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Getting Paid in the UK

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Dec 13, 2016
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So, does anyone else remember a few months ago when payoneer/first choice basically closed their doors and left us all in the cold? Well around the same time, Paxum declared that they would have to issue new cards and that the old ones wouldn't work anymore. I applied for the new card right away but have been waiting months and just keep being told 'it's on its way' essentially from the customer support. Without a card, I have to access my paxum funds using a wire transfer which, for someone who does this part time to make up for what a student loan doesn't cover in living expenses, takes such a large chunk of my pay in fees that it is barely worth it.

I tried looking into that but a) they don't have any gbp currency option and b) they're not issuing cards at the moment!

TL;DR: I used to do this part time to top up my student loans but payoneer closed, paxum went doolally and now I have no way to get paid because I don't make enough for bank transfers so now I am very poor and desperate, send help XD

Has anyone else been experiencing the same or similar issues?


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Jul 22, 2010
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My comment may not be helpful since you've said you don't make enough for bank transfers but you know that the money rolls over?

I know it's really hard to do but can you anticipate that you will need some money and so do some webcamming a little bit each week so that it adds up and you get a nice amount all in one go? I tried to do that when I was studying and it's super hard so don't feel bad if you can't.

I will never again new methods of payout and only do wire transfers so I can't help you properly sorry.
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