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  1. loevcio

    Account banned. Please help

    Account banned (number ticket 19840608 ) (username: benitosantoss) I just added my Venezuelan driver license and got a banned. Please help. My partner is verify but not me. Help
  2. S

    Support refuses to accept ID and general passport

    Good day to this wonderful forum, as well as representatives of the industry. There was a problem when untying the account from the studio profile. Support refuses to accept my ID, in particular asks for the 2nd form of ID. I have already sent the second party ID and even a civil (foreign)...
  3. M

    Increased blocking of accounts for unknown reasons

    Recently, there have been more cases on CB that on many studio accounts, models are banned for no reason without explanation. After that, the studios get complete silence in response to support requests. And this silence is frightening. Also, recently CB stopped registering accounts on ID...
  4. S

    Problem with ferification

    Hello hope u guys can help me out @punker barbie Please explain what it means my account @Etiona
  5. B

    The person you submitted ID for was already approved on this account. If you are replacing an existing ID with a newer ID, please let us know.

    Hello. I recently signed up on chaturbate as a new model. My nickname: beatus_ille Yesterday I was in normal transmission and from one moment to another my transmission was closed and the following announcement appeared: Broadcast Requirements - To broadcast; please submit age verification...
  6. H

    age verification help

    Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with my age verification on chaturbate. I'm from argentina, and it doesnt seem to recognize my ID. I've uploaded several pictures but there's always a problem. I contacted support but didn't give me an answer. Can anyone help me? Please? @punker barbie I read that...