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  1. Witchessleep

    Hair removal with epilator?

    I'm already thinking of ideas for a video (I just got off my period and my body is still cleaning itself out if you know what I mean...), but I really don't like the hairs around my ass area. I prefer my pubic hair to be trimmed, but the hair around my ass nonexistent. I did some research and...
  2. S

    Hairy Cam Girls/Puffy Areola..

    Hello all, new guy here! Just curious if anyone knows of any cam models in the US or specifically TX,LA,GA,SC,NC that are non shavers? I would so love to know names if anyone can pass that along.. Also I am a BIG fan of puffy large areola on womens breasts.. Any names to pass along here too? I...
  3. S

    searching girls on mfc/cb or streamate who have hairy legs,armpits

    Hi, i'm french so sorry for my bad english. I visit frequently camgirl website and i'm a huge fan of hairy girls (arms,armpits,legs,tummy....). However, I find it hard to find hairy girls on its sites because it's not really usual to be an hairy girl. So I come here to ask you if you are a...