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  1. S

    Charlesbot Helpp!! plss

    Hello it's almost my second year in camming on mfc and I feel I can get more tips if I knew how charlesbot worked, I've gave up on him. I can't figure out exactly how to put banners and at least emojis in my chat. And when I command to clear chat and other things charlesbot just continuously...
  2. jessica21

    MFC banner size help please!!

    Hey everyone :) So I've been trying to make my snapchat and twitter banners for mfc, but I can't seem to get the size right. It's the length I'm struggling with. Is there a particular size that everyone uses? Or the size that you use that you might feel like sharing? Thank you in advance!!
  3. ReinaStorm

    How do you put banners on charlesbot?

    I've noticed girls put banners on their page through Charlesbot. When I first bought Charlesbot I asked the admin how to do it. Here is what they said : You have to submit the banner to MFC first as an emote, then use it like any other emote on MFC. I am naive about these type things. So I...