure if atmos will even be supported but it definitely seems like a game where I...
  2. KingMarti

    If Twitter Implodes... stategies?

    Honestly I have never seen a single site comply with CANSPAM (the anti spam laws that the US implemented) at best they do 2/7 (every email is meant to contain the companies' business address for example), so I would just say set up an unsubscribe link so they can be removed from the list if they...
  3. KingMarti

    Reminder to return to broadcast...

    If the log in email is something like then it's pretty easy for someone to guess it. Even if its a variation of it it's not too hard to create a script to generate email addresses based on models names and have it add in underscores or additional words, change spellings etc...
  4. KingMarti

    Reminder to return to broadcast...

    This sounds like a phishing email, dont click any links in the email, go to the stripchat site directly. If you have clicked the links then change your passwords and set up 2fa if you havnt already set it up.
  5. KingMarti

    Stripchat: Latest News, New Features & Important Updates

    Since you guys have been working on the video section of the site, is there any update on when we will be able to tell which midea items have sold? So rather than just "video purchase" showing up in the earnings having something like "video: video title purchase" This might be a bit out of the...
  6. KingMarti

    Leaving Chaturbate - what's the best webcam site to use instead?

    Since you are not looking to use cam as a form of income then I wouldn't recommend sites like streamate, flirt4free or any other premium based site. I think Cam4 is going to be closest to what you are looking for since I know there you have the option to spend the tokens you earn...
  7. KingMarti

    Leaving Chaturbate - what's the best webcam site to use instead?

    What is it exactly that you are looking to do? Are you trying to earn an income from camming or are you looking for a site that will let you broadcast and then use the tokens you recieve in other rooms? Cam4 is the only other site I know of that allows you to cashout your tokens back into the...
  8. KingMarti

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    No one does party vibes like Jamiroquai ETA: did not know that spotify links embed a player... thats kind of cool
  9. KingMarti

    SC tokens and chat didn't appeared

    CTRL+SHIFT+Del will open the same page to clear cache and cookies. Works on all browsers too as far as I know
  10. KingMarti

    Whatcha been playing?

    Spent most of last night playing old dos games, secret agent, crystal caves, commander keen and the old duke nukem. Forgot how much I used to like those games, they are still a lot of fun too.
  11. KingMarti

    Tokens and rankings v's true private

    This seems very much on brand for mv imo. They like to run before they know how to walk and as a result end up with a bunch of stupid issues that shouldnt be issues if it was at least thought about for more than a minute.
  12. KingMarti

    Tokens and rankings v's true private

    I would say it surprises me that MV didnt think that would be an issue...but at this point nothing stupid that MV does could surprise me tbh. I mean getting pm'd as soon as you buy tokens is deffinatly pushy, and having members drop into the room to buy tokens and then bounce would be confusing...
  13. KingMarti

    Tokens and rankings v's true private

    Not necessarily, depending on how traffic in the room is etc, the 200 token difference could result in a net loss (loss of other people also tipping etc), so while she would get more tokens from you as a single member the over all token count could end up being lower than what she would have...
  14. KingMarti

    obs webcam video and desktop audio not in sync

    you can adjust the audio offset in the audio preferences to re-sync your audio. You'll either need to set something up to monitor the audio while you sort it out or do a lot of recording, checking the recording and making more adjustments. For desktop system sounds, on windows (I am sure mac...
  15. KingMarti

    Tool for collecting URLs for DMCA Takedown Requests

    Just had a quick read through the code, if I understand correctly (I'm not really a powershell guy) it checks the sites in the list for a match on the username and then writes out the links as a text file which would then be sent to the cam site? I wrote something similar in python for sending...