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  1. Tommy17

    I really need your help punker Barbie

    Hello, @punker barbie . I really need your help, my account “horny_boysss” in chaturbate has been banned just for uploading my ID from Venezuela. The crew from cb think I used false documents but I have sent them all the prove that my documents are legal but they not want to unbann me and also...
  2. L

    My account has been banned

    Hello @punker barbie hope you are well!. I need help. I fell asleep on the broadcast. during my broadcasts... I understand that it's forbidden, and I know it has happened other times. I swear I was sure I had stopped the broadcast as soon as I started to feel really tired, but I didn't, I'm...
  3. A


    Good afternoon @punker barbie, I'm opening a thread since I previously had an account in the studio and almost a month ago I opened an account as an independent since now I'm not linked to the studio but when I created it they immediately banned me (I guess the studio hadn't closed my previous...
  4. J

    Hello good afternoon, @punkiebarbie my account whose username is Nicojovenpollas1 was banned as soon as I made a purchase of tokens

    Hola buenas tardes @punkiebarbie mi cuenta cuyo nombre de usuario es Nicojovenpollas1 fue baneada apenas hice una compra de tokens quiero saber si puedo recuperarla gracias
  5. Cherry_Bloom

    Banned document

    Hi and good vibes @punker barbie I am writing to you as a last resort and hope since I was banned from chaturbate and I do not justify my behavior on the platform but I did not know that the consequences were so heavy: c chaturbate is the best in the entire industry and I have suffered from not...
  6. S

    Chaturbate Suspension

    Hi @punker barbie , my Chaturbate username is Sourvenom. The ticket number is #22142560. Basically I was streaming solo (i only make solo content) and I ended my broadcast because I had someone come over. I forgot to close the Chaturbate tab on my computer and the person who came over decided it...
  7. D


    We were banned a week and a half ago and we have emailed Chaturbate support three times during and we have not gotten a response or an explanation as to why we were banned. Are username is Deanlovescarey if we could get some help on how to get answers for our account how would be greatly...
  8. M

    Banned account

    Hello @punker barbie , my account name is (michellesanti ) I got ban some weeks ago due to age verification unfortunately, my passport expired, and I had no idea because I wasn’t streaming for a while, by time I started streaming again got banned only to realize that I needed to verify and my...
  9. N

    account banned

    @punker barbie Please help me 30/03/23 from my account awesome__devil (studio account head_lights) was hacked and a broadcast was started with prohibited content on chb and with advertising on a third-party resource. As soon as we learned about the broadcast, it was immediately stopped and after...
  10. N

    Need help account banned

    @@punker barbie Пожалуйста, помогите Ник awesome__devil Это аккаунт студии, принадлежащий электронной почте 30/03 на аккаунте моей модели awesome__devil, они начали трансляцию с запрещенным контентом в чатурбате. Аккаунт был взломан, трансляция была запущена на 10...
  11. N

    account blocked chb support not responding

    @punker barbie Please help Nickname awesome__devil This is a studio account linked to email 30/03 on the account of my awesome__devil model, they started broadcasting with prohibited content on chaturbate. The account was hacked, the broadcast was launched for 10...
  12. C

    Ban Appeal

    So i requested the IP ban myself,i made a new account bought tokens and got instantly banned. Is it possible to unban me? Since i didnt do anything wrong myself? Thanks in Advance. Old account was called /Vape6466 New account is called Captainlevi3 @punker barbie
  13. M

    Permanent banned chaturbate!

    good evening, this message is to ask for your help since my account has a permanent bank, my username is "madiejones" I need your help @punker barbie
  14. M

    Banned account without reason!

    good night my message is to ask for help my chaturbate account was banned for no reason, my nickname is "madiejones" I already sent emails but they do not give me a solution, I'm sad because chaturbate is my only job for now I need your help please @punker barbie
  15. I

    Chaturbate Account Banned for no reason

    I really don't know what is my violation, I just submitted a Chaturbate Age Verification, when I back to log in I saw that the account is already banned, I didn't do anything other than process the identification card verification, I hope you will help me @punker barbie because that's where I...
  16. B

    account banned for no reason

    Hello @punker barbie. Just a little over a month ago. It happened to me that I was banned for no reason. I wrote to support and they didn't respond, then I was simply unbanned. Since then I have been on the lookout for anything that violates the chatur terms. since I never knew the reason for...
  17. A

    Permanently banned during age verification

    Hello @punker barbie! I’ve been broadcaster on Chaturbate for 2 years. And got permanently banned while I provided my documents to new verification system. I tried many times but system any time haven’t approved my documents(said poor quality of photo)and then I got blocked. I tried to contact...
  18. D

    banned after verify ID

    Hi @punker barbie please do help me with my age verification to my chaturbate account, I was trying to verify my account and after uploading my documents my account was banned, I can only think that they banned me because when I registered I put a different date of birth than the one on my...
  19. D

    Banned for no reason,2 weeks no answer from support

    Hi @punker barbie I was banned before almost 2 weeks-12.11. I didnt do anything wrong with rules. I wrote many times to support via my email and via request form from site, but no answer or ticket number. Please help me to reslove this problem as soon as possible! My username is dirtycouple777
  20. B

    Help me🙏

    Hello, @punker barbie I have been banned and have not gotten support responses. I don't know the reason if it's permanent or temporary I don't know anything at all, could you help me? :( my username is: boy_latin_sammostercock