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  1. A

    Account banned

    Hi, My account got banned in the middle of broadcasting with the message "Age verification has been removed and chat allowed set to all users" or something like that. It happened on last thursday (12.01.). I sent an email to the support but still haven't got respond from them for 5 days...
  2. S

    Couple Banned after 4 yrs

    @punker barbie you seem to be the guru around here so may we humbly ask for your assistance. We're a couple on CB & have been camming on there over 4 yrs. Jan 2 we we're on cam & all of a sudden smacked in the face with the big B (banned). Seems like this is a standard of operation not...
  3. E

    My account it's suspended

    Hello @punker barbie I need help... My account it's suspended 3days. Support answered me until they figure out a way to solve my problem so I get my verification back. But my account it's still suspended and I can't broadcast. My account name on Chaturbate it's Sexyella25 Thank you
  4. A

    My Account is Banned

    Hi Good day to you @punker barbie I am so sad right now because my account on chaturbate was banned 4 days ago for no reason. I never broadcast because Im on a vacation after i back i was so excited to go live but unfortunely i can't open it i already email the chaturbate about this but i...
  5. W

    I NEED HELP I included my profile- I just started getting to camming again after two years of not liking it and I want to make my profile look pretty but for some reason my edit is at the bottom of my profile - if you can look on the website, I’m...
  6. C

    New to this industry

    Hii there, I never was into cam or adult stuff so I don't know much, but I have good research abilities that's why I was able to find 2 forums in this niche. I wanted to promote affiliate programs for cam models and was taken to chaturbate & boleynmodels, chaturbate wasn't a choice anymore and...
  7. R

    Payment being held

    Hi @punker barbie can you please help me? I am an independent broadcaster and solely run my page and Chaturbate account and I am the only one who appears on my cam. For payment I needed send the money to someone else's Paxum account because I do not have a bank account myself and this was the...
  8. S

    Chaturbate Ban (Sleep)

    Hello there I have a big problem…yesterday I was streaming on chaturbate and the night was empty...I started really to feel bad and got so tired of it…I thought I closed the chaturbate stream and fell asleep… Now in the morning I wanted to stream and it said my account is banned…It looks like...
  9. C

    missing daily payout

    hello, @punker barbie can you please help me, i made a daily request to get payed on 23 08 2022 and i didint get my money yet, chaturbate dont answer can you please help me? account name d1rtyanaly ticket number 20174608 and 20176842 i beg you to help me, please please please... i dont know...
  10. Kamrynxstarr

    Chaturbate Suspended me for “Looking Young”

    Heyyy Soo about a year ago I started camming. I started with chaturbate because I had seen it everywhere so o thought I’d give it a try. Well, I did great not just great AMAZING. I had made $3,000 the month I was on there. Well after that stream they suspended my account. When I asked what for...
  11. K

    Access denied

    I haven't been able to access the site from PC for a week now. all work from phone or from cite mirrors. account working. cite says " Something went wrong. Please try again. Visit for more information. - Debug Info Access denied You do not have access to...
  12. ultraviolet

    How long did it take to grow your Chaturbate?

    Hey guys :) New here, but not so new to streaming. So i have been on and off chaturbate for about 6 months. The past month or so I have become extremly regular with my schedule. I get on just about every night. - With that said. On average i make $1300 a week with about 40-50 hours in...
  13. V

    Account ban! baby face

    Hello. My account was banned because of the babe face and "numerous complaints about it." The support of Chaturbate advised me to come in half a year again. My ticket number is 19127343, 19021967, 19022204 . Can you help me with a bastard? My name of the account VeronicaStones.
  14. C

    Chaturbate Ban With No Reason

    Hi @punker barbie I have seen in the forum that you have helped other models with this ban problem, unfortunately the same thing happened to me. I have not received any type of warning for months and today my account was banned for no reason. Can you please help me? It is my only source of...
  15. L

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie, my chaturbate account "laurenkastin" hast been banned just minutes after having a normal conversation with a cammodel in PM. I already reached out to support but didn't receive an answer for 3 days. Which is odd as the support usually is pretty fast. I described what...
  16. D

    Private recording question

    Genuine question here. When a private is recorded on Chaturbate, is it the site that records it or one of the users computers? For instance, could a bad connection on the viewers end cause the models computer to record a black screen? Background: Went into a private, short time in the model's...
  17. M

    Hello @Punkerbarbie Could you please help me get my account back

    My mermaids_ account on chaturbate has been banned on 10.12.2021 and I have no idea why, I always follow all the rules and I have never broken any of the rules so this situation is even more strange to me and I would like to know the reason and get my account back Chaturbate has not replied to...
  18. I

    Account ban from Chaturbate

    Hello @punker barbie, hope you are doing well. Yesterday was my first day on cam with Chaturbate. I love the site and want to keep camming. However, I was banned during a private show with a viewer. I’m not sure what I did to get banned, and I didn’t mean to violate any terms of service...
  19. L

    Anonymous increase&dissapear Chaturbate

    Hi! I decided to do a post, because i have no idea what is going on 🙉 I started streaming in March and I was (and I still am) using 'promotion' tool on chaturbate a lot since 3-4 months. I reach with that 80-150 viewers on stream 🥺 Something that first happened a month ago is bothering me. I...
  20. P

    I got banned because I am already age verified!?

    Hello @punker barbie ... maybe you can help me... My CB name is prettyfatcock. I am a long time exhibitionist broadcaster on cb and I love to be watched by a lot of women who love to watch me. But in december 2020 I complained about the new Rule for Broadcasters to be age verified.... so they...