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    Snack Cakes!

    Grew up eating Tastykake so I am very biased here. Butterscotch krimpets hands down best snack cake ever. The only rival I will accept to it is...Pecan Twirls. Just remember being a kid and unwinding the twirl to make my snacking experience last longer. :)
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    Coffee Cup Care

    I usually rinse my mug out once a week, and put in the dishwasher once a month.
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    AwesomeAugust 2019 - 10 years of Amber!

    I don’t think I can top what Dilli already said. So just let me say this. Thank you for making this August so awesome. Thank you for the countless number of smiles, the numerous amounts of laughter (for real those prize wheels HATE me), and for well everything. Happy 10 years! Hope to meet...
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    Can the model see my accounts?

    I am not a model, but I have two accounts on MFC, and I can tell you from experience that models cannot see how many active accounts you have or your different usernames. As, I have had models ask me if username2 was actually me (username1). As for information models can see, there is the...
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    MFC Club Show?

    Just so everyone knows, a user cannot "spy" on a Club Show via a PM window. I took this tonight, and as you can see as soon as the model went to the Club Show the webcam in the PM window went to the "I am currently in a Club Show" image. Was only able to get the show to appear in a PM window...
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    How did you learn about [everything] sex?

    Long story short: my mother gave me the “talk” at a young age. Was more of the “Good Touch, Bad Touch” variety, but lessons were learned. In Jr. High we had Sex Ed. where we learned about the male and female anatomy...and that we should be safe while having sex. High School Sex Ed. was more...
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    MFC - How to "realPVT" ?

    Should also note that TruPrivate also costs more tokens per minute (80 tokens per minute for TruPrivate vs. 60 per minute for a Private). It is worth it in my opinion though...especially since most of the top models on MFC will only do TruPrivates (when they do privates). And you don’t have to...
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    Unfair Ban - What do you guys think?

    I am just going to go with the cliché “Not all all Guys” ;)
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    Where did you first hear about your favorite cam site?

    So at least one good thing came from 4chan! :P
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    MFC Club Show?

    I will have to test this the next time my favorite model does a club show (because I know she will understand that I am not some freeloader trying to game the system). Just to confirm if a member can “spy” on a club show via a PM window.
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    Where did you first hear about your favorite cam site?

    The long and winding road that lead me to MFC...or a autobiograpy of Useful-title: Well, I found some ladies on Instagram selling nudes and videos (this was before Insta was bought by Facebook). So I did that for a little bit...then found a link to MyGirlFund in one of thier bios. So, I joined...
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    Get to know your bartenders and servers

    Apropos I think...
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    Question for guys - why do you buy porn?

    Honestly, when I buy videos (or do any other activity that would qualify as “paying for porn”) I do it mostly because I am a fan of the person in the video. And also because I am a “patron of the arts” :P A lot of what moves me to buy something has to do with who I am buying it from. If is is...
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I wish I was making that up...she was an Eastern European model, possibly a studio model (didn't seem like it to me...but I can be extremely naive about that sort of thing). But, yeah...I am very much more selective about who I interact with now (and especially who I am friends with on Snap and...
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Because all I have ever done on this thread is respond to others. Here is a short list of things that have annoyed me over the years of watching cams: 1. If you have your phone with you, and you are in a private, don’t answer it when it rings. And if you do, don’t just move the camera away from...