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    How to entertain members

    Thanks! I am watching now a lot of top models on CB. The most of them are very talkative , it helps to give good vibes the room. But I really not sure what things can I talk about? I mean, sex and relation - I got it, but what else? Of course I know about taboo topics....
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    Movie nights

    Recently I have come across a post about this entertainment. But I cannot understand how to make such a night.. If any model has an experience, tell me please how do you rule movies nights? Also, I would like to know more about technical part of movies night... What equipment do I need?
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    How to entertain members

    I was going to start working on cb in June but decided to take a rain check and think a bit about my style. The thing which worried me is entertainment. How do you make people to be interested in your room? For example, I am going to tease people, dance, and talk to them... But I am not sure...
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    Help! How to earn during non cumshow shows (i.e. movie nights and gaming)

    Girls who do movie nights, please, tell me how does it look? What about technical aspect?
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    How to get traffic as a new model

    Maybe some gaming bot? What kind of them do you usually use?
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello. I am going to start my chaturbate trip in a few days. I study computer programming, love reading, watching meaningful movies, listening to music (mostly old-fashioned) I love love love dancing. I am fond of history and geeky things...
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    How to get traffic as a new model

    Hello everyone. I know it's a friendly space to ask for advice. Hope you understand my English. I am going to start my first broadcast in chaturbate on 31th of May. Before that time I am thinking of my shows, apps, and bots I can use. It seems that my shows would be boring for the CB's...