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dmca takedown request

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  1. Smores

    DMCA Options When Studio Does Nothing?

    A Russian model friend freaked out when she found her videos online and asked her studio to file a DMCA to have them removed from the search engines. It looks like the studio is just telling her what she wants to hear but not actually doing anything. So she left the studio. Will a studio...
  2. I

    Please help!!

    Hi everyone, Thought you guys might be able to help me with my situation. I was in a low place once and cammed for a couple of weeks, only to find out later that my stuff is on 20+ sites. I panicked and deleted my account because I'm afraid someone from my life will find out about this. I'm...
  3. K

    Is it actually a good idea to ask to take down the recordings of your stream all over Google?

    I saw a website which has basically recorded every Chaturbate model's every stream show from the beginning to the end. I got shocked and started to thinking about taking it down but, is it actually a good idea? Do these websites actually help promoting my stream? I usually have 200-400...
  4. A

    In need of urgent help (please!!)

    Hello all, I just joined this forum in hopes of searching for an answer. I know my situation is extremely common and have read a lot of the threads on here, but I just would like to see if there is any updated information or tips on this. I am a young college student modeling on Chaturbate...
  5. B

    Got Exposing nudes Need Help

    ....hi... Is there anybody who can hack or taking down my contents i want to do through DMCA but its too expensive i used to work on chaturbate but i stopped camming in a very long time now The promlem is i still get exposing my nudes to my boss (current job) and some of my friends by my ex...
  6. P

    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    Hello I am having an issue, well I found recorded vids of my previous public shows on CB posted on a specific site, and I want to use DMCA takedown service to remove these videos which was recorded without my permission. So I'm asking if there someone who have experienced something like this can...
  7. CleoNylon

    How do you deal with stolen content?

    Hi, I produced some content had it online for over a year now and someone stole it and uploaded it on Pornhub. They have a DMCA takedown form. But the disclaimer says "All the information provided in this DMCA Takedown Form (including your personal information) are part of the full takedown...
  8. B

    [site name banned*9].COM

    Good evening ladies and gents! About a year ago I found out that someone had posted webcam videos of me camming on MFC. The videos are god awful. Totally CRINGE. And they're each about an hour long. There's two of them that I know of. Not only that but [site name banned*9] is a link promoted on a website...
  9. R

    This is probably getting old... but DMCA question

    Hello! I'm a recently retired cam girl after being on MFC for a little over a year, and like I'm sure every other model has had to deal with, Ive seen videos and pictures of me and my shows online. It's not surprising, but I'm still annoyed and really would like to remove everything that I can...