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  1. C

    Ban Appeal

    So i requested the IP ban myself,i made a new account bought tokens and got instantly banned. Is it possible to unban me? Since i didnt do anything wrong myself? Thanks in Advance. Old account was called /Vape6466 New account is called Captainlevi3 @punker barbie
  2. M

    Permanent banned chaturbate!

    good evening, this message is to ask for your help since my account has a permanent bank, my username is "madiejones" I need your help @punker barbie
  3. M

    Banned account without reason!

    good night my message is to ask for help my chaturbate account was banned for no reason, my nickname is "madiejones" I already sent emails but they do not give me a solution, I'm sad because chaturbate is my only job for now I need your help please @punker barbie
  4. I

    Chaturbate Account Banned for no reason

    I really don't know what is my violation, I just submitted a Chaturbate Age Verification, when I back to log in I saw that the account is already banned, I didn't do anything other than process the identification card verification, I hope you will help me @punker barbie because that's where I...
  5. B

    account banned for no reason

    Hello @punker barbie. Just a little over a month ago. It happened to me that I was banned for no reason. I wrote to support and they didn't respond, then I was simply unbanned. Since then I have been on the lookout for anything that violates the chatur terms. since I never knew the reason for...
  6. A

    Permanently banned during age verification

    Hello @punker barbie! I’ve been broadcaster on Chaturbate for 2 years. And got permanently banned while I provided my documents to new verification system. I tried many times but system any time haven’t approved my documents(said poor quality of photo)and then I got blocked. I tried to contact...
  7. D

    banned after verify ID

    Hi @punker barbie please do help me with my age verification to my chaturbate account, I was trying to verify my account and after uploading my documents my account was banned, I can only think that they banned me because when I registered I put a different date of birth than the one on my...
  8. D

    Banned for no reason,2 weeks no answer from support

    Hi @punker barbie I was banned before almost 2 weeks-12.11. I didnt do anything wrong with rules. I wrote many times to support via my email and via request form from site, but no answer or ticket number. Please help me to reslove this problem as soon as possible! My username is dirtycouple777
  9. B

    Help me🙏

    Hello, @punker barbie I have been banned and have not gotten support responses. I don't know the reason if it's permanent or temporary I don't know anything at all, could you help me? :( my username is: boy_latin_sammostercock
  10. J

    I got permanent ban

    Hello @punker barbie My account Lady_Valiant_ I havent ticket number i dont know why I have a problem with my account Lady_Valiant_ . I was permanently banned from Chaturbate in October 2022. I do not know why. I uploaded my documents for age verification, then I refreshed my page and my...
  11. M

    Chaturbate just BANNED me!

    I’ve been using Chaturbate for years and never had any problems. I have a complete verified account and it’s been fine. Suddenly I was broadcasting as I always do and it suddenly stopped saying BANNED. I am completely perplexed as to what I was doing, I also verify myself when I don’t show my...
  12. C

    My daily payout missing, and now my account banned

    Hey @punker barbie can you please help me again, chaturbate told me they will contact me and lemme knkw what happened with my tokens but they never did is been 1 week soon, i kindly asking a bit of your time to fix and my issue, and i had a second account they banned it as well... i made one for...
  13. L

    Banned account with no reason

    Dear @punker barbie please help me my account lily_mitchell1x got banned with no reason i believe dont do any violaltion @punker barbie hope you can help me, thank you.
  14. C

    Account banned

    Hello @AmberCutie and @punker barbie. My account alisa_bb was bloсked. I wrote earlier than the blocking was the fault of a stalker who is chasing me. I am sending you a screenshot with his letter to the support service, where he accuse me of terrible things. I assure you that I did not say such...
  15. B


    Hii. I was banned please help me get my account back. My broadcast name is hotbiamily . I send few emails at support bat i dont have nothing back Please help me Thanks
  16. C

    Banned due to user revenge Request: 19996571 hello @punker barbie

    Last morning sunday I was streaming on chaturbate so one user entered to my room and started harassing me and saying derogatory things about my tattoos he was harassing me on Instagram too and telling me that he will get my account banned on chaturbate. At the time I ignored these messages but...
  17. M

    Account ban

    good night I hope you can help me, since you are my last and only option. I was banned from chaturbate for no apparent reason even when I was offline, they have not given me a clear answer, only an automatic message telling me that I am banned forever :( please help me, I need to work and it is...
  18. P

    Banned account With my tokens.

    Anybody help me please:( @punker barbie so stressed my account is banned and i have 9k token. I try to email chaturbate but I don’t get any response i cannot understand why its so difficult to think what did i do? Or what i need to do. I need my salary for my bills please help me. User name...
  19. L

    Hello i need support my request (19692477) @punker barbie

    Dear Chaturbate support, for several months now my account has been banned for reasons that I still do not understand. I don't see any problems with my papers, they are all authentic and issued to me on my 20th birthday. date of issue is January 18, 2022. according to the laws of my country, I...
  20. E

    Dear @punker barbie , I need your help. My account got banned

    Dear @punker barbie , I need your help. My account Emily__Jean got banned. I don't know the reason, support is not answering me, please help. My ticket number 19602150