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  1. A

    How safe is to keep money on EPayService??

    Hello everyone! I-m starting this thread in connection with the payment service provider : How safe it is! How can we be sure we will not go through what we’ve been through with FirstChoisePay or ePassporte again?? Look what they say in the MasterCard Prepaid card Terms...
  2. Lilah_Marquise

    Getting paid for skype

    Okay so I got asked to do a skype show recently, but didn't have anything set up for it, so he wants to schedule something in the future. Says streamate has been freezing for him too much. (Might just be an excuse but whatever). I'm open to it, but still figuring out the best way to get paid...
  3. SweetbutSavage

    Getting Paid in the UK

    So, does anyone else remember a few months ago when payoneer/first choice basically closed their doors and left us all in the cold? Well around the same time, Paxum declared that they would have to issue new cards and that the old ones wouldn't work anymore. I applied for the new card right away...
  4. Mila_

    I am missing my payment from Chaturbate

    I have not received my payment from CB for the pay period that ended on April 30th. This is atypical since for the past 2 years I always received an email from CB support telling me a payment had been issued a couple of days after the end of the pay period and then I got the wire the day after...
  5. JesseBangs

    Halp! Transferring money internationally? Payoneer?? Other options?

    So I have a reg who is tryin to help me buy a new gaming laptop so I can stream in higher quality as well as play games while streaming. Aaaanyways, we tried giftrocket but I made the mistake of using my email associated with my twitter so I'm sure they did a quick google search and shut that...
  6. Jezebelle_Red

    Issues with Payoneer

    Having payment issues,& wondering if anyone can offer advice. I applied to start receiving my MFC payments through Payoneer at the beginning of the month, however initially they took a week to get back to me,& only replied when I sent an email asking for an update. They asked to see evidence of...
  7. Smores

    Can Viewers Pay Models Directly Using Payoneer?

    Payoneer apparently allows models to be paid by webcam sites using a prepaid credit card. Correct me if that is wrong. I am reading on other forums that there is apparently some way that a viewer can pay a model directly using Payoneer. How does that work, in detail? If it is possible...
  8. SexUnicorn69

    Sexting Sites for International Models (Paid through Payoneer)

    Hey girls! Ok so I looked and I can't find a threat on this topic, but that could just be because I'm not the most experienced with forums so please bare with me lol I'm from South Africa and I usually cam on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams and sell vidz on Youkandy, but some days sexting just seems...
  9. L

    Cam4, Payoneer, FirstChoice Pay and their support (or lack thereof)

    Hey there folks, Well this one is a doozy and I'm hoping someone can help me save my sanity as well as that of my friends. Two friends of mine who work on Cam4 have been fighting for months to get payments from them. They initially ordered the payments by bank transfer but they never arrived...
  10. S

    Firstchoice Pay = worst customer support ever.

    Okay, so I'm new to this forum but I've been camming on Chaturbate since 2015, almost 2 years already. Everything has been smooth sailing and I've always used Payoneer as my payment method. I would always get my payments from them a few days after the payouts, right when they send me an email...
  11. S

    Question about using Payoneer (Chaturbate)

    I've been searching online and I can't seem to find any information regarding whether or not I need to pay for a prepaid mastercard with Payoneer in order to receive money from Chaturbate, or if I can just transfer the money from my Payoneer account to my UK bank account?
  12. J

    Payment problems

    So, this is how it goes: I started camming at MFC almost two months ago, and by the same time I ordered a Payoneer card, due I live outside the US, it would take a few weeks for it to arrive. Well, It's been almost a week past since my card was supposed to arrive and when I go to the Payoneer...
  13. R

    Payoneer can't connect to Zmedianow (Chaturbate)

    Hello! I already had a Payoneer account along with their card since the beginning of the year. Then I made an account on Chaturbate and tried to fill the payout information using my existing Payoneer account but I receive a messege like "Payoneer can't conect to Zmedianow try again using...
  14. J

    payment fees [non-USA/international/european models]

    Hi, One things I hate in the cam model industry are the fees that WE have to pay just to get our money. I run through a lot of forums and threads and i only foung a mix of answer between USA and non-USA models. USA models are lucky because they don't have to pay fees (usa models get their...
  15. PoppyBryers

    Payoneer vs Cheque

    Hello! Since I've started MFC, I've always opted to have a Cheque sent to me instead of having applied to Payoneer. Recently, I've signed up to Payoneer, but after reading all about the potential fees and withdrawal limits at atms--I'm not sure its the right option for me anymore. So I ask...
  16. LittleMsBlack

    ManyVids Payoneer payment issue/error

    Hi, so I'm posting this for 2 reasons, 1) to see if anyone can help me resolve this problem and 2) so I can inform other people how to solve this problem if I/we can figure out how to fix it. So basically I just signed up to ManyVids but I'm having some issues selecting the payment option of my...