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  1. C

    Wire transfer for Europe

    Hey! I wanna know if we need a passport to can use this method of payment on Chaturbate ? And how much time usually need to wait to have it in our bank account ? (Wire transfer witouth Paxum)Thank you!<3
  2. H

    Chaturbate viewers weird! problems stuff!

    Hello all! So this is my first post and I am asking for a friend of mine who is a camgirl. 1) So she is actually a quiet known camgirl on chaturbate and found out recently that she always getting many problems. She told me it started with getting often Chaturbate Admin warning messages ...
  3. crosscountry

    Finding your tipping audience on Chaturbate

    Hi guys, I have been a trans cam model for almost a year now and have been on Chaturbate for 2 months. I'd like to know what method worked for you on finding a tipping audience. I understand there is lots of information already out there and what works for you may not work for me but I would...
  4. L

    Promotion personal websites

    I read that is not allowed to chat anywere else, but I saw so many girls selling their kik, and they never got banned.. so I don't get what kind of platform is fine to promote/sell.. is It fine to sell kik? And to promote instagram/Twitter?
  5. L

    Chaturbate followers

    Hello, I have a question more for the Chaturbate models. How long did it take you to reach 100,000 followers? How long you had to cam until getting stable in finances and being able to live from it? Thanks for any replies :)
  6. maria herna

    chaturbate - just a new idea.

    I thought it would be interesting that you could do a show with other models, even if not really together in reality. it would be nice if the screen could be split in half , in one room, and see the two girls' webcams. Tokens would be split in half between the two profiles, but it would be fun...
  7. L

    Trouble Connecting my Lush

    Hey everyone! I'm still new to camming, only been doing it for about a month. I'm a member of Chaturbate, I see all these girls with the Lush interactive vibrator and it looks like it's making them money, so I decided to buy one. The toy itself is great, but I can't get the Lovense Chrome...
  8. BambiBluebell

    Chaturbate: Friends list & private shows question

    Hi chaps, I'm new and just trying to work out what I want to do about PM's and so forth. Is there a friend's list I can add people to, once they've tipped for PM's? The site FAQ's suggests there is but I cannot find it anywhere and no amount of googling has helped me. Also re private shows...
  9. M

    Chaturbate: how to keep track of top tipper?

    Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I have recently started camming on Chaturabte. Now as we are trying to get better at the game we would like to be able to track our favorite tippers over a longer time than just one day. As I have searched chaturbate I didn't really find a efficient way to keep...
  10. L

    chaturbate/mfc advice

    Hi i started camming on chaturbate around a month and a half ago I am finding it quite difficult I only have 411 followers and I only have around 10 viewers in my room or less.I also cam on mfc but have stopped going on as my cam score has dropped dramatically to 350.I am finding it increasingly...
  11. ramy

    cheaper chaturbate tokens

    i will give you cheaper chaturbate tokens 100 tokens ------> $3 200 tokens -------> $5 1000 tokens ------> $25 2000 tokens -------> $47 email me for exchange [email removed] bitcoins only
  12. ramy

    How does Chaturbate pay virtual?

    how can chaturbate pay virtual?
  13. S

    Never got paid :(

    Hello. I have been caming daily for 3 months on chaturbate, sic to 8 hours (I was on for 2 months before that but same situation I wasn't making much money and also not being paid on time, so I had to quit to get a job) but the payments are simply not coming through. they sent me two checks for...
  14. I

    Tip Menu Bio PDF???How?

    How do you upload a pdf of your tip menu into your bio? I keep trying to click "Upload picture/video" but thats not working. Thanks :)
  15. JesseBangs

    How do I add broadcasters to Chaturbate?

    Me and my friend are both verified on chaturbate, can we just start broadcasting together or is there some sort of process for adding her verification to my account to start? Please help, cheers! ---
  16. Sadiesxxxplayground

    Banned on Chaturbate

    So, my wife and I have decided to become a cam couple. We uploaded our IDs and hers was expired. They still approved us and about an hour into our first show the site banned us. She went to DMV and got a new license. She uploaded it and we are still banned. I contacted Shirley, customer support...
  17. Goddessfanta


    I am a new cam girl for both chaturbate and camsoda. I need some tips/advice about being a successful cam girl. Feel free to message me as well!
  18. harleyfox

    New Girl, Help!

    Hi! I'm sure there are tons of similar questions, but I feel like I've read up on all the tricks but I'm still struggling to get a decent amount of viewers. I started camming on Chaturbate about three months ago, and at first I was only able to broadcast on random days. Now I can broadcast...
  19. N


    Hi guys, I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I recently became a model on Chaturbate. Despite only doing six broadcasts over the span of one week, I quickly became one of the most viewed cams and raked in a LOT of money in a very short amount of time. I'm including these details because...
  20. A

    is chaturbate not working for anyone else???

    When I go to my "token stats" it says "loading..." or something like "you are moving too fast".. I have a fair amount of tokens so I'm not trying to get bullshitted out of the money I made. And now, it's not even letting me brodcast.