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  1. C

    Zero traffic in my room

    Hey there, It's been almost 8 months on streamate as a male model and I have just collected only 132$ till now. Which is absolutely horrible. I'm losing my interest from the site day by day because I Couldn't find any customer who can pay me. I used to sit on my bed for long time but no Viewers...
  2. L

    Is streamate still slow for you?

    Hello everyone. I still have tons of issues with this site, and I'm fed up with the 30% and less traffic to Latin America. I'm thinking about leaving it. Anyone still has almost no traffic? What site are you using instead?r
  3. D

    Camming as a couple on SM?

    Me and my boyfriend are thinking about doing a couple's gold show together on SM. Have any other couples had a positive experience camming together on SM? Are gold shows a sustainable idea, and would you say it's more lucrative than camming solo?
  4. mika

    Does client in streamate getting too much disconnection this week with the reason “unknown “

    to all the streamate models, was it really bad this week like did you gets lots of clients who getting disconnected in your room and as soon as they go to exclusive they get disconnected right away with the reason “unknown” so they had to try it again?
  5. SexxxyTaylor

    Banned for 1 day turned into a whole week? Makes no sense, please help!?

    Yesterday, on Streamate I received a warning notice for "unacceptable behavior" which firstly, is very vague. I contacted support & they replied with a 1 day timeout. Of course I wanted to gain some clarity on what what was unacceptable about my behavior so I contacted support with a longer...
  6. Sashacurves

    How Do You Get Members Registered Through Your Cammodels Link?

    Recently, my first and so far only member who signed up on my cammodels link has started spending money in other models' rooms. He's a big spender and for a long while, he would only visit my room but now that he's spending on others using his account, I'm fully realising the potential earnings...
  7. MaryCorner

    Tip/Goal alerts on Streamate?

    Does anyone know, if any of those Tip/Goal Alerts can work on Streamate? Or anything similar that I could use on OBS? Thank you in advance!
  8. WeirdBunny

    CEI tag?

    Hey all, I randomly got a "cei" tag on my profile, I definitely did not do a cei session so I was like wtf. I'm not sure about Streamate's rules about cei and bodily stuff so I tend to avoid cei. I blocked the tag just in case, but what do you guys think, should I keep the tag to bring traffic...
  9. MaryCorner

    Questions on Streamate Gold Shows

    I have already done many Gold Shows on Streamate, but there are still some things that I haven't figured out yet: 1. Can a member pay and enter a Gold Show, AFTER it has began? Like 5 minutes later for example? 2. When members enter my public chat and I am on a Gold Show, do they see a notice...
  10. D

    Account permanently closed

    Have been using Streamate for a while now as a user. I requested a refund for two calls that lasted 30 seconds each due to a connection issue on my end. As soon as I got a reply from support about it being refunded my account was permanently closed. I have been offered no support besides the...
  11. skyerain

    Boleyn Transfer

    Hey! So I've been streaming on streamate for about two months...I really wanted daily pay (and a fall new girl boost since I started in the middle of Summer) but am trying to figure out how long the typical wait is. Anyone have insight as to when I should start expecting my new account sign up...
  12. JaneJaneth

    Address verification denied.

    Hi, everyone. I have been reading threads here for some time and I am so grateful for everyone’s support here. I have an issue with my address verification on streamate. I uploaded my bank statement with everything showing clearly. Date, address, everything they could need to verify my address...
  13. Sashacurves

    Where to advertise for Skype customers?

    I have a few regulars that I do Skype shows with and it can be really useful as a source of income when I can't stream live on cam (e.g. travelling somewhere where the internet speed good enough for skype, but will result in no-one entering my room on cam). Also because you get 100% of your...
  14. lydialove

    Advice on Contests?

    Hi everyone! I've been a cam girl for six years now and I finally gave streamate a shot, and I LOVE IT! I have been on for about a week now and I'm seeing some talk about "contests." I did my own research on them, but was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to navigate them? Is it hard for...
  15. C

    Camgirlpedia shows trending tags and detailed tag statistics from top cam sites for free! (and other useful tools)

    A month ago I released a website that shows detailed statistics and historical data for tags on a number of cam sites, it was suggested that I make a post here because it might be a useful resource for people. What it does: The website lets you browse all tag data for free...
  16. C

    Nude in public chat?

    I’ve seen so many here lately in public giving blowjobs, fingering up close to the cam, etc.. I thought there wasn’t any nude in public? It’s discouraging when you follow the rules & work your ass off and people do it for free so no one is going to come to a room to pay for it lol Did they...
  17. dps77923

    Does this performer violate rules of Streamate?

    1. I learned from an article(about model was banned) in this forum that performer below the waist will be banned at Streamate 2. I search and read Performer Code of Conduct (Streamate) and understand "No Below The Waist Nudity In Free Chat" About a week ago, I entered a performer's cam room...
  18. explorejade

    Question for SM models!

    Hey guys! Sorry for the boring question 😴 But I'm wondering if any other US Streamate models have had checks via mail that were a few days late? I've received my first check, but my second is 2 days late. Just wondering if this is common and I should expect late checks from time to time. TIA!
  19. L

    Being Stalker, Harassed and Threatened To Have My Account Deleted By User

    The same user has been stalking and harassing me for months on Streamate. He doxxed me, sent flowers to my house trying to get my attention and when he doesn’t get his way he keeps threatening to tell Streamate lies that I met with him, send fake screenshots and claim I solicited so they will...
  20. Sam13

    Closed Account

    I was transmitting normally and they sent me an email that they had closed my account for "fraud". My account has always been in order, I always respected the code of conduct and I work here every day, this is my livelihood. I still do not receive responses from Streamate to clarify this...