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  1. Yavin4MFC

    Real Names

    What about models' who ask to know member's real names?
  2. Yavin4MFC

    What are you reading right now?

    Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed A Generation of Young Women And How I Broke Free Eye-opening in many ways and makes me more than a little angry at times. Reminds me of some private conversations I've had with models about similar life experiences...
  3. Yavin4MFC

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    Thank you for setting me straight and letting me know some more behind the scenes that we don't see, I appreciate it and will look forward to everything awesome that is coming!
  4. Yavin4MFC

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    I was curious your opinion. I could see them just riding out the platform's technology and life while building up the brand in order to sell it. I hope that's not the case.
  5. Yavin4MFC

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    Possibly because I guess we're both seeing and experiencing two different things. How has OBS been lately? Does this seem like the same service or an extension, something they can move the majority of the site off of?
  6. Yavin4MFC

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    I don't see them moving away from flash dependency; they'd have to replatform. They may build up a different streaming service option in MFC Share, but the main site will continue to exist until it's turned off or the MFC brand is sold off to Pornhub or someone else.
  7. Yavin4MFC

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    And this is the best way to grow any room or online business, through true fans. But there is a lot of discussion out there that thousands of new members aren't magically showing up on cam sites and finding their way into rooms to spend tokens...the easy traffic. The same amount of members might...
  8. Yavin4MFC

    Whatcha been playing?

    Side's funny. Most of my regular cam models aren't camming regularly anymore. More time for gaming, right? But so many of my evenings have been spent with cam models over the last 5 years that it's absence, with no desire any more to do a lot of gaming. When you no...
  9. Yavin4MFC

    Whatcha been playing?

    Still on that Destiny 2: Forsaken bullshit with some Assassin's Creed Origins bullshit mixed in and I really should play some Alien Isolation bullshit since it's Halloween month...
  10. Yavin4MFC

    YouTubers Are Not Your Friends - Article

    I'd really, really love to read that sometime, if you can remember the link. Bono is a great comparison. And as he puts it in a recent song: The showman gives you front row to his heart The showman prays his heartache will chart Making a spectacle of falling apart Is just the start of the...
  11. Yavin4MFC

    YouTubers Are Not Your Friends - Article Interesting and well said.
  12. Yavin4MFC

    Request - Adult Friendly Cloud Storage Backup recommendations

    What does everyone use to provide an extra backup of all their videos, photos, general content and footage? Having multiple external drives is only doing so far. Is Dropbox fairly reliable and not in the habit of deleting adult content?
  13. Yavin4MFC

    How did you decide on a name???

    Star Wars reference and a clever flexible pun.
  14. Yavin4MFC

    Whatcha been playing?

    Destiny 2: Forsaken is off to a promising start!