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    Terrible movies that you enjoyed because they're terrible

    Texas Chainsaw is my favourite horror franchise, but holy crap there are some dodgy sequels/remakes that I LOVE
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    What's your chill out game?

    Skyrim is my everything game, and it works especially well when I'm a lil stressed bb. My gaming life is basically scrolling through all the games I've got and have barely started, trying to decide what I should finish, then just going and creating a new Skyrim character instead.
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    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    1. Deftones- You've seen the butcher 2. Rob Zombie- Pussy Liquor 3. Deftones- Sextape 4. Massive Attack- Paradise Circus 5. The Neighbourhood- A Little Death 6. Motley Crue- Girls Girls Girls 7. Def Leppard- Pour some sugar on me (tbh I love all the classic stripper songs aha) 8. Velvet...
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    Anyone likes metal music here?

    Ayooooo, fave metal (ish) bands are Gojira, Lamb of God, Killswitch, and Slipknot. Recently rediscovered Trivium though and forgot how fucking good they were aha
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    Whatcha been playing?

    An amazing customer bought me RDR2 for my birthday last week so I've been absolutely hammering that. Otherwise I'm a Skyrim hoe all the way.
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    Food You Hated As A Kid But Now Enjoy?

    Brocc and Cauli. The texture freaked me out, but now they're staples in my diet.
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hiiiii, I'm Rebelle, I've been an active model on here previously as Rebel Wood, had a few years off and came back with a revamp! You can catch me on MFC at and on twitter at rebellejay :h: