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  1. J

    new tag

    hello, I'm new broadcasting... I created my account on chatur and for personal reasons I had to stop broadcasting the first few days so I couldn't take advantage of the days with the new tag... I created a new account and they didn't give me the tag anymore Does anyone know why and how I can get...
  2. J

    I got my account banned, please help me

    I got my account banned and i don't know what happens. Please @punker barbie help me reviewing the topic. Whatever I do I only get automatic response from support. Since is the only site that working great and I have many followers I will be happy to continue working on platform and gladly...
  3. A


    Hello , I still have a hope …@punker barbie please help me 🙏🙏🙏I really need your help 😢 support cb doesn’t answer, my model account Whitelittlebunny1 has been banned 31 May suddenly when I’ve add other ID , because ID on account was expired I have been work already many years on my account...
  4. E

    Dear @punker barbie , I need your help. My account got banned

    Dear @punker barbie , I need your help. My account Emily__Jean got banned. I don't know the reason, support is not answering me, please help. My ticket number 19602150
  5. E

    pls help me, account has been banned.

    Hi @punker barbie .I need your help, my account Emily_Hix__ was blocked during the broadcast, I do not know the reason. I wrote in support, I do not respond to support. Please help me figure out this situation. My request (19501195) . Thank you for your help in advance.
  6. E

    Good afternoon @punker barbie , I need your help

    Hi @punker barbie .I need your help, my account Emily_Hix__ was blocked yesterday during the broadcast, I do not know the reason. I wrote in support, I do not respond to support. Please help me figure out this situation. My request (19437028) . Thank you for your help in advance.
  7. M

    Account banned for no reason, still haven't reactivated

    Hi @punker barbie My account was blocked for no reason. And i already got email from chaturbate about my account is active now, but it is not even active. Please can you confrim my request to support? i really need my account back! ticket number: 19415860 Thank you! @punker barbie
  8. E

    I really need help, there may be 20 models without work @punker barbie

    @punker barbie Good afternoon, I understand that they are not very loved here, when the studio appeals here, but I do not see another way out, because terrible happened. The administrator who worked in our studio stole all models account data and changed passwords and emails. We admitted...
  9. valentinvega_

    They banned my account, it is a mistake, I have been a bit distressed since August 2020.

    @punker barbie Good morning, receive a cordial greeting from me, dear friends of chaturbate, I want to explain my case a little, in the chaturbate platform I started as a model in the year 2020 of the month of August, starting with a study which I created my nicknamed account ( valentin_veg)...
  10. BigPano

    Account Banned

    Hi @punker barbie. Yesterday my Account got banned for a reason i don't know. Im mostly a user an by token on a regualr basis. I tried caming myself now for about 4 weeks and now i got banned. As far as i remember, i didn't violet any Rules or Terms from CB. Hope you can help me with this issue...
  11. A

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie My account was denied age verification and once i paid for upgrade membership it got banned and i didn’t do anything i made it 10 minutes before it got banned. Is there anyway to reclaim my account? Please help me !!!! Account: alexbottom9
  12. R

    Banned account on Chaturbate

    Hello, My account got banned a while back and haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone at Chaturbate to restore my account. I need help restoring my account. I heard @punker barbie can help. @punker barbie my username is: ralliart1o
  13. L

    Account banned for no reason

    Hello, Im a model from Colombia. Chaturbate has always meant the world to me because it has helped me meet my goals, my dreams, and more importantly, thanks to Cb I have stability in my life. I love all of my supporters and I always give my best in every show. Unfortunately 11 days ago I was...
  14. MillyNoelle

    Lovense/Lush questions and comparisons

    A shop in my country has a sale on Lush 2 as the Lush 3 just came out. The Lush 2 version is about 45$ cheaper on their website... but is the Lush 3 more worth it? I really like the magnetic charging port and the improved battery life, but it's quite an expensive toy. Do you own a Lush 2 or 3...
  15. GoldTeachers

    problem with changing billing information

    Hi dear @punker barbie ! Help me please with my CB account. Name GoldTeachers ) We need to change our billing information but we can’t do it also we cannot convert tokets...( we don’t know what’s the matter and support doesn’t answer(
  16. Angelica W

    Chaturbate mentor scam

    Hey! I cam exclusively on streamate, but when I was starting out and trying a few different sites I encountered something weird in Chaturbate that I can’t find mentioned anywhere else. I got a number of accounts claiming to be girls who were either former CB models, or concerned mothers saying...
  17. dickwow99

    Payment on Hold by CB

    Hey there, I had an issue with my verification as cb wanted only passport and I driver's license, but @punker barbie was able to help me with it and my account was verified and I was able to receive tokens. Here is the link to my old issue for reference. I decided to get a payout and added...
  18. M

    Re-creation of Chaturbate account

    Hello everyone! Have anybody re-created the account before with the same ID card? If yes, please give me some information on it
  19. M


    Recently I started experiencing this problem that when I tried to tip it would say unable to tip. I called but they just insisted I write an email but still haven’t heard back yet. I normally don’t have this problem but I did make a new account because of security reasons now this happened if...
  20. J

    I got banned for looking young

    Hey, i was accepted and then later banned because i looked young that is what they told me