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  1. xoxAprilJames

    Feeling Shamed for being a Cam Model

    I'm so sorry you're going through that, and I'm so glad you'll be able to get yourself out of that situation soon. Sending you hugs, you'll get through this!
  2. xoxAprilJames

    Help with the cash app setup!

    Don’t use your real name!! It does show up. The only info I’ve ever given it is my cam name and the account/routing numbers for deposits. You shouldn’t have to verify unless you’re doing large transactions, I think it’s over $200 in a day? It is also definitely a risk, like so many of these...
  3. xoxAprilJames

    So we have no chance?

    I’m probably around page 4+ most of the time, my room usually tops out at 100, and frequently a lot less than that, but I’m making a very comfy living off of it all the same, and I live in an expensive area so that’s not nothing. You don’t have to be front page top row to earn well, if that’s...
  4. xoxAprilJames

    w-9 forms

    Line 1- Your legal name, yep! For Line 2- Don't fill out a business name unless you have a registered LLC or S-Corp or something like that that you're doing business under! If you're just getting check/deposits directly to you, leave line 2 blank. Line 3- You're (I assume, if the above is...
  5. xoxAprilJames

    questions for payouts with direct deposit

    I just got my payout email yesterday, and haven’t received the payout yet, but that will probably hit some time between Monday and Wednesday. It takes a few business days for everything to process. If you’re planning your cash flow, plan for up to a week after the end of the pay period to see...
  6. xoxAprilJames

    Selling panties?

    I’ve had them listed on MV and have looked at panty deal where I know some peeps have had success, and a few places like that but honestly 95% of my panty sales are done on cam for whatever pair I’m wearing, so it’s a good idea to add it to your tip menu if you haven’t!
  7. xoxAprilJames

    My Depressing MFC Experience

    Aw girl! You're cute as heck and your looks are definitely not the problem! Also, it's a huge internet out there and everyone is someone's type, I think the problem lies more with the sites. Each site has different code to crack basically, and your style of camming might just not be a good fit...
  8. xoxAprilJames

    MyFreeCams: The Top 100 model and the Zoomer model

    Dang kids these days playing their rock music all loud on the front lawn- I mean front page!
  9. xoxAprilJames

    Chaturbate - Bugs?

    What apps and bots are you using? Maybe try troubleshooting those, they might be commandeering the subject line
  10. xoxAprilJames

    A few questions...

    I know this doesn’t answer any of the questions you asked but I can’t pass by this without saying that 1) you can absolutely be non nude as a cam girl, it’s actually quite common, you can even search this site for suggestions regarding that and 2) you absolutely do not have to use a lush or do...
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    ...Sometimes I miss the eye roll reaction.
  13. xoxAprilJames

    CAM website, where a masturbating guy is the model and the girls are choosing

    My dude, if you take your business plan to a group of industry professionals and they almost unilaterally give you negative feedback, I promise you the problem is that they do not understand- the problem is your business plan. No amount of arguing changes that common denominator. Maybe just...