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  1. A

    Streamate and taxes.

    Hello! I'm new on the forum, and I need advice about taxes, so if someone can give me any advice I would be really happy! In order to follow taxes here in Argentina, as I am a self employee and I pay my own taxes, I was told by a lawyer that I might need to explain where my incomes come from...
  2. A

    How safe is to keep money on EPayService??

    Hello everyone! I-m starting this thread in connection with the payment service provider : How safe it is! How can we be sure we will not go through what we’ve been through with FirstChoisePay or ePassporte again?? Look what they say in the MasterCard Prepaid card Terms...
  3. angryoldllama

    Is SM ever gonna go back to letting models use direct download links for customs?

    Seriously, I loved the ability to just tip a model and have her send me an awesome video with mediafire. Now with their new video manager thing, it's a very convoluted process and the old models I used to enjoy buying from can't use the old direct download link system because they're not allowed...
  4. BadgirlIvy

    To split cam or not to split cam...

    Trying to decide how to do both Chaturbate and Streamate. I did both MFC and Chaturbate shows at the same time for a while but my resolution was terrible, now that I have figured out how to run both with OBS, I just have decided to stay off of MFC until I have a better following and am better...
  5. S

    Tippers Group On Streamate

    Hey all!! I think it would be an awesome idea if we could create a "tippers group" on streamate where we could set up some meetings to tip a certain model all together. If Anyone is interested in the idea please let me know!!
  6. SMuser69

    SM beta

    I see SM is showing off their new beta site. Pro; 1. DARK MODE 2. Much faster preview loading 3. Better layout of the bio 4. Much improved transcoding. I don't know if they did anything extra on the backend but delay is reduced. Here's how the main page looks. Probably looks the same to many...
  7. marieplays

    What should I do when I'm idle/just starting a show? And other n00b questions...

    Hello everyone! I've been camming on Chaturbate for a little more than a week now and I have several questions that have been bothering me. I hope I'm not being repetitive with any of them because I did browse through several pages of the forum looking for answers and did find a few, but not...
  8. HarmonyRey

    Streamate - Enabling Phone Chat?

    I read on here that for Streamate if you enable phone chat, it can boost your placement and a guy asked if I did phone privates and I didn't know what it was. I enabled it on my profile, how to I enable it when I am streaming? Best, Harmony
  9. sstrunks

    Best encoder for streamate?

    Hello! I'm sorry if this question has already been asked but I've been having problems streaming on SM. I've only been using SMBroadcast and have noticed that once I hit about an hr into streaming my quality degrades and I start lagging, have serious delay or become pixellated. I usually have to...
  10. NerdyZoey

    My First Show on Streamate

    ok so it wasn’t just my first show on SM it was my first show ever. I wanted to write out my experience, because when I first got interested I tried to find as many strories as possible. Anyway, I logged on around midnight. I had issues with SMbroadcaster at first but figured it out rather...
  11. Guy

    Why am I being called pet names on SM more often than when I was on MFC?

    I dont call models pet names. But I have noticed that on SM Im being called pet names by models a lot more often than when I was on MFC. Why is that?
  12. jessica21

    Wanting to split cam with streamate! Which site do you prefure?

    Hey everyone! So I've been wanting to start split camming while on Streamate but I'm having trouble picking another pvt based site. I've seen many people discouraged by most sites other then Streamate. Does anyone split cam with another site. If so which one? Which pvt based site do you all...
  13. boundstrawberry

    Streamate Payment Question

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried my best to check for similar threads before starting this one. Is it possible to have payment go to someone else that isn't the performer themselves? For example, I personally don't have a bank account and have been using my boyfriend's account for...
  14. QuinnLane

    Equipment help! Desktop specs, etc

    Okay, so, I'm able to get a new (well, secondhand) desktop but I'm not thaaaat computer savvy, and I just want a second/third/fourth opinion on the computer I'm looking at getting. I've emailed Streamate but they haven't replied yet and I need opinions before Tuesday, basically. I will be...
  15. Guy

    Why doesent SM allow tiping in premium chat?

    I was just in a couple's premium chat. I was surprised to see that there wasnt an option to tip gold during the show.
  16. Fiend-Nix

    Streamate to MFC: How to prepare for the switch?

    Hi! I'm Nix! I didn't see a thread that specifically answered my question, so I thought it'd be okay to post a new one! I took advice from this site and started on Streamate. I've been on for about a month now :3 But my goal has always been to move to My Free Cams! I have a list of things I...
  17. Guy

    Issue with enabling text alerts for when favorite SM models are online

    Well this is annoying. Despite the fact that I entered in my phone number, Streamate wont send me the verification code that enables me to receive texts about when my favorites are online.
  18. X

    Me and fiance want to go to chaturbate from stream mate what's best payment option for UK!?

    We are still new to camming but on stream mate traffic seems to be very slow and alot of people not talking and leaving soon as joining we've tried talking and being flirty etc with no joy we want to go to give chaturbate a go but as we are in UK what' our best way of getting paid :)? Is there...
  19. TajaEthereal

    Find Out How You Can Earn An Hourly Rate As A Cammodel

    In order to become eligible for the new hourly pay rate for cammodels in the Boleyn Models Network, there are a few rules and regulations that cammers must abide by. The first requirement as a cammodel is, you must be a performer on the Streamate platform in order to qualify for the new hourly...
  20. Stella_kittyxo

    Bongacams? Has anyone been succesful there?

    So last summer i moved out with my boyfriend into our new apartment right after i got my first new car. I worked in streamate for 2 years and i still worked under the same account my studio provided me so yea i was making like 20% which was shitty considering you have to pay your rent, buying...