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  1. LylacDoll

    Lightning in a Bottle ( just me, you, 134 other guys)

    I mean at least this time it was from a mostly historical* perspective and less about his sad story. *OP's history seems plausible to me but I'm not a historian of any sort so don't take my word on that.
  2. LylacDoll

    Is it still possible to be successful if...

    It's definitely an option a person concerned with piracy could take. You're right that even a single token would be enough to deter bots. Unfortunately, the single token is also enough to deter a significant number of viewers. With changes in CB algorithm, uncertainty in how page rank is decided...
  3. LylacDoll

    Is it still possible to be successful if...

    In my experience, I've found only one of my clips on a pirated site as compared to hundreds of hours upon hours of my streams. Bots can access those for free as a viewer, unlike clips where someone who purchased it has to decide to upload and sell it. I'm sure people who sell more clips than I...
  4. LylacDoll

    Tell me what you think

    On the age thing: age restrictions are NOT about you. They are about the laws which models have to work within. If you are underage, you visit a model, and the model knows or even *should* have known, SHE is the one who takes the fall for that--not the minor because the laws are designed to...
  5. LylacDoll

    New marketing channel for models, free of charge

    That was how I first read it. Then I found out what it really was and was disappointed ☹
  6. LylacDoll

    Any App That Lets Me Send Tokens to Model Directly?

    "Laszlo Czero is the former CEO of and current consultant to – two leading corporations in the field. He estimates that profits for webcam hosting sites could reach up to $3bn (£2.4bn) in 2016 alone. executive Harry Varwijk estimates that profits yielded by...
  7. LylacDoll

    The importance of cammers on mental health

    I am intentionally backlit. No makeup. Literally just rolled out of bed. Shitty chromebook webcam. Headphone mic. I think I'm stealth-camgirling pretty well.
  8. LylacDoll

    MFC Share Video Prices

    I price my standalone clips a bit high (600-800 tokens, mostly) but will also bundle them into collections for steep discounts. My clubs are much cheaper to join and get full length clips. I don't sell as many clips as some but I also haven't found any of my clips on pirated sites and most...
  9. LylacDoll

    Emergency refund of Chaturbate token very Important

    It sounds like you'll be better off looking for local prescription refill assistance--certain charities/non-profits have funds specifically for this. They'll provide a faster response, and will be more used to handling this kind of situation. Best of luck but you're probably not going to get...
  10. LylacDoll

    My experience with MFC / Models Earnings

    Even if you're not sexually motivated, you are still consuming the products which a cammodel produces--primarily emotional labor, which is still just as deserving of compensation than physical/sexual labor. It's not charity, it's paying someone for their time/attention/effort/emotional...
  11. LylacDoll

    Camming on MFC for the first time.. any advice?

    No real advice (sorry), just wanted to say I think you'll do perfectly fine over there. I've seen your YT videos, you're obviously already comfortable on camera/have that "girl next door" approachable kind of personality so that should translate easily. There's a million threads on camroom...
  12. LylacDoll

    Lifespan of a Member/Follower

    I think it depends on the model, how they run their rooms, what site they're on, and a whole host of other factors. I've seen some speculative averages but they're not always accurate for me, but I'm sure they are for someone else. I also kinda think it depends on the tipper--some dudes like to...
  13. LylacDoll

    Bed, desk, or floor?

    Desk and I alternate between sitting and standing. Sometimes I move to the floor. When I cammed in my bedroom I would oftentimes switch between all three. Flexibility is nice but if I had to only pick one it would be the desk.
  14. LylacDoll

    How long do you prepare for steaming each time ?

    Depends on the day. Sometimes makeup goes faster than other times, or clothes aren't as easily found, or my lighting has changed and needs help. 45 minutes is a safe average.
  15. LylacDoll

    How to watermark your live webcam feed without using a splitcammer?

    You can use OBS without split camming. I'm not sure what Split Cam's settings are (haven't used it) but I'd wonder if you could do that too. If I were going to watermark I'd either just make a text element, and put it somewhere on the screen, or if I wanted something fancier I'd make a...