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  1. Velma cosplay

    Velma cosplay

    Dressed in Velma cosplay for cams.
  2. C


    Are the guys that say that they'll tip you after setting up a password show, which only they know the password to, usually a scammer? Once a guy said 500 tokens after the show, and just left after doing a full show. This one guy recently said 900 tokens after the show but if I put in this "9282"...
  3. xXDollFaceXx

    I want to commission an MFC profile?

    Hello, I'm new and I need help (I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong or putting it in the wrong place) Basically, I'm looking to commission someone to make me my own MFC profile. I have been trying to figure it out myself and researching endlessly how to create my own page and do html and css and...
  4. mermaidwhit

    Best pay per minute cam site?no more freeloaders!

    Hello, I'm new to the camming world and im already struggling. I started out with chaturbate which was a complete disappointment as it was filled with freeloaders which only give less than 1 dollar per session. It has been 4 days and there's only 4 dollars earned.I was trying to earn the...