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  1. V

    Account ban! baby face

    Hello. My account was banned because of the babe face and "numerous complaints about it." The support of Chaturbate advised me to come in half a year again. My ticket number is 19127343, 19021967, 19022204 . Can you help me with a bastard? My name of the account VeronicaStones.
  2. C

    Chaturbate Ban With No Reason

    Hi @punker barbie I have seen in the forum that you have helped other models with this ban problem, unfortunately the same thing happened to me. I have not received any type of warning for months and today my account was banned for no reason. Can you please help me? It is my only source of...
  3. L

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie, my chaturbate account "laurenkastin" hast been banned just minutes after having a normal conversation with a cammodel in PM. I already reached out to support but didn't receive an answer for 3 days. Which is odd as the support usually is pretty fast. I described what...
  4. D

    Private recording question

    Genuine question here. When a private is recorded on Chaturbate, is it the site that records it or one of the users computers? For instance, could a bad connection on the viewers end cause the models computer to record a black screen? Background: Went into a private, short time in the model's...
  5. M

    Hello @Punkerbarbie Could you please help me get my account back

    My mermaids_ account on chaturbate has been banned on 10.12.2021 and I have no idea why, I always follow all the rules and I have never broken any of the rules so this situation is even more strange to me and I would like to know the reason and get my account back Chaturbate has not replied to...
  6. I

    Account ban from Chaturbate

    Hello @punker barbie, hope you are doing well. Yesterday was my first day on cam with Chaturbate. I love the site and want to keep camming. However, I was banned during a private show with a viewer. I’m not sure what I did to get banned, and I didn’t mean to violate any terms of service...
  7. L

    Anonymous increase&dissapear Chaturbate

    Hi! I decided to do a post, because i have no idea what is going on 🙉 I started streaming in March and I was (and I still am) using 'promotion' tool on chaturbate a lot since 3-4 months. I reach with that 80-150 viewers on stream 🥺 Something that first happened a month ago is bothering me. I...
  8. P

    I got banned because I am already age verified!?

    Hello @punker barbie ... maybe you can help me... My CB name is prettyfatcock. I am a long time exhibitionist broadcaster on cb and I love to be watched by a lot of women who love to watch me. But in december 2020 I complained about the new Rule for Broadcasters to be age verified.... so they...
  9. Mandrawhore

    Is there a @Punker Barbie to save my banned account ?

    Hi there... I got my account banned today while broadcasting... And i still don't know why. II was just testing my new App... and chatting with some friends and mods in my room ... I emailed the support ( request (18215736) ) but still waiting for an answer... So if @punker barbie could...
  10. K

    unable to convert tokens to cash!

    hi @punker barbie i came on here cause i am tryin to find out why i am unable to convert my tokens into cash. i tried contacting through email and also tried calling and was waiting on the phone for 2 hours then got told "no representivaties available" then hanged up.I seen that you helped out...
  11. RueBae


    Hey guys so for those who saw my thread about not receiving my money after I cashed out the 10th and 11th, I just wanted to update y’all! Apparently it was bc I didn’t know about the W-9 lol but I just filled out the first page like they asked for and sent it in and now I’m just waiting on a...
  12. RueBae

    Why haven’t I been paid yet?

    So I am a new cam girl, but I’ve used chaturbate in the past a couple years ago.. back then I received my payments through check (which never arrived) and I was never contacted.. This time I use direct deposit and I cashed out $56 on the 10th And $52 on the 11th.. I read online many different...
  13. F

    new ID verification system banned us even when we have 100% legit passports

    hey guys id like to share our case on chaturbate ... We are 2 female and 1 male performer on account: funcouple1985 Id like to point out that we signed up first time on chaturbate on march 2013 and have been cammin exclusively here since then (maybe this helps?) we were age verified and...
  14. R

    Account Banned

    Hey,good day, today my count was banned, I really don't know why, themessage was this: "We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding this action." I sent...
  15. thiago_alvezz


    username: thiago_alvezz Dear chaturbate team. I have been working with this account: thiago_alvezz, since November 2020. and I have never presented any kind of problem, I have never broken any rules, and I have been very constant on the website. Today, broadcasting on chaturbate, I noticed...
  16. jennah2021

    “Unable to cashout” new cam model here

    Hello all, I’m new here and as a cam model as well. So i started camming on CB about a week and a half or 2 weeks ago. Everything was going great until I tried to convert my tokens to cash yesterday. I was told by CB Support that my account was flagged due to age verification issues. Apparently...
  17. KimmiReign

    New Ebony Cam Model On Chaturbate

    So I’ve been avoiding Camming for Chaturbate because I tried them for a week and couldn’t get any traffic in my chat unlike other camming sites. Ive decided to give the site another chance and I am struggling. I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen any ebony models on the front pages and every time I...
  18. insy

    Too many banned accounts for no reason

    In these days I see here and directly in chaturbate a lot of users (models, supporter members, basic members) banned without any reason and without any explanation by chaturbate support and by the representative here. Days (weeks in some cases) are passing impacting more and more models work...
  19. Sugrbonez

    Trivia game/show idea

    So I have this trivia card set called shit for brains, it’s a lot of fun! I got it a an adult store, I’m thinking about doing a trivia night on Tuesday as a show. I just need help figuring out what’s a good reasonable min token entry/donation to reach a tip goal before I start the game. I was...
  20. Trix_dancer

    Struggling to get viewers

    I've been camming on CB for just over a month and I literally did so much research and everything in my power to get my following up as high as possible for the first week. I had a tech guy volunteer to help me, I went on Jeff's 15 min show (he won't do a show with me because I'm not explicit)...