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account banned

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  1. K

    Help me please

    Good evening help please my account is conejita_playboy__ I wanted to transmit with a friend and we did not know that their documents were banned I ask that please delete those uploaded documents I am very sad because I needed the money of my family I want toSince my source of income is only by...
  2. Badlad1993


    Hi I hope you are well, I’m hoping so desperately for your help with my banned account username badlad1993 I was banned mid streaming because a user in my chatroom spoke about fisting I replied to them and then got a message from CB saying the talk of fisting wasn’t aloud so I ignored this user...
  3. TinaBlow

    Account banned, i dont know why, please help

    @punker barbie my chaturbate account was banned yesterday and I don't know why. I have reached out to support and received the automated response but have got no resolution. My user name is Tinablow. This is my only income and I still have token that haven't been cashed out. I have been on...
  4. V

    account baned

    Good afternoon, my account was banned, but they did not tell me the reason, support indicated that I have my account restricted for life, I want you to collaborate with my case, my account was created with my passport, I have cedula, Colombian passport, do not perform any action that is outside...
  5. valentin1999

    cuenta baneada

    good day group, I hope you are very well and @punker barbie Thanks for reading this. Today, November 14, I started broadcasting at 6:05 a.m. and at 6:55 a.m. my account was banned, I don't understand the reason or reason since I haven't broken the rules, I wasn't doing any show, I was just...
  6. R

    Account Banned

    Last time I wrote you that I got blocked back in February and I do not know why, I ask for help. You told me that the support team sent me an email, but I never received anything. Probably because the ticket was from someone else's email. Here's the ticket associated with my account : 19093833...
  7. tomdrew69

    Cb, I banned myself for no reason

    Hello @punker barbie , my name is Madison. I'm Colombian. I work at CB with my partner, his name is Andrés, we are 21 and 19 years old. On October 5 we were working like every day with our daily goals and our shows because we are on transmission when the page loads and leaves that we are banned...
  8. D

    My account was blocked

    Hello I need urgent help with my account. Today morning I was harassed by a member and I told him off, then banned him from my Stripchat account. Just minutes later I was blocked and couldn't log in. This is not the first time that I have received rude messages by members on this site and I am...
  9. Seoslo95

    Payment issues

    Hi I was trying to withdrawal my money from stripchat but the same day they supposed to send me the money they just blocked my account without any explanation, I wrote a lot of emails but support team never answer, I didn't receive warnings or any advising me about this. So I'm just looking for...
  10. J

    Account banned with no reason

    Hello i have a strange problem, yesterday i was online and everything ok, today i want to enter the site but i got banned. Please help me @punker barbie help me get my account unlocked. I ask the support but no response. Can you please ask them to reviewing my account and unblock it please. My...
  11. W

    Help with CB account banned

    Hi all, I signed up today for broadcasting and after I verified my identity, my account was banned. There’s nothing wrong with my id info. The account showed verified and work normal as I was browsing through the settings. A few minutes later it was banned. Can someone please help. Username...
  12. H

    Account banned, Really need help

    Hello @punker barbie , I'm not a model, just a viewer who have been the member since around 2017. I never been broadcast myself or have the record of breaking any terms and conditions of the website before. My account got banned today without clear reason. Which has made me shock. I spent...
  13. GothicGirl

    Account banned

    Hi @punker barbie my account have been banned i think is a misunderstanding, not explanation from support so far ticket: 18937403
  14. GothicGirl

    Account banned ticket 18937403

    @punker barbie my apologies, I wrote the wrong ticket last time, my bad the user is @catsdream ticket 18937403 the account have been banned without explanation, there have been not answer from support so far, there is tokens there i would like to withdraw, or at least that they send the...
  15. GothicGirl

    Account banned ticket 18933805

    the user is @catsdream ticket 18933805 the account have been banned without explanation, there have been not answer from support so far, there is tokens there i would like to withdraw, or at least that they send the tokens back to the accounts that sent it to me, pls i need help and answers...
  16. da_misiu

    Another account ban for no reason

    Hello - this is the next time my account is blocked - for no reason, during the conversation and sending tokens for a friend =.= Ny nickname - da_misiu CB supp request - 18832248 @punker barbie - Thank you in advance for your help
  17. CatarinaxLoca

    Suspended account please help

    Hello Cam family, and hopefully stripchat moderators. I am writing this today to plead for help with restoring my stripchat model account CatarinaxLoca . It was just banned this morning and I am confused why. One email said it was banned forever and the other email said my partner and I (whom...
  18. Kahinax

    Account banned without reason

    Hello. Seems my account named Kahinax got banned without reason. Support dosnt answer and i am 100% sure i didnt caused any problems to my account /Terms. Seems lot of Models got banned today. @punker barbie please help me . Ticket Number 18676566
  19. Madi_marieee

    Account banned

    Hi @punker barbie ! Was wondering if I could have and update on my account madi_marieee ticket 18434873. I was banned yesterday when camming from home. Told it was not private enough.
  20. CuckMeister69

    Age Verification Ban

    My account was banned a few days ago for not going through the age verification process and I think I might be having trouble getting completely verified, the site is saying “ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified on your account. If you are replacing an existing ID, please...