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  1. ramblin

    Halloween costumes for webcam models

    Obviously a copy/paste of some blog article written about a week ago, but I can't find the source in my limited searching.
  2. ramblin

    Should parents use spanking as a form of punishment?

    I think we're specifically talking about spanking, though, no? While smacking is a suggested synonym for spank, smacking to me implies an open hand slap on the face, which I have a different reaction to. Google's dictionary also uses the face in their examples.
  3. ramblin

    Firstchoice Pay activation problems

    @Dan Epstein
  4. ramblin

    Beginner's questions- please help a girl out!

    "Non-explicit" is a little vague, but is used. Likely indicates no penetration, no cumshow. Below-the-belt nudity maybe now and then, but not a regular thing. There are also many models on public sites that get explicit in group or private but not in public. I think most members are looking...
  5. ramblin

    Chatrubate is not banning an account

    Sounds about right. Some sites might choose to identify a "primary" model and refuse to allow that to change, but most do seem to allow group accounts with multiple co-equal models (be they a couple or just a group that performs together), and it's not unsurprising that if one of the group left...
  6. ramblin

    Do you like to have romantic sex?

    This is an interesting point. I'd have said I'm pretty much never looking for "romantic" sex, but I definitely can dig the slower, super-connected sensual thing, and that's certainly closer to romantic than the wild, energetic versions.
  7. ramblin

    Pricing Videos for MFC Share and ManyVids....?

    Rarity does tend to command a premium. I also see plenty of models charging 3x - 10x their normal price for something that they rarely do, whether it be high production values, special venue, or levels of nudity / actions, and maybe half their normal price (less if you're going per minute) for...
  8. ramblin

    MyFreeCams Status

    Very happy that MFC is leading with this. It's just impossible to have 100% uptime, and even if you're able to maintain "several nines", having this transparency is a great way to earn respect in my book.
  9. ramblin

    Air patrols armed with nukes.

    Take your pick. Today I think my nerves run about this order: Donald Trump Kim Jong-Un Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Vladimir Putin Theresa May Xi Jinping Benjamin Netanyahu Narendra Modi Emmanuel Macron Big gaps between North Korea and Pakistan, Pakistan and Russia, and Russia and the UK. I'd be...
  10. ramblin

    Air patrols armed with nukes.

    These articles say they're preparing to go to 24 hour ground alert status if the order is given, not that they'll be flying around with nukes. As of April, we had 1,411 nuclear warheads deployed, out of a total of 4,018. The vast majority of these are in Trident missiles on submarines, followed...
  11. ramblin

    Question about ManyVids premium membership

    Don't know if this is still current, but @Princess Mika added the following summary to the camgirlwiki page in March of 2016:
  12. ramblin

    New Cam Girl Help Needed - CB vs LJ vs SM vs MFC HELP Please

    SM is a private-based site. Most models don't have members "hanging out". It's crickets, private, crickets. MFC has a lot of members that will keep an eye out for new models (7 days from first broadcast). Some of those will be scammers/schemers, so best to be on your guard, but taking full...
  13. ramblin

    Sleepy as heck---wake-up suggestions?

    Coffee has 1 calorie per 8 fl oz (237g) cup. The wrench isn't the coffee, it's the crap you/we put in it: * Whole milk - 148 calories / cup * Non-fat milk - 83 calories / cup * Half and Half - 20 calories / 0.5 fl oz (15g) serving * Sugar - 11 calories / 2.8g packet * Jameson - 69 calories / shot
  14. ramblin

    Are all models age verified?

    Age verification of viewers is pretty limited on all sites. Generally the user is required to click a button indicating that they are of legal age, and where possible their payment method will be checked against the age of the account holder. If, as you implied, the user is also a broadcaster...
  15. ramblin

    Content stolen from live streams

    While this is the best way to find out if there are videos of you online, it's worth noting that this won't be a common search by the casual porn browser that isn't already aware of you. If you don't show up in searches for generic terms for your look / style of show, or for searches of your...