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  1. R

    Research help!

    Hi all! My name is Anna and I'm currently working on a research project about streaming. I've seen a couple of posts asking for help with this sort of thing so I hope it's okay! I work in social research and myself and the rest of my project team are really interested in the community aspect...
  2. Camlive7

    Join this Camming Site!

    Hey guys! My name's Estela and I work for Camlive7 as a Recruiter. I'm currently looking for new +18 models to join our Cam team! Work from home and create your own hours. 50% commission flat. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I've also attached a link below where you...
  3. DivaTraffic

    An introduction to DivaTraffic - Traffic service for cam models!

    Hello everyone! We thought it is about time to give you guys an introduction and tell you about DivaTraffic, how it works and all the benefits you can get out of our service. DivaTraffic launched in march 2016. Our goal was to reach out to the cammodels in LiveCam industry to make it more easy...
  4. E

    New cam Site, to be live very soon!

    Hi, we are a new site (CamAttitude) about to be live, if you are looking to work from home, earn good money, are entrepreneurial, work with flexible hours, be a cam model! Join us!!! and if you want to learn about the job...
  5. queenb333

    traffic questions and help?

    Im not sure if theres already a thread like this, but in the first few days I was on MFC i had about 100-200 in my room.. today 20 :/ I was wondering how to advertise and get more traffic?