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    Camming without a mic?

    I was in the same situation before I retired. I always worried about my parents or brothers calling me from outside my door and members hearing my real name. One time my mom heard me "talking" (I was camming at 3 am and thought everyone else in the house was asleep) and so she called my name and...
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    This is probably getting old... but DMCA question

    Honestly in a lot of my streams I'd get naked and masturbate and all that jazz. I'd even do it off and on before I reached my tip goal in the hopes that it would grab more members attention and I could make more money. It never worked, though. I really wasn't that great a model. :(
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    This is probably getting old... but DMCA question

    Thats so shitty. But I don't understand why anyone would even want to watch a recorded version of a livestream when its just hours and hours of a model responding to peoples messages and trying to get them to tip..
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    This is probably getting old... but DMCA question

    Hello! I'm a recently retired cam girl after being on MFC for a little over a year, and like I'm sure every other model has had to deal with, Ive seen videos and pictures of me and my shows online. It's not surprising, but I'm still annoyed and really would like to remove everything that I can...
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    Anyone else watching Westworld?

    Just finished the first season and I loved it!
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello, I'm Robyn! Ive been a camgirl at MFC for a year now, but I recently saw a lot of my shows get pirated onto different sites and it freaked me out so I just deleted my account. I really do enjoy camming and had a lot of fun doing it, but seeing my videos on all of these different porn sites...
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    DMCA take down service. I'm starting one but I need your help!

    Will you let us know when your site is up and running?