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  1. Wade W Wilson

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    The Color Out of Space. And in the last couple of weeks prior to it: Midsommar, Hereditary, and the Lighthouse. They were all very good though I think I might subconsciously hate my own sanity for subjecting myself to this mindfuck marathon.
  2. Wade W Wilson

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Tipping anonymously or sending a non-public tip can also be exposed in rooms where the model is using a tip activated toy if the program is set to say in the public chat whose tip the toy is responding to and the amount of that tip.
  3. Wade W Wilson

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Ahh ok. Thanks for the prompt reply. The downside of being a big spender it seems.
  4. Wade W Wilson

    Extremely needy and annoying MFC member

    Artist's rendering of the member in question:
  5. Wade W Wilson

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Was this on MFC? (sorry if you said it was/wasn't and I missed it). I ask because I was under the impression that models can not see our tipping or viewing history and several models here have said that they can't see member tipping and viewing history but it sounds like while there were some...
  6. Wade W Wilson

    The downfall of MFC... Myth or reality?

    Happens to industry leaders all the time, they get to the top, become complacent and quality goes down or their competition equals or surpasses them for a similar or lower price. It happened to Dell, you could argue it's happening a bit to Apple, perhaps it's happening a bit to MFC? On the...
  7. Wade W Wilson

    Vaginal bleaching - who has done it?

    Oh come on now, bleach is perfectly safe. Just listen to these experts....
  8. Wade W Wilson

    Things you believed as a child that are wrong

    I doubt any story shared here could be better than this man having his incorrect childhood understanding of something be so gloriously debunked and caught on camera no less.
  9. Wade W Wilson

    Halloween Competition for All Cam Girls

    So... an escort listing site trying to solicit pictures from women? Nope, nothing sketchy going on here.
  10. Wade W Wilson

    Unsolicited dick pics illegal in Texas beginning Sept 1st

    There's more where these came from ladies, all the Dick you want and more!!! May my tombstone read, "He messed with Texas"
  11. Wade W Wilson

    The maybe not so generic ‘falling for a cam girl’ post.

    Hi there, Long post alert. The TL;DR version : A uh... "friend of mine" posted on a forum thread about a guy with a decision making disorder who was going to meet his digital lady love in the far flung reaches of the Russian hinterland, when I, er, uh... HE, attracted the attention of a model...
  12. Wade W Wilson

    Sub or dom

    "I can't decide if I'm submissive or just lazy." I can't possibly be the only one to think this is comedy gold? I don't mean to be a dick to mynameisbob84, I'm not hating on him or anything, I just think the phrase is hilarious. Edit: Since I commented here (I clearly got side tracked for a...