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    got banned by certain model ban proceed in new account

    Hello 2 models banned me for no reason on my old account which was age verified .. one of them banned permanently and other was freshly banning me. after thinking I felt my account doesnt help me so I deleted it. I created new account and I was able to see their rooms. I submitted my age...
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    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    Hello news flash that CB has taken down some of links but not all links they asked me to resend the site which has recorded videos and send each link for each video the url itself well I am waiting for final update but u told me about other sites that could help me so can u mention them in a reply?
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    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    So do u mean that I go directly to contact CB telling them to takedown the vids ? Not even proceed with the pro choice on dmca with 199$ ?
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    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    Well I will give it a try, although my account got closed but I will contact them on email
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    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    Well the videos don't even have the logo of cb and this is weird and yes I meant the site that gives u badge u can put on ur broadcasting and do takedowns if ur content were recorded or vids got stolen, I opened site they got 2 options: 1st DIY do it urself with 10$/month but this will...
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    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    Hello I am having an issue, well I found recorded vids of my previous public shows on CB posted on a specific site, and I want to use DMCA takedown service to remove these videos which was recorded without my permission. So I'm asking if there someone who have experienced something like this can...
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello, I am new here to the forum, but I am part-time cam model, not successful one but trying to be :)