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  8. Sade Elliott

    Shake it off!! <3

    Oh Hey now that i got your attention !! My name is Hazel and i want to chat!!! lets talk all night and then do it all again the next day. Don't be shy . Shake that off !! lol
  9. Starman

    Bright ideas for model shows

    I got a zillion of them! Are they any good? Well .... As a fan of old-fashioned strip tease and slow teasing in general, I'd like to see a model who, instead of designating tip amounts for "remove blouse," "remove bra," remove skirt," remove panties," has tip amounts for "undo one button,"...
  10. Ryuki22

    Meme War!

    One meme per post! Give us some laughs!
  11. KarlaKaress

    on: kingdom hearts 3

    how old are you now and how old do you think you'll be when KH3 comes out? just a thread for fun because honestly will i ever stop being teased with game trailers at E3? no? okay. i'm 25. it will be 84 years in the future when KH3 comes out.
  12. Judy_

    I'm an idiot!

    While watching other MFC cam girls to learn the ropes when I first began (just a month ago), I was fascinated watching all the girls squee with delight about Ninja tips. You guys, I seriously thought that "Ninja" was this really, realllllllllly rich guy who stayed up day and night perving on...
  13. SagenHoney

    PornHub Traffic Changes During Game Day ~

    I lol'd. Not super specific why but I suppose I could understand people needing to pull off that victory wank. ~
  14. HotRod556

    Best way to find a partner to cam with

    I would love to find a female to do couple show with. Are there any good places to look for someone? Or places to post wanted ad? Im a funny guy and easy to get comfortable with. I think if I had a partner who clicked with me we would do very well. The guys that chat with me in my room love my...
  15. MayWolff

    The funniest thing to happen to you while you're live!!

    so today I'm in my live, breasts out, entertaining my lovelies. And mind you it's pouring rain outside and then all of the sudden my living room ceiling starts leaking! More and more my living room was aflood haha it was hilarious, I had to apologise and log off right away and fix it. I'm...
  16. KristinKervz

    The Word Predictor Game

    I'm not sure if iPhones do this, but if you have an android, go to any random text conversation and tap your word predictor however many times you feel necessary. These are usually hilarious. Here's mine: I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I don't know. Thanks for the first time...
  17. A

    MFC: Ever spied on a model's room with your model account? LOL

    Sorry I had to ask this because I've been in this embarrassing situation many times as I'm a complete birdbrainXD. I normally generate about 60+ people in my room so it gets really embarrassing when a ton of people ask if I "watch other models," (they've probably seen my model name there) and...
  18. A

    Why do some models have Doppelgangers in their room??

    Okay, so I've been watching some top models on MFC and something weird I noticed is that they have these 'doppelgangers' in their room. Like literally people whose usernames show up right below the model's username and they literally monitor the room. Like every once in a while, they'll post up...