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  1. M

    Re-creation of Chaturbate account

    Hello everyone! Have anybody re-created the account before with the same ID card? If yes, please give me some information on it
  2. M


    Recently I started experiencing this problem that when I tried to tip it would say unable to tip. I called but they just insisted I write an email but still haven’t heard back yet. I normally don’t have this problem but I did make a new account because of security reasons now this happened if...
  3. J

    I got banned for looking young

    Hey, i was accepted and then later banned because i looked young that is what they told me
  4. H

    Why is my Chaturbate Account Banned

    Hello all , just logging to broadcast today , and up comes "Account Banned" Now its really frustrating cause i have coins that i earned on my account , and i find it strange that after all this time of having no problems and my best rating yet at 100% and over 8k followers im banned?, like...
  5. DirtyHarley

    The Best CB Games and how do they work/rules

    i'v seen a bunch of games on CB but some are so so and some are not explained much on how to play or maybe i'm not understanding them lol i dunno..i would love to hear everyones awesome successful game ideas and how to play them.
  6. marieplays

    What should I do when I'm idle/just starting a show? And other n00b questions...

    Hello everyone! I've been camming on Chaturbate for a little more than a week now and I have several questions that have been bothering me. I hope I'm not being repetitive with any of them because I did browse through several pages of the forum looking for answers and did find a few, but not...
  7. Witchessleep

    Chaturbate lag! (is it them or me?)

    This is more of a vent, but seriously what is going on? For two days now, I couldn't even cam because of this very infuriating lag. I downloaded OBS, but I wasn't confident that it was showing up (the set-up is kind of awkward to me). I checked my internet which said it was very fast, but the...
  8. peachyslutx

    Account banned: The person you submitted ID for was already approved on this account.

    Hello, I have a problem with my Chaturbate account (peachyslutx). My account got banned because I sent a licence that wasn't accepted. So I started over and sent a scan of my passport and a picture of me it holding it to my face as instructed. Since I hadn't gotten a response for a long time I...
  9. sakurachan162

    Guy Was VERY Insistent to Be Our ONLY Mod... Suspicious?

    Hey everyone! So my wife and I did our first show last night on CB (ali_alex). The most views we had at once was 35, but suddenly at the end of our show, some guy showed up and immediately insisted that he should be our mod. I accepted that, for now, but I'm trying to understand what he'd get...
  10. tinymartianslut

    Forgot Bot/App Name for Statistics Reminder in Chat?

    Hey, I'm a Chaturbate streamer and there was a bot I really liked that I cannot remember the name of. It was a statistical analysis bot. So, you basically entered how much you want to make each hour and it kept you on goal privately. - It gave reminders of how many people had joined you per...
  11. PervyPixie

    Chaturbate - What is allowed?

    Hi :) I totally new, and I'm preparing to start my camming life ;) I have been reading the T&C on Chaturbate, and there are somethings that I'm not sure about. Since I don't want to get kicked out of CB before I get properly started, I thought I would ask you guys in hope of some answers. What...
  12. I


    Hello, srry fot the topic, I make, chaturbate design profile, if somebody is interested please contact me.
  13. tinymartianslut

    Fresh Ideas for Roll-the-Dice Prizes

    The app is fun but the prizes are over done. You can only rub ice on your nipples so many times. Care to add something unique and fun to the list? - squats - pinch nipples - spankings - name on body - call mom - lovense blast - hitachi - twerk - oil - handjob - dildo bj - shoe or sock change -...
  14. Guy

    Can a CB model be successful without using Lovense or OhMiBod?

    When ever I visit Chaturbate, almost all of the solo models are using Lovense or OhMiBod. Is that because you cant make money on there without them? Just curious.
  15. N

    Cum Eating and other questions

    I'm new to camming and I know that there are certain restrictions of things you can or can't do. I haven't seen anything about not being allowed to eat cum. So can a girl eat her own cum or another girls cum on MFC? Is it the same for Chaturbate too?
  16. J

    im new to chaturbate, how was your first week or month?

    Hi everyone I'm new here and new to CB :) At the moment I've been on cb for 3 weeks (1-2x/week) and have created a small following, about 950 users (is that good?). All I've done is chat with them and do very minimal teasing. It's super fun! I'm really enjoying it. Would like to know everyone's...
  17. V

    Accidentally "cashed out" on CB!

    So after my first show on CB I converted my tokens to cash, not really thinking much about it, I figured the feature would just show me the amount of money I had made last night. Well, it literally cashed out my coins and I didn't have a bank account connected at the time. I panicked and...
  18. SensualFreeSpirit

    How to do goals

    I don't know why I can't wrap my head around how to set up a goal properly on CB or any site for that matter. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions & examples please. I usually just say it's 25 tokens for this, 40 tokens for that, etc. & I list all the shows I do. Thanks
  19. LilliyLuv

    Birthday Games

    So im turning 26 on april 23rd and im really looking forward to being online for my bday. Im still fairly new on Chaturbate and looking for some birthday game ideas or any birthday ideas. :h: Im open to any ideas :)
  20. Angeqliue_Faris

    Chaturbate Tips

    Hello ^.^ I recently (actually today) signed up for Chaturbate and was accepted. I want to know from all you wonderful models who use CHATURBATE SPECIFICALLY some tips. They can be about profile looks, the do's and don't, etc etc. Anything that you think can help!!! **This isn't my first...