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  1. MollyMidnight

    chaturbate payments

    Your payment name needs to be the same as your ID name on CB.
  2. MollyMidnight

    Members ?

    Only one way to find out - build a computer to find the question.
  3. MollyMidnight

    Best Chaturbate payment method to the UK ????

    I get cheques posted to me. It costs £10 to cash them (check with your bank), and takes 2 weeks to arrive, so it's not ideal but a lot cheaper than wire transfers. And getting the money 2 weeks later isn't that big a deal because you know it's coming. I'd recommend only cashing out once a month...
  4. MollyMidnight

    What day of the week is best for a new model with her new model status?

    You don't have to cash your tokens out each cycle if it's inconvenient. You can cash them out once a month, or even once every 6 months. It'll still be there. Which do you prefer? More people may be on at the weekend, but do it sooner and people from your first show will remember you. Do you...
  5. MollyMidnight without my real name on it?

    Can I just say I am in total awe of how well, and how patiently, you always explain why people are upset about stuff.
  6. MollyMidnight

    Holidays in camworld, yay or nay?

    My plan before my account broke was to be normal right up until the 23rd and then do a big holiday show.
  7. MollyMidnight

    Newbie Question: Is it considered bad to use more than one website?

    Plenty of people use more than one site.
  8. MollyMidnight

    What should I do when I'm idle/just starting a show? And other n00b questions...

    Talk. Dance. Do a hobby of some sort. Something that keeps you entertained and makes other people find you entertaining. Entirely up to you. Some people always use them. Some people never use them. Some people use them some days and not others. They might work well for you, they might not. Try...
  9. MollyMidnight

    Have you been banned of a room without a reason? lol

    It depends whether I think they'll come back after the 30 days are up. If I think they'll stay away, no need to lifetime ban. If I think they might come back, it's worth the ten seconds it'll take at the end of the day to never have to deal with them again.
  10. MollyMidnight


    I have spent years needing this word.
  11. MollyMidnight

    How long does a "regular" check take, realistically - UK/Internationally?

    Yes. Pretty much all post between the UK and the US takes 2-3 weeks.
  12. MollyMidnight

    Prime example to show 4 yrs of "friendship" is not what it seems

    Before this forum, I thought mods were super helpful, knowledgeable people that you just couldn't do without. That all their advice would be golden etc etc. I'm so glad I had you all to set me straight.
  13. MollyMidnight

    What is the strangest thing you've seen in a cam room

    Just so you know, that's generally considered a slur.
  14. MollyMidnight

    Here are some ideas for all

    CB is the same,
  15. MollyMidnight

    Here are some ideas for all

    I've had requests to bring my snake on cam. I was always good with "snakes are so cool can I see!" but never "you should get naked and have the snake round your shoulders, that'd be sexy." I'm not his favourite human so I rarely hold him anyway and never did bring him out.