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  1. E

    Dear @punker barbie , I need your help. My account got banned

    Dear @punker barbie , I need your help. My account Emily__Jean got banned. I don't know the reason, support is not answering me, please help. My ticket number 19602150
  2. lmaokai

    Account banned…

    Dear @punker barbie , I am reaching out to you on here because I have no one else to ask. About one week ago my chaturbate account got banned. I am a front page model with more than 200k followers. I am very sad about this situation and don‘t know what I did wrong. Chaturbate is part of my life...
  3. E

    Good afternoon @punker barbie , I need your help

    Hi @punker barbie .I need your help, my account Stella_Bitoni__ was blocked yesterday during the broadcast, I do not know the reason. I wrote in support, I do not respond to support. Please help me figure out this situation. My request (19417914) . Thank you for your help in advance.
  4. E

    Good afternoon @punker barbie , I need your help

    Hi @punker barbie .I need your help, my account diana_rhoades was blocked yesterday during the broadcast, I do not know the reason. I wrote in support, I do not respond to support. Please help me figure out this situation. My request (19394158) . Thank you for your help in advance.
  5. Freya203

    permanently banned

    @punker barbie request 19279010 acc name kitty_tip After that, I was sent to the permanent BAN I did not declare that I was going to make a fake passport! I said that I was going to make her a passport that she needed to travel to other countries!! We have been sending you her personal...
  6. lexieb

    I was banned from Chaturbate

    Hi @punker barbie my name is Lexie, I am a webcam model and I've been working with Chaturbate since 2018, today during my stream, I was banned and as far as I understand is because a user reported me for a Squirt Cum Show I did, he said I did not CUM and he was gonna report me for not honoring...
  7. E

    Account Banned, please help me!

    Good afternoon @punker barbie. My account Emily_Hix_ was blocked when I was at halftime, I don't know the reason. Support is not responding, my request (19303847
  8. E

    Help please verification passed, but the broadcast does not start

    Good day @punker barbie , my documents were verified On Account stella_bitoni_ and the button to start broadcast is active, but when I go to my profile written Access denied. This room has been banned. What does this mean, what should I do?
  9. E

    dear @punkerbarbie, I got banned, I need help.

    @punkerbarbie I got banned, support isn't responding, I need your help. For what reason I got banned, I don't know.
  10. D

    Id banned for no reason

    Hi there, My Id was banned today morning for no reason. I just finished broadcasting and after 15 mins when i visited the site, it says I am banned. I do not think that i've done anything wrong. I'm here since 2019 and had never done anything wrong so far to get me banned. @punker barbie...
  11. N

    Hello @punker barbie - Can you please check my ticket because I have not got any replay back. Account banned after 8 years

    Hello @punker barbie - sorry for the other request but can you please kindly check my ticket 18937687? I know you are busy at these times, but I just wish to see if there is an update regarding this. It would be awesome. I am really going through a lot right now, I just lost my whole income...
  12. M

    Hello @Punkerbarbie Could you please help me get my account back

    My mermaids_ account on chaturbate has been banned on 10.12.2021 and I have no idea why, I always follow all the rules and I have never broken any of the rules so this situation is even more strange to me and I would like to know the reason and get my account back Chaturbate has not replied to...
  13. F

    Ban! Help pls

    hello my favorite site and my favorite support! Quite recently, I was unbanned for my baby face, I created a new account, as the support for the old account answered me for a very long time, and I saw that my second account was banned forever (sweetbabyanna), after a few days my main account was...
  14. B

    Help, permanent ban

    Dear @punker barbie I would like you to help me with my case of the permanent ban that chaturbate made me without any explanation, I had decided to only broadcast on this page and now I am without income for almost a month, I feel that as an independent model I do not have no backup, my...
  15. S

    Account Banned, please help @punker barbie. Ticket: 18589399

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, i went to use my chaturbate account today and found this message: Account Banned Your cam has been blocked as a result of concerns regarding compliance with our terms and conditions. Please note that we have zero tolerance for underage participation on our...
  16. eveline56

    Banned without reason

    Hello, i read everywhere what i can do to resolve my actual situation with my account model banned without reason and i think here you can help me guys, especially @punker barbie I have send more then 4 e-mails to the support chaturbate but nobody answer to tell me what i did wrong, and what...
  17. Sasuke999

    Misunderstanding account banned need help

    Hello @punker barbie! My username is kevmann55 on your guys site and There was a big misunderstanding for my account being banned. I’m black and I called myself the n word but i accidentally typed out the full word and forgot the * in the middle and got banned for it during a private session on...
  18. Just_sammy

    Unable to tip, unable to cashout

    Greetings! Some time ago i noticed i can not cashout my tokens and can not tip. Support didn't response to me yet, so i've Come here. I would be really grateful to someone if i could get any help. My nickname - Just_Sammy @punker barbie, i know you May be busy but... If you Will answer to me...
  19. G

    Unban update

    Hey @punker barbie I emailed them back, how long do you think they will take to respond it’s the ticket number 18509179 username ghiop102, thank you again.
  20. H

    account is banned

    Hello, My account baby_iceee is banned during i stream. I stream only 1,5 hours. I just chill, smiling, talk a little with members. i went in private show and my account was banned fast. I even didn’t understand what happened. I’m working 7 months on my account and never had any reports...