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  1. Sabrinarey_

    Is it a scam?

    It is a scam. I live in Colombia and a lot of those situations are fake. Maybe if you look on internet you will find all those news about tourists dying here because they meet girls on dating apps. Or maybe they don´t die but the girls drug the guys to steal all their things, this happens almost...
  2. Sabrinarey_

    Banned users can see my profile?

    Hello! If I ban an user from my room does this person can still seeing my profile on myfreecams? Im asking this because I dont know if sometimes they could get mad and rate me with 1 star just because
  3. Sabrinarey_

    Account banned with 336907 tokens ($16800)

    Same situation. I lost my account and now Im with myfreecams, is sad this happens a lot. I wouldn´t trust on Chaturbate again, anyone at anytime can lose their account
  4. Sabrinarey_


    I had the same issue, I couldn´t solve it, I hope you do
  5. Sabrinarey_

    Periods and camming

    I use a tampon with the string inside. I can do my shows as always, I even do penetration shows without problems. I put it before my stream and I take it off when I finish, you have to be careful, wash your hands and use your fingers for it, it wont get lost inside so don´t worry lol is easier...
  6. Sabrinarey_

    Models not LETTING you take them for a private

    is she from Colombia? it looks like she want to look pity in front of you. I live in Colombia and girls dedicate gours to create this sad life and make others feel bad. Be careful
  7. Sabrinarey_

    Government name associated with webcamming

    I´ve never found my videos or something related to camming when I look for my name, but I´ve heard cases where bad people who know your real name do this to harm you. I dont think this could have happened from submitting your ID
  8. Sabrinarey_

    What am I doing wrong?

    what time are you online? Im around afternoon ES time, I could add you and you can ask me to check your streaming as many times as you need!
  9. Sabrinarey_

    Cam Girl Said She is in love with me. I am falling for her as well. Is this real or am I a fool in love ?

    Hi! I live in Colombia and I´ve been reading this so I had to comment. PLEASE! Don´t believe her! Enjoy the fantasy and be careful! I could take hours writting a long message about how common is that girls here use men, from this what everybody is warning you about until meet tourists from...
  10. Sabrinarey_

    ID approval impossible

    Hi! I´ve heard, sometimes, it doesn´t work when you take the photo of your id with an iphone´s camera. Try with another phone, like a samsung.
  11. Sabrinarey_

    Account banned again! really did NOT violate any TOS. please help

    CB lately sucks, I was banned without reason too. I advise you to try to start a backup account, just in case. I use MFC
  12. Sabrinarey_

    How´s the internet where you live at?

    Thanks! Have you ever been in a situation where you want to broadcast but you find the internet is not good, what could you do there? I’ve thought in buying a portable wifi hotspot as a back up plan but I don’t know if it is a good option and I also have to do a research of companies/plans
  13. Sabrinarey_

    How´s the internet where you live at?

    Hi! I wanna plan living abroad in Europe but I´m specially worried about the internet. I plan to rent airbnbs and stay there while during a while but I don´t know if the internet there would be good enough. I have in mind to start with Spain as a test because I´ve asked to a lot of people and it...
  14. Sabrinarey_

    Can I leave MFC site and join a studio?

    Hi! Just curious, where do you live? (Im studying about what places have good internet to work from there) well, studios work with myfreecams, so what I think you have to do is close your current account, maybe MFC will make you wait some months after opening a new account and you can do it...