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    Entering Ticket Shows for Free

    It doesn't seem like I can message her, maybe since I'm a new user. Thanks tho, I'll wait for a PM or something.
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    Entering Ticket Shows for Free

    Hi, I'm currently a knight for a model who occasionally performs ticket shows. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed I was able to enter for free and ever since, more and more people have been able to join her shows without tipping the required amount. It appears as if those who have entered a ticket...
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    Mods (moderators) and knights, what do you gain from what you do?

    From what I've been reading, I would say that my experience with being a mod/knight is different than most. I'm currently a knight for a model on Stripchat who chooses her knights based on their history with her and/or whether she really enjoys the person's company. I've told her many times that...