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  1. xoxAprilJames

    Snowboarders? Snowboarding Advice.

    It takes a while to feel secure strapped in like that! Just go slow the first few times and “falling leaf” your way down the slope on your heel edge before trying to switch edges! Also, you’re just going to fall a lot. A. Lot. But if you’re not falling, you’re not trying! I also found music...
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    Second day on cam with no tokens so far. I'm worried; Please help me out.

    Viewers are the people currently in your room watching you live. Followers are people who click Follow so they basically book mark you so they know when you’re on. The New tag is not as important on CB as it is on other sites, so don’t stress and feel like this first week is make or break! Yes...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I'm on CB so it's probably not quite the same, but the ability to see what they say is optional! I have it turned on because I like to know what's happening
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    She might have a word list that gets certain messages muted, esp if he was a gray. I have that set up for grays to curb advertising bots and dirty talkers who aren’t tipping. I can still see the messages they’re sending but the room can’t, and it kind of seems like they don’t know they’re being...
  5. xoxAprilJames

    Weird room count?

    Looks like a mix- anon, grays, and colored names! It only lasts for a min or two though. I haven’t tried interacting with them though, I’ve usually been in a pretty active show when it happens. my room stays a leeeeetle higher after the boost but that could be from a resulting page bump.
  6. xoxAprilJames

    Weird room count?

    This has been happening to me lately too! Little random spikes, usually once I’ve been on a few hours 🤷🏽‍♀️
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    Chaturbate question

    For my Lush I use an extension on Chrome and the Lovense Connect app on my iphone and that's always been reliable for me. But you can also use a bluetooth receiver, a different browser, there's a few ways to do it.(Firefox, their browser, etc) Here's how I have it set up...
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    How long do you prepare for steaming each time ?

    30 minutes if I’m focused, 1 hour if I’m eating lunch /watching a show/ fucking around while I get ready, or want to shower first. I don’t do fancy makeup though, just enough so I don’t look washed out. I dream about having a two bedroom or some office situation where I don’t have to put up and...
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    I can’t speak to the IRL stuff- except to say he’s almost definitely not a policeman- and I’m a little confused if it’s you on the dating site or he’s creating catfishing accounts. But a good place to start if you haven’t been camming too long is to nuke your persona and start fresh. New email...
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    Room is poppin', but no tips?

    Don’t be shy about reminding them to tip you, sometimes a little nudge can do a lot. I don’t mean a whiney “come on guys, tip” but more of a sales schpiel, like if you were in customer service retail, or a server telling people about the specials. A little oh hey guys in case you didn’t know...
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    How do you handle "daddy/daughter" fetish?

    You don't have to do a single thing you don't want to do. And if they push you and say you've done it before, you don't have to reason with them. All they need to know is that you don't do that now, that's that. If they push, kick them out. It's your room, and your comfort is the most important...
  12. xoxAprilJames

    How do you build a Twitter following for cam work?

    Using images/video as a teaser when I'm about to broadcast and tagging the cam site (Chaturbate in my case) has been super helpful, because about half the time they'll repost it, and then I get new followers that also translate directly into viewers.
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    Fake jobs?

    SEO/Data Evaluation for Leapforce or Lionbridge, which are companies that scroll google to ensure the ads that show up with search results are relevant, etc. I've worked in tech a fair amount and it's so boring as soon as I even start describing it you just see their eyes glaze over. The only...
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    Summer... oh summer summer summer.

    When I worked in retail, summer was also a surprisingly slow time- I think it's kind of consistent across all non-essential sectors, for reasons mentioned above and also in most places, I think people are enjoying being outdoors, which is the opposite of what we need them to be doing lol. But I...