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  1. Jijiki

    Where do you cam? How long have you been camming and how much do you make?

    I make these days 5000-8000 tks/night and I've been streaming on Chaturbate for two months. I'd like to know if I'm making too little or above average. And how much do you make?
  2. Jijiki

    Can I stream on both (not at the same time) streamate and Chaturbate?

    For example can I stream on Chaturbate Monday Wednesday and Friday and the rest of the week I'll stream on streamate? Anyone does that?
  3. SIREN

    SIREN: Streamate online notificaions

    Meet the new Telegram bot for Streamate! We will notify whenever your favorite models are online. Join this week and get 20 subscriptions instead of 10 We also have bots for Chaturbate, BongaCams, Stripchat, LiveJasmin, CamSoda, and Flirt4Free
  4. Aries_venus

    Proof of address

    I’ve been trying to get my proof of address approved for 2 weeks now and have tried various things. I’ve uploaded a pic and a scan of a bill. Maybe it’s the date though? Idk. Cuz I don’t get paper bills anymore - I mean does anyone? Anyways the bill is from a couple years ago but I am still at...
  5. jocelindia369

    Does anyone splitcam on a private and a free site?

    I've been streaming on Streamate for about a year, and I just started experimenting with MFC a month ago. I'm quite entertained in the free chat in MFC, while I'm bored on SM unless I'm in a private. My plan is to stream on free chat on both sites, but is there a way to turn off my camera for...
  6. Onlylineup

    Streamate questions

    Hi all. I have some questions regarding the cam site Streamate, asking for a model. - If a model starts their account over (deletes and re-registers), do they get the new performer exposure from first opening an SM account? - Is there any way of checking your SM balance without having to...
  7. Evelyn_

    Twitter and SM

    Heey! Just wondering how you ladies get twitter followers when you stream on SM because they still don't allow links to twitter right? When I stream on MFC I get loads of twitter followers but SM is my main site.
  8. L


    Hey guys. I started on stripchat days ago and made 90 USD. I want to try Streamate as well. What would you advice to set a schedule for both sites without burning? I just want to try if I prefer token or pvt sites since I'm new. Thanks <3
  9. Chiara_Montague

    Streamate Quick Responses

    Hey guys, what are some good quick response buttons to have on Streamate? I think a "No, that is against SM's TOS and I won't do it." comment is bare minimum and necessary along with "I will not do age, race, incest play." (or spelling out other rules/your boundaries) but what about others? I...
  10. CheeseMoon


    About a week ago I was tipping and chatting with a model on StripChat. It was nice enough, so I started to follow her. A few days later I logged back in and found a long offline PM thanking me for this and that and bablabla funny/nice/gentleman, AND that she had the same model name on...
  11. K

    Streamate low traffic ?

    Hi all! So I noticed the last couple of days Streamate has very slow traffic compared to the last 2 weeks let's say when they announced that traffic has been increased. This is my main site and I love it so I am worried and I am wondering if anyone else noticed this change. Someone complained...
  12. soyandigh

    Streamate traffic!

    Hello all :) Meetings from Colombia! I been a model for years on Chatur but I cant hold that site anymore and is affecting my mental health a lot so I been reading this forum for the last weeks and I created an Streamate account. Im there usually 5-6hrs per day, I think Ilook cute and my english...
  13. S

    C2C on streamate?

    Hey y'all. I'm new to camming and was wondering if with streamate on the smconnect chat you could c2c? I see a button for cam2cam on the older version but not this new one? Any help is appreciated :) Ps I use an external encoder. Idk if that affects it
  14. M

    Anyone able to use Streamate at 1080p?

    I don't know how many people on here broadcast through Streamate but their resolution output is so confusing to me. I have a Logitech C22x which can do 1080p and the output but when i load my page on a different screen the highest quality always was 720p. I thought maybe it's just the webcam. I...
  15. A

    Streamate and taxes.

    Hello! I'm new on the forum, and I need advice about taxes, so if someone can give me any advice I would be really happy! In order to follow taxes here in Argentina, as I am a self employee and I pay my own taxes, I was told by a lawyer that I might need to explain where my incomes come from...
  16. A

    How safe is to keep money on EPayService??

    Hello everyone! I-m starting this thread in connection with the payment service provider : How safe it is! How can we be sure we will not go through what we’ve been through with FirstChoisePay or ePassporte again?? Look what they say in the MasterCard Prepaid card Terms...
  17. angryoldllama

    Is SM ever gonna go back to letting models use direct download links for customs?

    Seriously, I loved the ability to just tip a model and have her send me an awesome video with mediafire. Now with their new video manager thing, it's a very convoluted process and the old models I used to enjoy buying from can't use the old direct download link system because they're not allowed...
  18. BadgirlIvy

    To split cam or not to split cam...

    Trying to decide how to do both Chaturbate and Streamate. I did both MFC and Chaturbate shows at the same time for a while but my resolution was terrible, now that I have figured out how to run both with OBS, I just have decided to stay off of MFC until I have a better following and am better...
  19. S

    Tippers Group On Streamate

    Hey all!! I think it would be an awesome idea if we could create a "tippers group" on streamate where we could set up some meetings to tip a certain model all together. If Anyone is interested in the idea please let me know!!
  20. SMuser69

    SM beta

    I see SM is showing off their new beta site. Pro; 1. DARK MODE 2. Much faster preview loading 3. Better layout of the bio 4. Much improved transcoding. I don't know if they did anything extra on the backend but delay is reduced. Here's how the main page looks. Probably looks the same to many...