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  1. Mel1

    if possible help me out a little?

    Sorry I thought I read somewhere you'r account get banned.
  2. Mel1

    if possible help me out a little?

    I think she wrote in other post that she have some problems with new account, get banned.
  3. Mel1

    Daily Thoughts

    what the ..... As anxious as I am, I would have a heart attack directly to dream/ see something like that
  4. Mel1

    Daily Thoughts

    thats good, happy you are better :)
  5. Mel1

    Daily Thoughts

    how are you feeling?
  6. Mel1

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Stay Close-Netflix series -100% recommend
  7. Mel1

    Daily Thoughts

    take care of yourself, and get well quickly.
  8. Mel1

    Daily Thoughts

    Get well soon, you'r just by yourself?
  9. Mel1

    Quiet memberbs! Don't do that guys!

    Hi, I don't know how to put it, but what do you do with those "regulars" who are always in your room almost every day, but they don't say anything, and they don't give anything. Are you blocking them? It already annoys me, but I don't have much traffic, and if I block them, I often end up with...
  10. Mel1

    Yes, another "Am I falling for a cam model?" post.

    I lost it at “dingaling” 😅😅
  11. Mel1

    Observations About It Being "Slow"

    I also tried to dance, more tease, when it's quiet, but sometimes after I danced for 20 minutes and nobody gave anything, when I sat on the chair they gave me, or then more came in. So I really think is about luck, there are regulars who have money, but even when they don't. Than I have luck...
  12. Mel1

    Good thing..... or is it??

    I find everything confusing, if she really wanted something with you, it was much simple exchange snap, or skype , or even whatsapp call. Strange.
  13. Mel1

    Start at Streamate

    Thank you!
  14. Mel1

    Start at Streamate