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  1. D

    Calling for camgirls to help me write my TV pilot/series! (exciting)

    So I'm currently studying filmmaking at a major film school in the UK, and I recently got inspired for my own idea for a TV pilot that I hope to get off the ground once lockdown's over - I'm developing this with a few other coursemates but I'm the primary writer currently. The story follows a...
  2. P

    UK Models.. Anyone get a mortgage as a self-employed Cam Girl?

    So I'm quite a new cam girl and I was just wondering if any girls who have been through this situation who could give me some advice. So I really want to buy my first house in around 2 years. So my regular 9-5 job I earn 20k a year. I have started the camming on the side (On CB), and as i'm...
  3. SweetbutSavage

    Getting Paid in the UK

    So, does anyone else remember a few months ago when payoneer/first choice basically closed their doors and left us all in the cold? Well around the same time, Paxum declared that they would have to issue new cards and that the old ones wouldn't work anymore. I applied for the new card right away...