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How Do You Get Members Registered Through Your Cammodels Link?

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Nov 22, 2021
United Kingdom
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Recently, my first and so far only member who signed up on my cammodels link has started spending money in other models' rooms. He's a big spender and for a long while, he would only visit my room but now that he's spending on others using his account, I'm fully realising the potential earnings here. I got an extra $40 for absolutely nothing yesterday because of him doing this! I think he came from my MFC room originally and followed me over when I switched to SM.

I don't have a big social media following and obviously, it's difficult to promote Streamate on other cam/clip/subscription sites without getting into trouble. Those of you who have a lot of success with the cammodels referral link, how did you do it? Is social media the way to go? Or can I subtly advertise freebies in return for using my affiliate link and get away with it on some sites like OF maybe?
I use 2 methods to promote my affiliate link. Main method is via Twitter and second method is via Reddit. My Reddit account is inactive, I just have a profile there with my links listed in profile bio. I get notifications of new followers there frequently in the week. I have around 4900 followers on Twitter. Honestly I don't spend a lot of time doing promo. My affiliate site name is the same as my Twitter handle/stage name which I think is also a big contributor to getting spenders on there. Literally put in the least amount of work there, so to come out with an extra $6k+ in the year, I'm very happy with. I had taken a break from Twitter for several months and had only returned recently, in those months I noticed the payouts were starting to get smaller, and coming in every two weeks instead of every week. Decline in earnings was 100% from not posting when I would be online via Twitter.

Some numbers the last 3 years, I did have small chargebacks and refunds in the year, but nothing substantial to me.

2022/$6905, 2021/$7720, 2020/$6591
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