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  1. Spacecadet_

    Happy holidaze. I'm just floating

    Happy holidaze. I'm just floating
  2. Spacecadet_

    Profile Picture Questions?

    I didn't know this! Thanks!
  3. Spacecadet_

    Profile Picture Questions?

    I reallly like the second one for a profile picture it shows skin and gets my attention without giving anything away! And shows your personality:) Also really like the 4th one with the book but it shows nip so probably better for one of your galleries. They're all really nice though:)
  4. Spacecadet_

    Logged into my member/ creeper account, and

    Wow. With how many pointless "hey bb" PMs I get I couldnt fathom actually soliciting members with PMs like that. I didnt even know models did that! I usually charge a small amount for PM, because if someone doesnt have 10 tk to spend to message me they likely wont be buying anything anyways...
  5. Spacecadet_

    Do you think camgirls should always wear makeup?

    So I read this earlier and thought to myself, nope, no way I'd ever go on cam without ANY makeup. My face is very red and uneven toned, foundation is my best friend. And I wouldn't normally dream of going on cam without drawing on my eyebrows because my natural eyebrows are blonde and straggly...
  6. Spacecadet_

    Dealing with intrusive landlord while camming

    Hmm where I live the landlord legally has to give 24 hours notice. Try to work out times with him that tours can go on, and times that you dont want him scheduling any. If that doesnt work, figure out your rights and inform him politely that you work at home and him coming by without notice is...
  7. Spacecadet_

    Help me pick a profile pic!

    Love these photos! Love #2 but probably too much nip for an avatar... Soo I'm gonna go with #1! :)
  8. Spacecadet_

    New toys

    I like to use my lush in public chat. I just leave it in when I do lush shows, I agree that guys seem to like the element of surprise. For private or just playing by myself I love my hitachi! and my realistic dildo. It feels just like a real dick :D
  9. Spacecadet_

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Love your hair!! :) Welcome!
  10. Spacecadet_

    Incel (Involuntary Celibacy)

    I know people who have gone years without sex because they just failed to find a mutual connection for that long and don't sleep around. But here is my understanding of the modern "incel" movement: "No woman wants my dick? Well fuck all women then! I'm NICE and they STILL won't have sex with me...
  11. Spacecadet_

    Meeting eachother

    ^True! An ex found me on MFC, I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any type of high tech browser or anything. Whatever he uses he could just pull me right up, even tho I had MI blocked. I still block my state just to hopefully filter out some of that, but I've also come to peace with the idea of...
  12. Spacecadet_

    Lush Viberator

    If you dont mind me asking how do I get a USB dongle?
  13. Spacecadet_

    Pretty psyched to be participating as a model in an upcoming body painting competition!

    Pretty psyched to be participating as a model in an upcoming body painting competition!
  14. Spacecadet_

    Bdsm checklist

    I found this a minute ago and just wanted to share it with you guys! It's a cool checklist of all these different fetishes that fall under bdsm. And check boxes that say yes, no, maybe, etc. I love this it is a great idea to go over something similar to this with a new sub/dom to get a good idea...
  15. Spacecadet_

    What's your favorite website to just go and idle away time?

    The Wish app. Oh the wigs, toys, and outfits for CHEAP. Now instead of buying a fancy coffee in the morning I've been buying something off of Wish and everyday I have a surprise in the mail. I just got a sweet canopy I'm gonna use for music festivals. It was like 20$ shipped.