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  1. PrincessAria

    SM payments

    Unfortunately that’s what it means ☹️
  2. PrincessAria

    podcasts for sex workers

    I really like the podcast “Call Her Daddy”. It’s not by sex workers but they do talk about sex a lot and it’s very entertaining while I do my makeup. If you do start it, start from episode 1!
  3. PrincessAria

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Just message support and tell them you’d like a static profile picture. (I believe that’s what it’s called)
  4. PrincessAria

    Thank you! I'd like to consider myself a pretty cool person! :)

    Thank you! I'd like to consider myself a pretty cool person! :)
  5. PrincessAria

    cam advice

    My face breaks out soooo bad when I skip my sugar pills so I've stopped trying to do that lol
  6. PrincessAria

    The Twitter Follow-Back Thread

    I'll follow back! I followed those that still have the same twitter name as when they posted lol.
  7. PrincessAria

    Terrible Troll/Scam Attempts

    That's definitely a good idea, a really incentive to become a member!
  8. PrincessAria

    Terrible Troll/Scam Attempts

    Ok so I wanted to make this post for two reasons. One being it'll probably bring a lot of laughs but most importantly it'll shed light on things cam girls need to be aware of. So I was just on cam and I had someone ask about Skype. Although I'm new, I've done a ton of research on this site to...
  9. PrincessAria

    The anthem for all cam-girls

    Lmfao, I love it
  10. PrincessAria

    Question about MFC Share

    Thank you!
  11. PrincessAria

    Question about MFC Share

    Has anybody had any problems uploading content on MFC Share via iPhone? I record a lot on my phone because I haven't gotten super fancy yet but when I try to upload it just refreshes the page. Im about ready to pull my hair out. I know I can upload to my computer and upload from there but I'm...
  12. PrincessAria

    The Most Embarassing Moment WHILE On Broadcast

    Lmfaoooo! I lock all my animals up before camming. My cat wouldn't do this but he'd be all over me for affection and my dogs would just be playing loud af in the background. But that is hilarious I'm sorry, fucking cats.
  13. PrincessAria

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey everybody! I'm Aria, I'm fairly new to camming but I think I'm getting a good feel to it. I am on both CB and MFC but I don't really care for CB. I think I'll just stick to MFC unless my bf wants to get on with me (we're both verified on CB). I absolutely love this site, thank you Amber...
  14. PrincessAria

    cam advice

    I'm fairly new but my response is, "Where do you work? So I can come to your job and ask for free shit." Lol
  15. PrincessAria

    Advice for new models

    Awesome thread! I was worried that my cam score had dropped but reading this, and knowing that's it's usual for newbies made me feel a whole lot better. I feel like there's a ton of guys trying to scam new girls. I get annoyed with the guys that supposedly can "help me out" with being a better...