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  1. Sashacurves

    Where to advertise for Skype customers?

    I have a few regulars that I do Skype shows with and it can be really useful as a source of income when I can't stream live on cam (e.g. travelling somewhere where the internet speed good enough for skype, but will result in no-one entering my room on cam). Also because you get 100% of your...
  2. S

    How to advertise that you are buying content?

    Hello all, Can anyone list some good options for advertising that you are buying content? For example, what are some good twitter hashtags you can use to attract models? Or any options that work better than twitter would be appreciated
  3. Pia

    Weird ad email from... chaturbate?

    Hiyaa everyone!! Haven't found a similar thread about this situation so here I go... uhmm got this email from chaturbate (seems legit) but funny thing is that I don't follow any of these models, actually I just follow a few from ACF, therefore, I checked personally every single profile displayed...
  4. Witchessleep

    Chaturbate and Manyvids audience/questions

    I wanted people who find me through Chaturbate or Manyvids know they can pay for my snapchat using either MV or CB, but it seems like I can't outright advertise outside payment or links on chaturbate. I like having that transparency with people (i.e someone from manyvids has a chaturbate account...
  5. Ronda Blum

    Camgirl Promos - Please add this email address to your list.

    If you are serious about your business and engage in self-promotion as a camgirl or adult online entertainer, and broadcast news about your activities and promotions by way of press releases, emails or newsletters, please add our email address to your distribution list. Even if you do not...
  6. ShyCollegeSlut

    Twitter Advertising

    This is my twitter link for reference to what I will be asking about. To be honest, I never used twitter before cam, and I had zero interest in tweeting real life things to random people. I mainly use it to advertise, post links, and have recently (very...
  7. Smores

    Buying Promotion on MFC or CB?

    Is there any straightforward way to pay for advertising for a model on MFC? On MFC, once they get a really low camscore, they are so far down on the page they struggle to get more than a handful of people to even find the room. I am curious to what degree paid advertising of a room might...
  8. Smores

    Do Cam Sites Compensate Model for Advertising Revenue?

    I gather that most of the webcam sites are only paying out the model for tokens that users give her? The problem I see is that most of the traffic in a model's room is freeloaders who just want to sit around and watch for free. The websites make money from those viewers through advertising...