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  1. Capryce

    Doing better in solo than in couple

    Hello ladies :) I thought maybe you could give me some advices for quite a delicate problem, maybe some of you already have the same issue and managed to work things out, so here I am asking for your help. I searched this forum and couldn't find any similar topic. My bf and I (long term...
  2. BrieLovexo

    How do you feel about your significant other watching Cams??

    How do you feel about your significant other watching webcam models? This questions is mostly geared to cam models or former cam models but if you are a member your insight is more than welcome too! And if you aren't okay with it, does your significant other know you aren't okay with it, and...
  3. Jaremi Love

    Camming & My Relationship!

    Hey guys, J here. My fiance and I talked about this career before I started. He said it sounded alright. Well, we plan to do couple's camming when we are able to be reunited and live in the same home again.Anyway, he told me that he was keeping his feelings inside, and actually has a slight...
  4. M

    Wanting to start camming but my bf is uneasy about it, advice? Please

    So I have been wanting to start camming for a while now but I have a bf that I have been with for 2 and a half yrs, I tried to talk to him about it a while back because I was thinking about dancing but he mentioned camming saying it would probably be safer. At the time I just let it go and...
  5. B

    camed for only a week and quitted should I tell my Boyfriend?

    Hello girls I read through a lot of your other threads about bf topic, but my case is a little particular. I only did caming for about 5 days I think! no more than one week and I had to quit. At that time my bf and I, werent together since we broke up but a month after we got back together. I...