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  1. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Making Videos - Worth it?

    Unpopular opinion but I don't make much on my videos. I seldom sell on sm or manyvids or on c4s. I have tried a quite a few different fetish clips and the only ones that ever sold were my mouth videos! I keep running into custom customers who are disappointed that I don't have a huge wardrobe...
  2. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Streaming with my sound off..

    Hey cam peoples, I was wondering if it would be smart to cam with my sound off sometimes? I have a house full of people sometimes at odd hours during the daytime. Usually I only cam at night due to random sounds of roommates. I was wondering if it would look bad to cam with my sound off sometimes?
  3. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I just got tagged "Nearsighted" ... ????????????
  4. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    2019 Laptop Recommendations?

    Hey ya'll! Are any of you techies? I am looking for a new streaming capable wifi laptop that would work for camming! I am an old lady and so behind on tech lingo that I am not sure what I will be looking for ! Ack! TIA :)
  5. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Makeup and contacts on camera

    I just have to put in my two cents here. A member complaining that my makeup or skin isn't perfect is not worth my money or time. Sure money is nice but if I don't feel well or my skin needs a break and they have a problem with it that is too damn bad. I just need to not that there is a line...
  6. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I had a long exl with a very friendly fellow. It started off "normal" then by the end he was talking like this? I think he may have been using text to wut mate?
  7. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Some member just spoke to me very abusively in a private show. He demanded that I show him a recording of my last show and kept calling me a liar and other terrible names because I wouldn't show him a recording of my last show. I told him IDGAF about ratings or comments he can drain his wallet...
  8. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Camgirl etiquette question about suddenly going private

    My issues is that the members don't even hint that they want as show. I have far too many members and clients who will either just sit waiting me to beg for them to take me private. I have many members who complain that I need to get them hard enough to take them private. Some of these guys...
  9. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Makeup and contacts on camera

    I have to use a light layer of matte foundation and powder most days. I find foundation important to me because it evens my skin tone. When I don't feel well my skin shows it first. I get dark rings and even a sunken in look that makes me look worse. I actually use dollar store highlighter as...
  10. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    How did you decide on a name???

    My name is "Pepper Masters". My first name comes from the movie Crybaby with Johnny Depp. The main character's sister's name is Pepper. I believe one of her quotes was " My bazooms are my weapons" My last name come's from my SO stage name.
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  12. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Will I ever learn how to Dougie? :(

    Will I ever learn how to Dougie? :(
  13. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Talk out loud on cam vs just typing on cam?

    I am a naturally introverted person who grew up alone quite a bit of the time. I have always struggled with what to say to carry a conversation. However, I learned as an adult sometimes it's necessary to be able to carry a conversation so that people can get to know you. I personally have worked...
  14. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Looking for Lovense OBS testers!

    I would like to test it.
  15. xxlvngdedgrlxx

    Lovense USB dongle error The website is saying that you cannot use the lovense connect app anymore! WTH :(