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  1. Princessbambiix

    Performing Arts Ideas For Cam (And fitness!)

    Hi there! I’m very interested in learning a new skill/performance art, but I’m so torn between multiple options! I know there’s Lyra, pole dancing, aerial silks, silk fan dancing, hula hoop dancing, etc., but there are so many options that I get overwhelmed..! Have you guys ever tried any of...
  2. NoraSkyes

    Tip Menu Ideas and Prices?

    I am reconstructing my profile at the moment and with that said I am redoing my entire tip menu. I feel like my menu is a bit bland and wanted to know what other girls have on theirs and what you ask for certain things, I am not making too much off my menu as of late and I am wondering if its...
  3. Alessia_Pardi

    Gold clubs in Streamate

    Hi everyone! I've been camming for almost a month right now and (at least for the moment) I'm only in Streamate. Recently I started a Gold Club, and as I suck at explaining these things in English, I'll paste the description Steamate has of them: A Gold Club is a subscription website that...