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  1. A

    How safe is to keep money on EPayService??

    Hello everyone! I-m starting this thread in connection with the payment service provider : How safe it is! How can we be sure we will not go through what we’ve been through with FirstChoisePay or ePassporte again?? Look what they say in the MasterCard Prepaid card Terms...
  2. A


    Hi guys, I am new here, though have used the forum over the years of being a cam model. I just thought one of you guys might be able to help.... So my tax adviser insists that I should have invoices to prove where income comes from and to record earnings etc.... I have asked a couple of the...
  3. A

    Experience with Paxum/Pay options on MFC?

    Hi all! I'm brand new to MFC and wondering what people's experiences with payout options have been. I'm in the US, I've never heard of Paxum but I like that it puts an extra layer between my acct details and my model persona, I just don't know if that's even necessary. I tried to search around...
  4. A

    What should be valid description for wire transfer method for webcam model work?

    I would like to know the valid description one should write while withdrawing money via wire transfer method for camming job..As bank may inquire if there is no valid description written while receiving money in bank via wire transfer method.
  5. T

    Help for an exchange! (Paxum gives me nightmares)

    Hi. I'll keep this one short. I think I have done several topics concerning to Paxum and their awful and highly restrictive functioning, stuff with the credit cards and whatnot. I am tired of it. I literally am in desperate need of getting some money out of there. Is literally less than 30...
  6. jessica21

    Can't withdraw funds from paxum! Anyone else?? Also how much is a wire transfer?

    Hey everyone! This sucks so bad for me right now as I'm in the middle of moving with limited funds! I went to withdraw my funds from paxum this morning and it is saying my debit card isn't supported and I've been using it for months! I added another debit card that I have and that one isn't...
  7. SweetbutSavage

    Getting Paid in the UK

    So, does anyone else remember a few months ago when payoneer/first choice basically closed their doors and left us all in the cold? Well around the same time, Paxum declared that they would have to issue new cards and that the old ones wouldn't work anymore. I applied for the new card right away...
  8. S

    Chaturbate Payments? Taxes as a camgirl?

    So, I am a new Italian camgirl using Chaturbate. I know there are only these methods: * Paxum ($50.00 minimum) * ePayments ($50.00 minimum) * CosmoPayment ($50.00 minimum) * Fedex ($200.00 minimum) * Wire transfer ($500.00 minimum) * Checks (may take 2-4 weeks to arrive) * Direct Deposit (only...
  9. T

    has ANYONE gotten a Paxum card yet?

    Hello. Well, just making this post for the question stated above. After all the FCP fiasco and being a model in an obscure non european country I had to use Paxum to recieve my payments...but to no use, it has been A VERY LONG WHILE since I get my payment in there and to no avail, because I...
  10. MissElly

    CB alternate payment methods?

    Hi, Ive been trawling the threads on here trying to figure out the best alternate payment methods to FCP for CB (yes I know Im late to the game) but I havent been able to figure out anything concrete. At the moment it's a toss up betwen ePayments and Paxum, both of which Ive read some pretty...
  11. B

    LiveJasmin payouts to Canada? paxum & paper check possible?

    Firstly, I have just asked Live Jasmin payinfo about this but I want to know if anybody here has experience. I know the check must be mailed to a USA address. If I live outside the United States (I live in Canada) is it possible to have the check forwarded to me (either by an acquaintance or a...
  12. L

    Paxum to Paypal

    Hi, can someone transfer some $ from paxum to paypal for me?
  13. Pia

    Could u help me creating my Paxum account?

    Hi everybody, due to the recent issues with FCB, I decided to create a Paxum account buuuuut, I remember that months ago I had one and even my CB tokens were sent to this mentioned account BUUUT, I just couldn't verify my damned account, so I didn't have the plastic card and I couldn't use my...
  14. T

    Credit Card for Paxum (HELP!!)

    Hi guys! I'm a camgirl currently working for MFC, and I'm having this huge really specific problem that maybe one of you can help me sort thru. Let me tell you my story really quick: So, I'm in Venezuela, which is a very obscure country, and my options to recieve money are very limited. The...
  15. Aayda_Heart

    Thoughts on Paxum!

    Hi, i recently just used Firstchoice but we all know whats going on there im sure :p Just wondering thoughts on Paxum Pay for a new payment method as i am in CAD and do not like getting things in the mail! Thank you hehe :)
  16. N

    Paxum vs Firstchoice

    Okay, I'm pulling my bloody hair out here. I wanted to go to DP to get paid, but didn't realise that you have to create an account via their website and when I emailed MFC they told me that once I close my account (in order to open a new one via DP), then I wouldn't be able to open a new...
  17. A

    Cam Sites that support paxum as method of payment

    Hey guys I would like to know the cam sites that support paxum as method of payment.
  18. Hereiam

    Anyone work for Paxum here ?

    Anyone work for Paxum here ? or anyone knows someone working there ? i have a major issue ... i get payout from CB and ask paxum for EFT and i never receive my money in my bank account, they told me that need contact their processor and give me news but .... i'm still waiting. I read lot of bad...
  19. Krystal Lazuli

    Are there any Paxum employees in here?

    I'm sooo close to losing my mind, can't reach by phone, or email, I'm about to write a friggen letter and FAX it somehow. I swear once my money is out of paxum I'm closing my account. This is unreal. I'm just hoping I can contact someone who works there that can actually help me out since...
  20. Emberblaze

    Paxum issues?

    Is anyone else having chronic paxum issues? When I first started using them I was doing cam shows through the short lived camsite. Kink live actually had to contact them on my behalf because they wouldn't activate my card for weeks after I did the activation steps. It would say it...